Jon Gruden Talks Nick Foles

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times caught up with Jon Gruden recently to talk about the performance of the rookie quarterbacks at the midway point of the season. Thanks to ESPN’s “Gruden QB Camp” the former head coach has spent quality time with a bunch of the young signal-callers.

After analyzing the likes of Andrew Luck, RGIII and Russell Wilson, Gruden was asked who the next rookie quarterback to emerge will be.  He pointed to none other than Nick Foles.

I had  Nick Foles in the preseason against New England. Michael Vick got hurt on the fifth or sixth play, and Foles went the distance, on the road in Foxborough. If you like prototype pocket passers with some functional mobility and a tremendous amount of toughness, Foles is interesting.

What really impressed me in the preseason was they weren’t running generic formations. They ran about 30 different formations out of about eight different personnel groupings in successive plays. So I see him recognizing coverages. I see him getting to second and third receivers, just like you’d want a quarterback to do in that system, and I love his NFL size. He reminds me a lot of Brad Johnson, from his football character to his ability to decipher a lot quickly, and we won a championship with Brad.

Reports have surfaced that Gruden is interested in returning to the sidelines next season. If there is in fact a vacancy in Philadelphia, he would likely win the popular vote among the fan base as the desired replacement for Andy Reid. Whether that is realistic depends on a variety of factors, not the least of which is whether Gruden believes there is a winning quarterback in place. These quotes suggest he is high on Foles, though as anyone who has listened to his Monday Night Football braodcasts can attest, he sounds high on everyone at one point or another.

Here is a clip of Gruden and Foles together for the ESPN special.



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  • Cheribil

    Really? Really? C’mon .Am I supposed to laugh now or are you going to say “It’s a joke,I say it’s a joke,son”?

  • JofreyRice

    I trust Gruden’s praise of players about as much as I trust Reid to run the ball more when the line struggles; comparing Foles to Noodle Arm Brad Johnson makes me anxious to see exactly what Foles is. That being said, Foles was impressive in the preseason. They will have to find out what he’s got at some point. What are they gaining by playing Vick?

    • MstrNyseGuy

      They are gaining the preservation of their future QB in Foles. No rookie QB could survive behind the Eagles decimated line right now.

      • defroe81

        man is 6’5 243 lbs vs your fav vick who is really 511 190 though listed at 6’0 215 ill take the big qb with better vision for quicker throws anyday over vick u think that man will be easy to take down… ever watch roethlisburger play… yep

  • Paletero

    Where is our defense where our offense line at I figure since everyone got there money they stop playing let me guess we are rebuilding we have been doing that for how many years Gruden not the answer germ Edward or tony dungy or even Rex Ryan

    • defroe81

      lol jay gruden 2013!!!

  • Paletero


  • Paletero

    We can’t blame it on Desean Jackson this year for real Brandon Graham and Danny Watkins bust fletcher cox soon to be another bust answer this why can’t we stop the tight ends wide nine is garbage go back to Buddy Ryan defense that use to strike fear in all teams and the great jimmy Johnson defense

    • Graham has been one of our best DE’s, Cox has been the best DT. Do you even watch the games? They haven’t lined up in the wide 9 all that much. Stopping TE’s in this league is difficult for every team because of the ridiculous mismatches they create. They are too big and athletic for CB’s, Too fast for LB’s. You obviously just listen to that one morning show….

    • JGB

      Jimmy Johnson.. How many flaws did JJ hide of Andy Reid. JJ turned a Defense who had Dawk, that was pretty much the only true threat, the only good player, but just so happened to be a HOF on that D and turn it into one of the, if not the most feared D’s of that time. JJ had nothing except Dawk and turned it into a D that gave Head Coaches and O-Cords nightmares! If JJ was still alive and had this talented roster that we have now, WOW would this D give up absolutly NOTHING!! I miss JJ!!

      • Dawk, Taylor, Vincent, Douglass, Al Harris, Derrick Burgess, Corey Simon, Hollis Thomas, Darwin Walker, Carlos Emmons…… They had talent on that roster.

    • 21610akland

      you, sir, are a flaming moron. you know less about football, and specifically the Eagles, than my 4 year old niece.

  • Paletero

    Our owner needs to get rid of scouting team coaching staff Jason babin and Trent cole need to be bench

  • ohitsdom

    Let me cast my “No” vote now for Gruden. Fight hard to get Chip Kelly here!

