A Couple Thoughts On Sean Payton And the Eagles

Sean Payton could be a free agent at the end of the season. The Eagles might very well be in the market for a head coach at the end of the year. Could Payton land in Philly?

There are some major hurdles to overcome.

First, there is still some haze around his contract situation.

Adam Schefter reported Sunday that the multi-year contract extension given to Payton in 2011 was voided by the NFL within the past year.

At issue in the contract was one specific clause that would have enabled Payton to walk away from the deal if general manager Mickey Loomis was suspended, fired or left the New Orleans organization, sources said.

The league believed that any such language in Payton’s contract would set a bad precedent for other coaching contracts and rejected the deal well before Loomis was suspended for the first eight games this season for his part in the bounty scandal.

Some in the league office believe Payton’s contract could toll — meaning the last year would be put on hold, tying him to New Orleans for the 2013 season — but there is no evidence to confirm that possibility.

If Payton is in fact out of his contract, the next question is: Does he want to leave New Orleans? The answer appears to be no. From Pro Football Talk:

Via Jay Glazer of FOX, Payton says he “absolutely plans” on returning to the Saints in 2013, despite his contractual status.

It is difficult to envision Payton walking away from the Saints right now. With everything that has happened over the past year, I doubt he is thinking of abandoning this team.

Let’s say all that changes. Would he want to come to Philadelphia? He broke into the NFL with the Eagles, serving as the quarterbacks coach from 1997-1998 before moving on to work for the Giants. His star really began to rise in Dallas, though, where he served as assistant head coach prior to being hired by the Saints in 2006. From Schefter:

Payton is expected to become the NFL’s most sought-after head coach after this season and there already is speculation in league circles that he could wind up returning to Dallas, where he worked as the assistant head coach from 2003 to 2005, during which time theDallas Cowboys brought in quarterback Tony Romo, who attended the same college, Eastern Illinois, as Payton.

The Eagles job may not be all that desirable given the quarterback situation. The Eagles have the option of walking away from Michael Vick‘s contract without taking too big of a financial hit at the end of the year. Whether it’s Vick or Nick Foles, is that enough to attract Payton? My understanding is that Steve Spagnuolo chose New Orleans over Philadelphia this offseason in part because of the Saints’ stability at quarterback — and this is a defensive coordinator we’re talking about. It matters, and I’m sure it matters to Payton. Walking away from Drew Brees to take over a team with a big question mark at quarterback is not good business.

Landing Payton is a longshot, in other words. But it’s definitely worth a try.

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  • Matt Broad

    I would absolutely love this for two reasons, in no particular order: 1) He’s a brilliant offensive mind capable of building a winner. 2) It would KILL Jerry Jones

  • What Would Saracen Do?

    Sean Payton is enticing as a head coach replacement, but as Tim notes in the article, it looks like a long shot due to a number of factors.

  • wydok

    I dunno, the whole bounty gate thing makes this idea a little sketchy to me.

  • Run Eagles Run

    Keep dreaming. Why wouldnt he just sign with the saints again? He obviously liked it there. And why would he want to coach here? There is no reason he would. I totally understand why 24/7 would comment on it, but how did this become a story?

  • xlGmanlx

    I’m pretty sure that no coach has won a super bowl for two different teams. The only reason this makes sense is if he is toxic as a HC right now. If he comes here as OC, i’m all for it, but that probably won’t happen. I would love to see the Jimmy Johnson (the one with the crazy hair) be the President of this franchise. How he hasn’t been given a front office gig is beyond me.

    • Alex

      Parcells is the only one

      • EagleMaddog

        It is definitely not Bill Parcells, maybe Mike Holmgreen?

        • Myke Lowery

          hasn’t been done. they have taken two teams but never won both

          • xlGmanlx

            And yet nobody has any thought on whether Jimmy Johnson (who helped architect Jerry Jones only SB success) as an executive for the iggls.

          • Myke Lowery

            no sure why he hasn’t been given an opportunity. he does draft well. even his dolphin draft had some gems. maybe he’s fine with just being on tv?

          • xlGmanlx

            You have to imagine a part of him would love to stick it to JJ though. He knows the NFC east as well as what it takes to win a super bowl from a staffing stand point. I would like to see what he can do running a franchise.

