Reid: I’m Not Thinking About 8-8

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy ReidWith every Eagles loss, it’s impossible not to look ahead and think about Jeffrey Lurie’s comments about 8-8 not being good enough for Andy Reid to stay in 2013.

But the head coach insists his future isn’t weighing on his mind.

“You focus in on the job at hand,” Reid said. “You don’t get past that, so going past and thinking about records and futures and all those things, I know those are questions you guys have to ask. I understand that. But when you’re in this thing, you’re in it to practice everyday and every play to get yourself better. There’s no time to think about those things. I don’t think anybody’s worried about that. Guys are worried about getting themselves better to win football games, number one – coaches and players – and that’s what I see.”

Then again, what else is Reid supposed to say? He’s a professional, but of course he’s thought about what his future holds.

The task at hand right now appears to be working towards a miracle finish and salvaging a season that has gotten away from him. The Eagles have lost four in a row and have a -50 point differential, the worst mark in the NFC.

“Absolutely,” Reid said, when asked if he’s confident the Eagles can still turn their season around. “I like these players. I like what they represent. The coaches have to put it together and play as one.”

Is he worried about losing the locker room and players tuning him out if things continue to go badly?

“I think the way this football team’s wired, I don’t think that’ll happen,” Reid said. “They’re a close bunch and have good character so they’ll fight. They battled through last year – again it was too late – but they battled through last year and ended up winning some games. I’d expect they’d continue to battle through, and then good things will happen.”

As for injuries, the most notable one last night was to Todd Herremans, who suffered an ankle tendon strain. Herremans had an MRI, but Reid said he did not have the results yet. Demetress Bell filled in for Herremans and played poorly. If Danny Watkins returns (ankle), Dennis Kelly(who also played poorly) could get a shot at right tackle for Herremans.

Akeem Jordan has a slight groin strain. Nate Allen has a hamstring strain. And Mardy Gilyard has a hamstring strain. Jordan is the only one out of that group who played against the Saints.

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  • saunhi

    I think people mistakenly think its a blitz, when they see completely UNBLOCKED rushers kill the QB.

    Maybe Dallas will count to 3- Mississipi.

  • Guest

    Sounds like everything is peachy in AR’s world, where the record doesn’t matter, just getting ready to get smoked in the next game.

    • daveH

      yeah when you got $$ 10-25 MIL IN THE FREAKING BANK & your NEXT JOB all lined up life must be smooth sailin ..

  • johngiam

    I dont want to hear another word about the players or the coaching staff. Not a single word! when the foundation is terrible, the structure inevitably comes crashing down, and our foundation is pathetic. The Only person that should be fired is Jeffrey Lurie. we wont ever hoist a trophy, until he sells the team. Like everything in life, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR! The eagles share the top spot with the Jaguars for team most under the salary cap. How can any fan tell me that it is acceptable, for the team to have pocketed 20million dollars that we could be spending on talent to help us go to war week in and week out? We could have 20million dollars worth of better players, and competant back ups right now, but we dont! I used to blame Joe Banner, especially when roseman pulled the hat over our eyes when he was just handing away money left and right to our veterans…but then we saw the season, and the slary cap reports came out..and its the same ol story that has happened every single year since Lurie has owned the team, the eagles always have a ridiculous amount of money left that could be spent on players, but is just swept under the rugs. You think its a coincidence that the Falcons, texans and 49ers are the teams with the least amount of cap space left? Those front offices Paid for a great team. We paid for the jaguars, and thats exactly what we have gotten on the field. and this has gone on the entire time that Banner and Roseman were here, its just that back in the day Reid was ahead of his peers and was basically a miracle worker who overachieved! Just think about how great some of our teams were when we were going to all those conference finals. Sure we were the favorite going into most of those games and lost…but Imagine how good we could have been, if just once the owner spent money like it was actually an all in football year? 2 different GM’s, same story! Both GM’s are nerdy, numbers crunchers with zero experience in the game of football, who both never even came close to spending money as if it was an all in football year. That tells me the blame lies with LURIE!

    we say that Reid is in charge of picking the players, and has the final say…thats probably true, but I guarentee you that andy reid isnt the one decided to short change him 20million dollars worth of talent, in the year that he is coaching for his JOB! There isnt a coach in the world that loves his players so much, and is soo confident in his guys, that tells a GM or Owner…no thanks, save your 20million dollars. I dont want any more talent. Thanks but no thanks!

