Eagles Wake-Up Call: Birds’ Words Ring Hollow

The Eagles are 3-5 again, same as last year.

Sloppy play. Self-inflicted wounds. Questions about whether they care. It’s all there. And, after their fourth straight loss, the talk about the  head coach’s job security is again the dominant topic.

And the players, like in 2011, are defending Andy Reid. They say it is motivation to play better.

While the sentiment may be genuine, everything seems much more robotic the second time around. This is history repeating, Monday confirmed. With that knowledge, it’s hard to buy into words that we know won’t prove out.

If there is such a deep desire to save the coach, why has the team played flat for much of the last two years?  Have they unknowingly lost that connection with Reid? Do they not have enough players on the team that buy in? Are they just not that talented, despite their high opinion of themselves?

Whatever the case, it all goes back to Reid, seeing as he is the man who signed off on each of the 53 players on this team. Whether it’s personnel or coaching, it’s on him.

And so begins the eight-week march towards the inevitable end. There will be talk along the way of keeping the faith and rallying for Reid and such. But the season’s fate — and Reid’s fate — is all but cemented. After 1 1/2 seasons of utter disappointment, it seems to be just a matter of time.

Last time around, Jeffrey Lurie kept Reid, who preached consistency and decided to keep the majority of his team in tact. He bet on these players rising to the occasion in his make-or-break campaign. They have not. And after this season, their shelter will be taken from them. Focus will be off the head coach and onto the game film.

“We’re all grown men. This is our profession and what we do. If guys aren’t responding, eventually it will come back to bite them in the butt,” said Jeremy Maclin. “This is what you do, you’re supposed to take pride in what you do. I don’t know what’s going on — that’s up to the coaches and everybody else to evaluate and see how guys are going out there and see what they’re doing.”

If this team will not fight for its coach, maybe they will fight in the name of self-preservation.


Sheil gives his instant observations from the 28-13 loss to the Saints.

Reid offers a “simple synopsis” of the humbling defeat.

The offensive line is crumbling in front of Michael Vick. The loss of Todd Herremans makes a bad situation worse.

Vick’s brother, Marcus, teed off on Twitter Monday night. Michael was forced to deal it.


Gregg Rosenthal over at NFL.com lays out the various scenarios for Sean Payton at the end of the year. One is coming to Philadelphia.

It’s a long shot — and would require the Eagles’ free fall to continue — but it makes some sense. Payton worked in Philadelphia before. He’s one of the only coaches who wouldn’t feel like a step down from Andy Reid. The Eagles are an attractive organization for any coach, and they are willing to make bold moves.

Meanwhile, former Redskin Fred Smoot believes the Redskins should bring in Andy Reid.

“Think about what you’ve got with an Andy Reid combination with RGIII. He’s actually going to get to play quarterback with a coach like that. Not running back, not receiver, not doing all this stuff. He will get to play quarterback.”


Reid will address the media at noon. Be sure to listen to Birds 24/7 Tuesday at 6 on 97.5 The Fanatic.

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  • morgan c

    This whole organization is an embarrassment. I’ve been hard on the team, coaches and players this year, as I’m sure many of us fans have, but like most, I’m a loyal fan and I want the team to do well. I’m not happy when they lose in some sick, twisted, or perverted way. After years of being relevant, I guess us fans were maybe spoiled in a way. I don’t know. All I know is that the product the last two years has been an utter sham. This is so much worse than 05 because at least that year, they had no McNabb and the whole TO thing and superbowl hangover going on… This is just disgusting. Lurie, Reid, Vick… I just really wonder what is going on inside their heads. This team is so far behind where it should be it’s not even funny – I’m not even sure a coaching and front office shake up will be enough. The players seem to not be winners. I’m beginning to think a 100% rebuild is necessary…

  • chad

    I used to get angry about losses like this. Last night it was just sad.