          • Myke Lowery
          • xlGmanlx

            Interesting, appreciate the link. Personally, I think JJ has the eye for talent both at the coaching and personnel department. I’m still surprised his name hasn’t been mentioned more in executive positions. But like some of you have said, maybe he feels that window has closed.

  • PhillyinBrasil

    I am sorry but I really think it is disrespectful the way we are treating the winningest coach in Eagles history. Sean Payton won one Superbowl with New Orleans but amid scandal causing players, coaches, and even GM’s to be suspended( D cord. Suspended indefinitely) and now we are desire him to come here. arghhhhh. There a lot of one Superbowl winning coaches with less baggage.. We really need to let this season play out and give Andy his full chance. I hope by some miracles of God The Eagles win the Superbowl this year and quits a day after the Superbowl. We were asking for him to be fired when the Eagles were 2-1 because they weren’t winning the way we wanted . I think we need to bring back the Marion Cambell, Ray Rhodes, Rich Kotite days and then I think we will be happy and it is what we as ungrateful and deserve.

    • daveH

      winningest coach in eagles history HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!! by the tiniest of margins – try RICHEST coach in eagle shistory. NO ONE PAYS HIMSELF BETTER THAN ANDY!!! and his winning % is a CH better than all the others … andy shud take a look at his own methods and RENEGOTIATE HIS OWN CONTRACT BECAUSE HE DELIVERS MEDIOCRITY. if he only made like 1.75 mil INSTEAD OF 5 MILL id say maybe keep the jerk. BUT HE SURE AS HEEL AINT TAKIN A PYACUT AND HE WILL SIGN INSTANTLY WITH THE Chargers for a continued paycheck.

      • Tiniest margins? Hes got almost 100 wins + .20 percentage pts. Whatchoo talking ’bout DaveH

        • daveH

          9 win difference over 14 years between big proud rich andy’s ‘greatest ever’ myth of .603% and kotite’s ‘worst ever’ stigma of .563 % HAHAHAHHA NINE!!
          and cant find figures on how much the Birds paid Kotite but ANdy’s been getting top3 $ for most of that 14 !!

    • Jim Beround

      Wow ur totally out of line. Cmon dude, Andy has been a good coach, but it’s way past time for a new coach, a new voice. How many coaches last 14 years in one spot? Nobody and there is a reason for that. It’s easy to say what ur saying if u live outside of Philly, especially in S America. Move back to Philly and u would be driving him to the airport

      • Jakel

        Yeah, PhillyInBrasil! What are you thinking, actually bringing PERSPECTIVE about how the Eagles have done during Reid’s tenure. If only you were as “what have you done for me lately” as those who actually live in Philly.

      • daveH

        yup i live in nyc so i cant even mention eagles at all anymore- if i do i immediately see an unlimited # of fists with 4 rings in my face.
        nope, cant mention anything AT ALL.

    • GoBirds1

      If by winningest you mean the most wins, then Reid is also the loseingest coach as well, so what is your point. In reality, not by preseason hype or some other imaginary metric, when was the last time the Eagles were a threat to make a run on the playoff, or
      To win a playoff game for that matter.

      The Eagles et al over value themselves and their talent. The coaches, the players, the management are below average to lousy. There are couple of players and one or two coaches I would keep, the rest are garbage.

  • Alex Plushanski

    Why do fans refuse to acknowledge the fact that only 1 coach has EVER won a superbowl with 2 teams? Get a young hungry guy spare me the retreads…

  • It kills me to read how posters are wont to decree Reid, “The winningest coach in Philadelphia history” without adding the caveat, he’ s also the longest TENURED coach in Philadelphia history as well which is a MAJOR reason for his win streak. Odds are, ANY former Philadelphia coach ( Marion Campbell, Ray Rhodes, Rich Kotite, Buddy Ryan, etc) given that same opportunity (FOURTEEN YEARS) would have an equal amount of wins . That alone is NOT a valid enough reason to crown Reid the irreplaceable king. His REPEATED failures, stubborness, refusal to learn from his mistakes or even take constructive criticisms, ARE.
    Reid survives only because of the cowardice of Limp-Wrist Lurie who’s apparently afraid of his own shadow and won’t take the necessary action the entire Eagles fandom knows is needed to give the team a chance to succeed. God knows Reid just doesn’t have “IT”. I hope Lurie gathers the courage to compete for the services of a Sean Payton or, at least, Jon Gruden. The Eagles desperately need a REAL coach for a change.