Eagles Wake-Up Call: Delusion Of Grandeur

Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy.The first thing that needs to be altered is the Eagles’ self-perception.

This team is sinking like a stone. They have lost five straight and now sit at the bottom of the NFC East at 3-6. Over the past two seasons, the Eagles are a combined 11-14. They just suffered a 15-point home loss to the rival Cowboys in yet another desperation game played without desperation.

That has not stopped Andy Reid‘s club, though, from continuing to insist that they are stacked.

“I believe that once we get it all together, we should dominate,” said LeSean McCoy. “We have the players here and Coach [Reid] is a winning coach.”


It is hard to figure how such a sentence could be uttered. The Eagles have a minus-65 point differential, dead last in the NFC.  Their decimated offensive line is arguably the league’s worst. Michael Vick, lost Sunday to a concussion, is ranked 27th in QB rating.  Jeremy Maclin has yet to record a 1,000-yard season. DeSean Jackson disappears in the red zone. Brent Celek has far too many bad drops.

The  corners have been overrated, there is no safety depth and the  play from the defensive line and linebackers has been inconsistent. Not to mention the special teams, which has continued to weigh this team down.

Ironically, McCoy may be the only player on the roster capable of dominating on a regular basis.

“How can we have this type of talent and play like this?” asked Celek. “It’s not good.”

The Eagles have not won a playoff game since 2008. That team had Donovan McNabb, Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook, Jon Runyan, Tra Thomas, Asante Samuel, Sheldon Brown, Lito Sheppard and David Akers on it. Trent Cole was younger and more effective. (He had nine sacks in ’08). Ditto Todd Herremans.

Jason Avant was on that team. He is one of the few with a link to the truly successful years of the Reid era.

After the loss to the Lions before the bye, he took a firm stance against those who continue to tout the ability of this 2012 team.

“I just get so tired of the ‘talented’ talk. I don’t want what the outside world views as talent to infect our team,” said Avant. “Talent and potential is dangerous because you’ll get complacent. We have to go out and show it.

“If we take that mindset that anybody can beat you, you’ll focus and concentrate harder and you’ll play better.”

A month and three losses later, it still does not appear his teammates got the message.


Sheil gives his instant observations from the 38-23 loss to the Cowboys.

Vick sustained a concussion in the loss. Reid says that Vick is still his QB when healthy.

Nick Foles came in and had an up-and-down performance in his debut.

Special teams continues to weigh this team down.

And finally, the latest coaching buzz, including the chances of Reid landing in San Diego.


Dan Graziano zeroes in on the quarterback situation in his Rapid Reaction.

Eagles fans have been crying for rookie Nick Foles to replace starting quarterback Michael Vick for weeks. And when Vick left the game in the second quarter with a concussion, they got their wish. They need to be careful what they wish for. Foles looked very much like a shaky, jittery rookie. Yeah, he hit Jeremy Maclin for that 44-yard touchdown pass, but Maclin was literally standing on the goal line with no one within 10 yards of him. All Foles had to do was heave the ball in his general vicinity, which is all he did. Otherwise, if the hope was that a switch would result in improved pocket presence, decision-making and accuracy, I didn’t see it. There’s no way to know yet whether Vick can return for next week’s game in Washington, but regardless, the Eagles are going to be dealing with a major question mark at quarterback the rest of the season and, likely, into next season as well.

Phil Sheridan looks at the dizzying sequence that doomed the Eagles.

There was hope in the form of rookie quarterback Nick Foles, who led the team on two third-quarter scoring drives to take a 17-10 lead. There was hope in the sudden competence of a defense that had been AWOL for the previous three-and-a-half games.

And then, in a whiplash 2 minutes, 35 seconds, the Eagles allowed touchdowns in all three phases of the game. A touchdown pass, a punt return, an interception return – a three-punch combination that left the Reid Epoch sprawled on the canvas, waiting for someone to count to 10.


Reid addresses the media at noon.  Birds 24/7 takes to the air from 6-7 p.m. on 97.5 The Fanatic.

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  • First thing Foles needs to do as the starting quarterback: shave that awful thing on his lip.

  • Myke Lowery

    You should also compile a list of quotes from the defense. They still believe they’re playing great. Especially quotes after the falcon game.

  • silvio

    If Godell really cares about players safety, he should immediately ban Eagles OL from the game. It’s embarassing looking all those free-rush in the middle of the field (from Ernie Sims, nonetheless!!!), with guards and centers turning their backs to double defenders already locked up.

