Twitter Mailbag: Does Reid Have An Out?

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From @Gaphillyfan: Do the mounting injuries give Reid a possible card to play at his ‘trial’?

We actually got Jeffrey Lurie on record regarding this issue back in August, when he made it known that another 8-8 season would not be enough to save Reid’s job. Lurie was asked if there were any qualifiers to that statement, particularly when it comes to injury.

“Yeah, I guess if two-thirds of the team is not playing [then] there are always exceptions,” is the way the Eagles owner responded.

The Jason Peters‘ injury had already occurred by that point, though clearly the offensive line has been completely decimated over the last several weeks. Evan Mathis is the last man standing from the original starting five.

“It’s a little weird. It’s like a Final Destination kind of thing. Hopefully I don’t get hit by a bus or anything,” Mathis joked.

Otherwise, this team has not had too many injuries to deal with. Michael Vick has played every snap and the defense has enjoyed relative good health. Jeremy Maclin and Nate Allen have missed some time, but nothing too serious. Offensive line is where they’ve been hit, and man have they been hit hard. But overall, Reid can’t make a case that Lurie will fall for. The owner knows he wouldn’t be able to sell it to the fans.

From @chiefmisnomer: what are the details of Nnamdi’s remaining contract? Will the Eagles be able to opt out after this season/for how much?

Asomugha  is due $15 million in 2013. My understanding is that only $4 million of that is guaranteed. So it looks like they can walk away from the remaining three years of the deal without too much damage. Is $4 million too much dead money to swallow if you’re the Eagles? Depends in part on the options to fill the void at right corner, I would imagine. Seeing as Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is not under contract for next year currently, the Eagles have a couple big question marks at the position. It will be interesting to see how they handle it.

From @IrishTim74: does Danny Watkins act as a revolving door at any local hotels or is it just at Lincoln Financial Field?

See, that’s just not right.

From @chambersd12: Are we stuck w/ Howie as GM since his apparent contract extension? Do you actually trust him to make the coaching decision?

I thought Phil Sheridan did a nice job of putting Roseman’s contract extension in perspective.

Eating Roseman’s contract would make an imperceptible dent in Lurie’s fortune. It would cost less than some of the mistakes the franchise has made with player signing bonuses in the last few years.

And if you think Lurie would keep Roseman on just to avoid paying him for nothing, consider that Roseman is just 37 years old. He would want to continue his career in the NFL, which means he would vigorously pursue another job. If he lands one – and there is a guy in Cleveland who might be willing to take him on – Lurie is off the hook, anyway.

At the time of the extension, Lurie knew he was moving on from Joe Banner. Andy Reid’ future was up in the air. The intention was to move on with Roseman whether Reid survived the 2012 season or not. Otherwise, why give him a deal? It is possible that this season has changed Lurie’s view of Roseman or that a new head coaching hire could force the young GM out. But for right now, I’m operating under the assumption that Roseman is sticking around for the overhaul.

Will he do well in such a position of power? Impossible to know.

From @rock9449:  have the players stopped believing in Andy Reid?

Here’s how one player responded when I asked if the players still listen to Reid:

“Of course. Great coach. But when you are Commander in Chief you take the heat.”

I honestly have not heard anything contrary to that. If they have tuned him out, it’s subconsciously. Certain members of this team have not been shy about pointing the finger this year, but I have yet to see anyone point it at Reid.

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  • Here’s a thought that just occurred to me: Does keeping Roseman as GM preclude the Eagles from reaching out to an experienced head coaching candidate…? I cannot imagine a Bill Cowher-type coming in and finding their fortunes tied to a non-football ‘kid’ who is responsible for the roster. It seems to me that only a college coach or a young coordinator would step in to this situation.

    • Geezer

      I think that is all open to discussion.
      For example, if Lurie reached out to Cowher, or any other prospective HC who has a record of success in the NFL, or for that matter in college ranks, he would be a fool, repeat, FOOL, to insist on Howie as GM. We’ll see what happens.

    • Anebriated

      If anything I think it would help a control freak to have someone like Roseman who isnt really an established GM rather just elevated when Banner left and Reid still has the majority vote so Howie is already just there for show.

  • morgan c

    The Eagles will have to think outside the box (not too outside; re: castillo, juan) for the coaching decision. Honestly, with the current state of the NFL, I’m not sure Cowher (or even Gruden / any of the usual big names that have been out of football a while) is the answer. I think they need to maybe find someone who has excelled over a period of time at a college program, or hire a promising up and comer coordinator from another team. More like Mike Tomlin / Harbaugh. Obviously those guys aren’t available but the point is more like those guys when they were no-names.

    • defroe81

      jay gruden 2013! He is a decorated player and coach in Arena Football League history, winning four ArenaBowls as a player and two more as a head coach.

  • GoBirds1

    How can you say it is impossible to know how Howie will do. Look at his track record over the last 1,2,3 years, he is horrible. NFL GM are football guys first, business men second. Howie’s resume reads football experienc – I won my fantasy league the last two years, PLEASE! He crossed Ts and dotted Is on player contracts for Joe Banner. He never coached, never scouted or recruited players at any level, he never played the damn game, EVER! How can you evaluate talent effectively of you don’t understand the game and break down tape, and clearly Howie doesn’t and can’t.

    • GoBirds1

      Everything he has touched has been a disaster, with the exception of a few picks this year(TBD) and Ryans, it has been a mess. Granted, drafting has an element of crap shoot in it, but he managed to interwined ‘we are smarter than everyone else’ stupidity into his picks. As for FAs, both from other teams and our own players, HORRIBLE! The Birds have become the Skins where aging veterans come to die. Howie is playing Dan Snyder with Lurie’s money. Who is the bigger fool, Lurie or us, the fans?

      • Wilbert M.

        There is no way of knowing who is responsible for the horrible drafts, or the decisions no not add reliable OL and Safety backups. My guess is Andy had much more influence (read – control) in these decisions than Howie.

  • Best Eagles news I’ve read in some time…that fact that we can walk away from the awful contract & play of Nnamdi for a mere $4m next season… LOL

  • Wilbert M.

    $4 million to dump Nnamdi sounds like a good deal. Much better than paying him $15 million for mediocrity.

  • defroe81

    hire jay gruden instead up and coming offensive coordinator for the bengals and brother to john lol

    • defroe81

      He is also a decorated player and coach in Arena Football League history, winning four ArenaBowls as a player and two more as a head coach. JAY GRUDEN EAGLES HEAD COACH 2013!!!! LOL