  • jabostick

    I’m not a fan of Gruden, generally, but a few times last night he spoke about the big name players on both sides of the ball. He talked about them being veterans about “now is time to step up, to come together”, “now is time to make a play, to earn your paycheque”, etc

    It felt like he was talking about the entire past two seasons and it just isn’t going to happen. Maybe it would under a different coach but I have my doubts. Too many gambles (signings, picks, etc) have busted to tweak their way out of this mess*.

    *I should note that by Friday afternoon, I will have talked myself into a 6-2 run and acknowledged that we have yet to lose in the division.

  • The Guru

    1. Fire Reid today. Fire Roseman today. Let Marty Morningwheg lead this team to his normal 4-12 season so we get a top 5 pick. Do not let Reid hang around and win 3 meaningless games in December.

    2. Hire Cowher, Gruden, or Payton. Any one of those three will do…

    3. Hire Bill Polian as G.M.

    4. Cut the overpaid underperforming dead weight like Babin, Nnamdi, Trent Cole, Celek, Jenkins….these cancers can infect some other team.

    5. Find a way to draft Matt Barkley. If it takes a package like the Redskins gave up, so be it. Get a pocket passer in here once an for all.

    • Johngiam

      I just want to know when is clay harbor going to get celebs reps? Harbor hasn’t dropped a pass all year. He is solid, and Harbor and graham are the two plays that have made the most of every opportunity they got. When will graham get Babins sacks? I don’t want to hear anymore about graham being a bust. He is balling! His stats would probably be impressive if he had gotten the snaps that babin got. Ginny curry anyone? KC just cut there starting corner. Sign him today, and put Nmandi at safety. Season is over.Nmandi can not be our cb next year, use the rest of the season to audition him at safety, if he does good and is willing to take a pay cut, he can stay…if not, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. babin, see ya! Trent, see ya! Wide 9 see ya! Coleman to the bench you go, we need a real starter. Celek, see ya! Avant, see ya! Macklin needs to move to the slot, and we need a top BIG RECIEVER on the outside opposite of desean. Akeem Jordan, see ya…I know we play nice a lot, but learn to respect every position and get me a BALLER at the weak side lB..only olinemen I want to return next year are: peters, Dunlap, Herman’s, Kielce, Kelly…every other lineman has to go. Herman’s move back to right guard, and get me a quality tackle opposite of Jason peters. Howard Mudd better go F himself! Enough of this gimmicky line that takes eight years to learn how to play. His silly gimmicky system is a reason that when players get hurt, we can’t go out and trade for a new olinemen mid season, cuz no matter how good he is, it will take him years toget adjusted to Mudds system…how about some accountability? Make a damn statement and bench cole and babin for dalls. Start fletcher and graham at Dend for the Dallas game. If we win 5 games again down the stretch and just miss the playoffs I will flip out! We are a bad te

      • Johngiam

        hopefully the giants win another Super Bowl and put some pressure on Jeffrey Laurie….we are a bad team. Bad teams deserve high draft pick. If we keep our vegans in, and play our way out of a top draft pick, and still miss the playoffs like last year, I will be solo mad!!!!

  • saunhi

    So simple and the same- until the O-line rehabs, these results will continue.

    Hoping and wishing wont stop UNBLOCKED rushers or control the line on running plays (thats why Philly now passes so much in the red zone).

    The only ‘audible’ is constant runs and shorts.

    Celek juggling, McCoy run stuffs, and Vick forced plays are also because of D-line domination.

  • Mike

    My list of overpaid, overrated bums: Maclin, Celek, Vick, Cole, Babin, Ryans, Namdi. Now my list of plain bums: Every O-lineman, Cooper, Every Safety, Jordan, most of the Dline. Nice job Reid.

  • defroe81

    Lurie hedged slightly when he said “8-8 due to an excess of injuries might be different,” but then he added he expects one player in particular to stay healthy… (vick is still healthy and the o line has an excess of injuries they will all be back next year lol)