    • saunhi

      I agree the broken O-line is the direct cause of the offense failures.

      It causes stuffed runs, redzone failures, forced passes… and injuries to the QB and receivers.

      The O-line depth/coaching will result in Andy’s firing. (Vick can go anywhere because this O-line is now being universally blamed).

  • JofreyRice

    Yeah, I think more than any blown timeouts, or run/pass ratios, this is a failure of coaching. I like McCoy, but these guys suffer from an entitlement complex since the preseason in ’11, and that can only come from the top down. Reid’s tank is on E.

    The next head coach has got to be a little more of a disciplinarian. These guys just don’t seem to get that they have been a bad team filled with bad players making bad plays for the past 2 years.

  • The Guru

    “They need to be careful what they wish for”…..Ah Dan Graziano, what have you been watching? Vick has led this team to a 3-6 record. Could it possibly be any worse? I’ve seen Michael Vick play for a decade. He is a lost cause. Nick Foles has potential and played ok given he didn’t practice all week. Maybe he turns out to be Bobby Hoying….or maybe he turns out to be Matt Schaub (also a 3rd rounder). Never know unless he plays. And seriously, Vick’s record over the last 1.5 years is 10-14.

    • xlGmanlx

      Exactly, what coach on the iggs staff wished to have 3-4 starters on IR? This is the worst OL in football right now. Kind of like the David Carr Texan’s, Rodgers before they won the SB and Cutler the last couple of seasons. If you can’t protect the QB for more than 2 seconds in the NFL, nobody will have success.

      • The Guru

        And vick has been successful the other 9 seasons? Or are there excuses for all of those failures too?

        • xlGmanlx

          You missed the point. Regardless of what Foles is, and that will come out in the wash, it is tough to get a read on ANY QB behind that OL right now. Doesn’t matter who it is.

          • The Guru

            That’s not true. Vick does so many things wrong it makes you think the o-line is that bad. They’re bad don’t get me wrong, but Vick’s terrible decision making makes them that much worse.

          • xlGmanlx

            Vick has nothing to do with D League players giving opposing teams free runs at the QB. Any QB will look foolish with quick pressure from the middle. Is Vick the answer? No, but I am willing to cut him some slack for being a warrior. This is the worst OL in football.

        • xlGmanlx

          Vick also admitted that he mailed it in back then. Not saying he isn’t who we think he is, a mobile QB that doesn’t have the ability to break down defenses like the elite. Guess what, there are way more of the Vick’s on every NFL every year then there are Mannings, brees, Brady’s, Big Ben’s, etc. There are about 25 other teams having the same problems with their QB’s

    • Charlie

      Vick also has been dealt a bad O-Line and an idiot for an O-Coordinator.. but let’s not make excuses for Vick.. Let’s make them for Foles because…. right… I guess when this O-Line and O-coordinator makes Foles look bad only then we’ll blame it on this historically bad O-line and this O-Coordinator who should be coaching High School at best.

      • The Guru

        I love the Vick apologists. The o-line isn’t great by any means, but if you read the all-22, you’ll see Vick is checking into incorrect plays, missing wide open receivers, and never has any clue where the blitz is coming from. Blame the o-line all you want, but plays are there to be made and Vick isn’t making them.

  • jabostick

    McCoy and all the others with their “once we put it all together” are probably right. But guess what? That’s the case for 90% of the league. Remember when Arizona was 4-0? They looked pretty good. Dallas would dominate if they put it all together. Miami has looked great when all three phases have played, but when they don’t, they get blown out by the Titans. Rattle off most teams in the league and if all their phases are in sync, they’ll be pretty damn competitive.

    If you’re not good enough to win when a thing or two are going wrong, you’re not good enough to win at all. Avant, as usual, was on the money.

  • Tyler Phillips

    yea, because 3 straight losses by 13+ points show that we have the potential to dominate. Pretty clear why this team can’t get it together.

  • eagles2zc

    Every loss just hammer in the point that this team needs to rebuild, starting with the head honcho

  • Olde Bird

    Fly Eagles Fly!

    On the Road to Infamy

    Fly Eagles Fly!

    Give up Touchdowns One, Two, Three!

    See ’em Blow

    See us Cry

    As we Watch our Season Die

    Fly Eagles Fly!

    On the Road to Infamy!

    N-O-M-O-R-E ANDY!!

  • xlGmanlx

    I see nothing wrong with the best player on the team (Peters a close second) being upbeat. Better that than acting like a baby. Shady, 7, and maybe the LB’s have shown up for 60 minutes this season.