  • Pennguino

    Yeah yeah…Gruden is a Rah Rah guy but the fact remains that he took two teams to the same super bowl. He built the dregs of the league the Raiders and then was traded to the Bucs. He won the Super Bowl with Dungy’s defense(Kiffin) but with his own offense. The wiki is pretty interesting:
    I think he could turn this team around to be a more balanced offense behind Shady. Possesion types in Maclin and Avant and Celek. Foles can still get the ball out to Jax. The reason TB went south under his watch is because they traded 2 firsts and 2 seconds in the move to get Gruden. That will set back any club.
    I also think they grew tired of Gruden and he lost the team. But for the next 5 years I can see them lifting the Lombardi once or twice.

  • Beavis

    Since the Eagles are doomed this season and the draft will likely be a flop (the team has an uncanny knack of being bad enough to finish out of the playoffs, but win enough games to end up with mediocre draft slots. I digress), the only thing we can look forward to is a new head coach.

    Gruden? Cowher? Dungy?

    What about new talent like Seattle’s D coordinator Bradley? Chip Kelly from Oregon?

    • defroe81

      jay gruden 2013!!! He is also a decorated player and coach in Arena Football League history, winning four ArenaBowls as a player and two more as a head coach. is it a coincidence how decent the bengals have been playing since his arrival…

  • Benjamin Gazzi

    ” he sounds high on everyone at one point or another.”

    …..maybeJon Gruden is a stoner

  • defroe81

    jay gruden 2013!! He is also a decorated player and coach in Arena Football League history, winning four ArenaBowls as a player and two more as a head coach. and bro to john currently the offensive coordinator of the bengals.

  • Sweetdee

    yeah he loves nick foles and he loved blaine gabbert and loved rex grossman and LOVED everyone. that oughta shed some light lol

  • Anebriated

    love the comments, haters gonna hate

  • Mike

    Jon Gruden is one of the biggest posers/frauds/douchebags in the history of the NFL. He miraculously won his Super Bowl by taking over a ridiculously talented team with a hall of fame defense that was constructed by Tony Dungy (why don’t we hear his name???). And by the luck of the Irish (thanks Blane Bishop) you faced a team in the big game, the raiders, that you coached the previous 4 seasons. Countless players and coaches of that Oakland team have stated that Gruden knew everything that they were gonna do. Every pre snap read, every call, every audible, every sign, and every cheer from the cheerleaders, the great Jon Gruden knew about. Wow. What a genius. It doesn’t take a 10 year old girl playing pee wee to know the other teams tendencies bc you were part of that franchise for 4 seasons!!!!! And enough of this tough guy I have a potent scowl don’t mess with me I’m an asshole attitude. They call you chucky for a reason. You have the brain of a mindless doll. You’re about as intimidating as the eagles offensive line. You’re about as threatening as “sunny with a chance of rain”. Stay retired. Stay obnoxious somewhere else. You already butchered MNF (just awful. You make Dennis miller look like Walter Kronkite) so there’s no sense coming here and further bringing your “persona”. Better yet, you’d be a perfect fit in Dallas!!! Yea go there. If any football town can exploit a senseless joke such as Jon Gruden (just ask Roy Williams, parcells, campo, Phillips, TO) it would be that shitburg. The only reason you got into coaching in the first place is bc your precious daddy knew Dan Devine. You got L-U-C-K-Y. You’re the Trent Dilfer of coaching. I’d rather get stuck with Andy Reid for another 5 years than stare at your arrogant know it all i secretly had plastic surgery smirk for 1 season. All of the sudden you have such a legendary resume that 1/3 of the league is interested in your services? This man really has accomplished enough that he can pretty much write his ticket to any franchise he so desires??? If Andy Reid coached those Tampa teams, he would have got 3 rings and would have a statue built for him. This team has ridiculous problems from top to bottom, but we absolutely do not need that jerkoff within 500 miles of the Novacare Complex…….deep breathe…….ok I’m done. Any thoughts????????

    • Anebriated

      no additional thoughts, you pretty much covered it all. well done.

    • IndyEaglesFreak

      I hear where your coming from, but I did a little digging and I did watch a few episodes of Grudens QB Camp and this guy lives for football. I do believe he can bring in exactly what we are missing in Philly. I know he is football smart and knows how to motivate his players. On the other hand I am unsure if he knows how to keep a good team great. He knows how to take a great flat team and get their full potiential. But in the long term I am unsure if he can keep that team great. I dunno, I am just ready for a Lombardi in Philly and I wish we had one NOW!

  • dwilly

    Even though I agree that it’s time for Andy to go, there is no way that Grunden is a better coach then Andy & don’t say he won a Super Bowl, that’s bullshit