    Im disgusted that Lurie held that press conference acting like he felt our pain and was with us. 8-8 is unacceptable? really? cause you paid for 5-11, so where do you get off saying 8-8 is unacceptable? You are making 20million dollars more then you are supposed to be making. why hasnt a single reporter ever ask andy reid this after a game they lost: Hey Andy, what do you think this team could look like with 20million dollars more worth of talent? or how about: How do you feel about being 20million dollars short of talent in an “all in” superbowl year when you are coaching for your job? Im not even an andy reid appologist. Im a realist…and in reality, we are told every single year that this is an all in superbowl year, and nothing short of a superbowl is acceptable, yet we spend money like the jaxonville jaguars. Hey Lurie, andy is no longer the miracle worker that masked the fact that you shortchange this city’s team every single year, while you act like you want to win. This year, you are making 20 million dollars more, then the gazillions of dollars that you were supposed to be making. You wasted 20million dollars worth of talent, and put it in your pocket…how much would you short change us if you didnt care about winning! I WILL NEVER GO TO ANOTHER GAME OR BUY A NEW PIECE OF EAGLE APPAREL UNTIL WE ARE IN THE TOP 5 IN MOST MONEY SPENT in the league, instead of the bottom 2 with the jaxonville friggin jaguars! Has andy reid done a good job this year? NO!!! but I would love to see what Andy could have done with some of these players, plus 20million dollars more worth of talent. I would love to see what andy could have done with this team had he had the commitment from his owner that the coaches of the falcons, niners, and texans got from their owner. We have an owner who thinks we are such a great team, that we can win a superbowl by spending about 15million dollars less then every other team. Roseman acted like he was different from Banner by paying our veterans, and making them happy..but that was just an illusion. Reality is he sacraficed our depth and our special teams so that he could pay the veterans..So if this is the 1st year that you actually had a decent draft, you only have 1 player drafted from last year making an impact, and you didnt spend money on a single back up besides King and Bell….then of course your special teams will be pathetic, and of course your season will come spiraling out of control as soon as you suffer injuries. I also read reports that wqe have a general manager who created a horrible working environment in which he does not allow his coaches ANY CONTACT with the scouts, to the point where they stand on opposite sides of the field during practice.. Can Reid, his assistance,the players be doing a better job? absolutely……but in the end, like everything else in life, you get exactly what you pay for. nothing more, nothing less! Lurie paid for the Jaguars, so thats exactly what the fans are watching on the field! Im sorry, but Im not gonna crucify andy reid, when he starts the season 20million dollars worth of talent behind the falcons, texans, niners, giants, patriots.

    The days of Lurie fooling us is over! I would really appreciate it if a single reporter actually asked the players, howie, andy reid how they feel about going to war with 20million dollars less of talent and firepower then the teams at the top of the division. If Lurie wants to fire Reid because he can no longer work miracles and cover up the fact that Lurie has been stealing from this fanbase, Fine….Buts atleast, lets all get it out in the open first, and not allow lurie to fool us for another season. Before andy reid is FIred, the reporters in this town need to make it their responsibility to get these FACTS out in the open, asking players, coaches, fans on the street, how they feel about being lied and shortchanged by an owner for over a decade. We had some great teams when we were losing in the conference finals. Imagine how great we could have been if our owner had actually paid for a great team, instead of andy reid overachieving and masking the owners theivery? we been beating the players and coaches like a dead horse. we asked every question we could have possibly asked them, about a million times….time to start asking questions about the salary cap, and lack of commitment by the owner who sure does talk a good game. If this doesnt get out in the open, if the reporters dont start making noise about this, and making EVERYONE in america aware of these facts before REID is fired…Then Reid will be fired, we will have a new coach, and nothing will change. we are being lied to and misled. Its up to the fans, and reporters to make this very clear, and it has to happen before Reid is fired, or nothjing will change and we will be locked into another decade of close but no cigar, AT BEST!!!

    Sorry for the long rant, but I would love to hear fan feedback about this, since no reporter will address it! If I was a reporter, after last nights game ended, and already asking the same questions for the past two seasons, the only things I would have even asked andy was his feelings on the salary cap, and how he feels about being shortchanged 20million worth of talent in a year that he is coaching for his job!

    • barry_nic

      So they should over pay for more mediocre talent?
      Reid should be fired, and the owner has given the money when asked by AR and HR(If you miss the money spent two years ago). It’s his team and he wants a winner, he just hasn’t been provided with one the last four years. I think he’ll nuke it at the end of the year. One more bad draft and I bet Roseman’s gone too. Lurie isn’t the problem, as long as Andy kept making the playoffs he wouldn’t get rid of him.
      The guy you’re asking for is a guy who will spend money blindly, and he’s down I-95 in Washington, you’re welcome to him. I’ll take Lurie over him or Jerry any day.

      • Johngiam

        Dude, the only backup they spent money on are Dunlap and bell. When you didn’t draft a single player that can be put on the field two drafts ago, and you didn’t spend a penny on depth…what do you get? A team with terrible special teams, a injury or two away from crashing and burning. Surprise surprise. So you are telling me it’s a coincidence,nth at the teams that spent the most money (texans,falcons,miners,giants,ravens) are the best teams in the league? And the two teams that spent the least amount of money (jaguars and eagles) are struggling to even be mediocre? That’s a coincidence to you? Is it Al’s a coincidence to you that there has never been a team to win a Super Bowl in a year that they were 20million under the cap, and very few that have even made the playoffs? You are meaning to tell me that these facts are just coincidence? Get real! Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. Laurie paid for the jaguars, and that’s exactly what the fans got on the field….as for your argument that Laurie spent money in free agency when needed to? Hahaha what a joke. Every single offseason that they spent big money on a free agent, we were short changed another position..leather a linebacker, or we didn’t have a punt returner, or qunten demos was the safety. We never brought in a top free agent, while respecting all the other positions of the game.