Eagles Wake-Up Call: Tension Between Vick, Assistants?

Update: Michael Vick and Andy Reid responded to this report.

From earlier:

Before the Eagles held their players-only meeting last week, Andy Reid and Michael Vick had a lengthy sit-down, two team sources told Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports.

The pair cleared the air on a variety of issues, but perhaps the most noteworthy item in the report was this:

One of the internal issues was tension between Vick and the coaching staff, with the quarterback believing some of the assistant coaches were pushing to have him benched, according to a source familiar with the situation.

If true, this would at least partially explain why Vick told reporters following the Falcons game that he thought Reid was considering benching him.

In the past, confidence had never appeared to be an issue for Vick. But going into Monday night’s game against the Saints, it’s fair to question where his head’s at. During the offseason, the Eagles were rumored to have interest in both Peyton Manning and Robert Griffin III. And until this past Thursday, Reid had hesitated to give Vick a vote of confidence.

During the bye week, he said he’d evaluate everything, including the quarterback situation. And just last week, Reid was compelled to release a statement confirming that Vick would still be the starter.

On the field, Vick’s shown improvement in some areas (like against the blitz) and struggled in others (eight interceptions, nine fumbles). Because of issues along the line, the Eagles have gone from a big-play offense to more of a conservative attack and are averaging just 17.2 points per game, 28th in the league.

One way or another, you get the feeling something significant is going down Monday night. Either the players will rally around each other, the offense will get on track, and the Eagles will get back to .500. Or the wheels will fall off, and Reid will be one loss closer to the end.


It appears that Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is coming out of his shell. Tim’s got the details.

Listening to coaches and players talk, it’s clear that the Eagles face an identity crisis on offense.

T-Mac’s got the injury update. The Eagles get a break with Darren Sproles not playing for the Saints. But Nate Allen might be out for the Birds.

For now, Nick Foles is secure in his bubble.

How could Mike Patterson’s return affect the roster and the DT picture? Here’s a look.


Bill Simmons of Grantland takes a look at Vick’s legacy:

Michael Vick’s career is like football Play-Doh — an amorphous hunk that you can shape however you want. You could craft a Vick-centric essay about redemption just as easily as one about squandered potential. You could unleash a “Vick was totally and tragically underrated!” argument with the same gusto as a “Vick was the most overrated football star ever!” rant. You could borrow certain statistics to plead his case as an elite quarterback, and other numbers to bury that same case. You could declare with complete authority that “nobody is ever winning a Super Bowl with Michael Vick,” or you could veer the other way and say, “If Michael Vick finds the right team, maybe he could thrive like Steve Young did in San Francisco.”

ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer took to Twitter to defend Vick:




The Eagles practice at Novacare. We’ll get injury updates from Reid and continue to preview Eagles/Saints.

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  • PhillyinBrasil

    I really think the problem is with the offensive coaching. I don’t think Vick has been put into position to thrive. He is not a Drew Breeze or a Aaron Rodgers type QB. He is more of a Brett Farve type but smaller and Reid should know that. The offensive line sucks but the injuries are a key reason why. You lost your beast tackle, high drafter center that replaced steady player before him. Watkins, still looks like a project if that. So in reality and I am not making excuses but Vick is getting killed more then half the time he drops back. This has to weigh on any QB’s psyche. Marty and Andy need to help Vick as they did last week. Quick passes, allowing him to take to counter blitzes and screens( of course the line has to get out front in at least deter tacklers) Our offense has a bunch of quick shifty guys who makes guys miss. Why aren’t we exploiting that. Lastly there is a lot of parody in the league and the 9-7 Giants beat the 15-1 (packers) last year and ” nobody beats Beli and Brady twice” patriots. We need to shut up on the ” Firing Andy, scrapping the wide nine, Nnamdi is a bust, benching Vick talk” They play 16 games for a reason and no one is dominating the NFC yet except for the Falcons and they haven’t really played anyone and we know how it turned out for the Packs last year. But Andy please, make the the adjustments that have always made during the tenure, get the players and coaches to realize thier potential. You took us to the SB with Freddie Mitchell. Please Andy get us in the playoffs then anything can happen. This fan still has faith in you. Go EAGLES.

    • Thank You! I’ve been saying to friends FOREVER that VIck is most akin to Favre. Meaning he has a bullet of an arm, will make some outstanding plays and will make some boneheaded ones (Favre still leads the league in interceptions if I remember correctly) so these aren’t guys who are gonna be Bress or Rodgers but with the right offensive play and a decent not even great offensive line you can and will succeed.

  • UncleCarm

    With the talk of replacing Vick with Foles, I was considering how the play of the quarterback reflects on the play of the o-line. In other words, part of me believes that if Foles is better at reading defenses, seeing the field and getting the ball out, wouldn’t that make the line look better? So I looked for a precedent, and found it in Denver. Last year with Tebow, that offensive line was a fire drill. This year with Manning it looks pretty good, and there has only been one change to that line from last year (Koppen, the center). Before everyone has a fit, no, I don’t think Foles is Manning, but hear me out. It is virtually the same line, but the play of the quarterback makes it look totally different. I am just saying that because the line plays a certain way with Vick, doesn’t mean it will look the same in front of Foles. And one more thing, when was the last time Vick scrambled and then right before crossing scrimmage, tossed the ball to a receiver? All of the other elite quarterbacks do this, except Vick who makes up his mind and then goes. (I do remember one time, and it resulted in a TD to Maclin)

    • poetx

      in your analysis do you note vick getting blown up while completing quick slants (which we are finally running). its ridiculous how bad this line has been, and i have NEVER seen another nfl line give up this many dead bird shots on its qb.

      and on routine stuff. little, elementary twists and loops and stuff in the interior line result in us having three guys blocking one and one guy absolutely untouched and rocketing towards the QB’s ribs. this is not your run of the mill bad protection. there is NO nfl qb who can consistently function and thrive behind this line and with the playcalling the eagles have had.

      go look at any of the terrible games from brady or manning or rodgers or any elite qb’s careers, and a major component is them getting hit, repeatedly. on nfl.com in the video section, they posted all of the hits he took in the detroit game. most of them he was getting hit under 2 secs and had no one in the route to throw to. for him to even throw the ball away (to avoid losing 10 yds on a sack, he is having to escape and heave the ball as he’s being crushed and falling in the opposite direction, while hoping the ball clears the LoS and isn’t interceptable. its unreal.

      sounds like after looking at the film, in aggregate, dilfer has come to this conclusion.

    • The problem with your thinking is this: If it was just VIck’s play that’s the problem why is he getting hit on shovel passes to the RB. Why isn’t Shady getting yards? Unless you think Shady’s last year’s numbers were a fluke or having contact with defenders BEHIND the LOS is the norm…then changing QB’s isn’t changing any of that. The line is so bad that it affects the run game…unless you have another reason Shady is averaging 2.6ypc this year.