Vick: ‘I Let It Get To Me’

Eagles quarterback Michael VickYes, all the speculation was getting to Michael Vick.

“I’m human. It does tend to bother you because I have emotions just like everybody else. It’s not like you can just block certain things out sometimes,” said Vick. “You want to have that comfort level, you want to know everything is going to be what it’s is going to be at the end of the day. When you have that type of support, it’s easy to go out and make it all work. I kind of let it get to me, to be honest. But now it’s a totally different feel for me and I’m ready to go.”

There were some mixed signals being sent from the NovaCare Complex Thursday, a day after the Eagles sent out a text message to confirm that Vick was still the starter. Andy Reid said “that wasn’t my intent, not at all” when asked if he was thinking of making a change at quarterback. Vick said he and Reid had a talk, but the conversation did not include the coach telling the QB that he was still the starter.

“Honestly, I never heard about me not being a starter, so it wasn’t news that I got,” said Vick.

Yet Vick referenced not feeling the necessary level of support, and now feels totally different.

And he plans to play different. More like his old self.

A reporter brought up DeSean Jackson‘s recent comments about how the quarterback did not seem comfortable running the offense this year. This is how Vick responded:

“I’m very comfortable running the offense. When certain things are going on, I’m only human just like everybody else, so I think I was just trying to cater to certain things and be what everybody wanted me to be. The most important thing is I just have to let it go. I got to get my swag back, I have to get back to playing football the way I love to play it, and not worry about what’s going to happen because that is out of my control. The only thing I can control is the way I play and how aggressive I can be.”

Vick was later asked to clarify: was he worried about job security and therefor playing too fine?

“Honestly, not really worried about job security because when I’m out there I’m giving it everything I’ve got. More so, trying to protect the football, trying not to make a mistake; and that’s not me, I’ve got to be honest with you. I’ve got to play light’s out. I’ve got to leave it on the field and play aggressive and shoot it and run the ball when I feel there’s a need to. If I get a seam, get a crack, take it. Just do what I’ve been born to do, what I’m blessed to do, and take advantage of my God-given abilities in conjunction with playing with everybody else because I can’t do it by myself.”

That sounds like the old Michael Vick. Going back to Atlanta and Virginia Tech, is that right?

“Yep, ready to go man. Putting the shield back on my helmet. It’s time to play ball.”

Vick led a players-only meeting on Wednesday. Nine or ten guys spoke, according to the quarterback, as the Eagles try to stop the bleeding and make something out of this season.

“It was very productive,” he said. “We keep those conversations private but at the same time we all had to reevaluate our situation, look ourselves in the mirror and figure out what can we do better individually and collectively.”

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  • UncleCarm

    I would love to know what is said in those meetings.

  • Guest

    First, I understand you have to feed the monster. All the reporters are out trying to one-up the other, breaking “news” as quickly as possible to keep the updates, blogs and stories rolling for an audience voracious in its appetite for anything Eagles.

    • saunhi

      Congrats- only a small minority truly realizes the extent of media “creativity”. Stopping Vicks running eliminates Phillys ability to WEAR OUT the defense. The rib vest needs to stay glued on though:)

  • First, I understand you have to feed the monster. All the reporters are out trying to one-up the other, breaking “news” as quickly as possible to keep the updates, blogs and stories rolling for an audience voracious in its appetite for anything Eagles.

    However, isn’t it obvious that the constant parsing of the coach’s and quarterback’s statements helped cause a lot of this “controversy?” … After the way things went for Reid after he switched from Kolb to Vick (one day after saying Kolb was his quarterback), do you think he is EVER going to give an answer other than “I will evaluate that” to any question about a player? Ever? Even if he is 90 percent sure he is going to pursue a particular strategy, he’s not going to say anything because if he changes his mind it will be like the Watergate break-in.

    Same thing happened to Vick. He’s learned to not even say if he has a dog or not until he’s had 24 hours to think about it. So you’re going to get “whatever is good for the team” and “whatever coach thinks is best for the team” no matter what you ask him.

    Reporter: “Mike, do you think the Eagles should tell authorities you’ve violated your parole, sending you back to jail, so that Coach Reid can start Foles without it being a controversy?”

    Vick: “Whatever coach thinks is best for the team. I just want to help the Eagles win any way I can.”

    From reading all the stories, I think Vick was trying TOO much to be a Reid quarterback … staying in the pocket, checking it down … because of the injuries and turnovers. That hasn’t ever been his style and it doesn’t fit so he was uncomfortable. It was OK when the offensive line was good, but not with the current state of affairs. I think Reid said, “Mike, be yourself,” and now Vick feels like he can do his thing again.

    Do I think it will work? Probably not, but I think it might help kick start the offense.

    Somewhere, Randall Cunningham is saying: “Let me be me.”

    …. Don’t get me wrong I love the Birds 24/7 blog … but we need you guys to be the rational ones, not the conspiracy theorists.

  • Phillyboi

    Team vick!! I have high hopes for this game on Monday I want the eagles shut up all the media up and most important to shut up all the doubters and non believers. I can’t stand fake eagles fans who jump off the bandwagon once things start to go bad

    • Vick Supporter


  • Vick Supporter

    There you go Vick!!! Play your game!! Just get down or get out of bounds!! And like you said, LET THE BALL GO!

    I could see that he was being tentative out there. 7 needs to be aggressive and throw the football downfield and not do that Kevin Kolb checkdown crap.

  • Which Vick are we going to get though? I sure do hope it’s 2010 Vick and not early 2012 Vick.

  • See. Now that’s what I’m talking about. I’ll take the high risk high reward Vick everyday over the play it safe don’t make a mistake VIck that’s showed up this last game.

  • Gino

    Idc if Vick plays fantastic are horrible I just wont a W on Monday an it’s not all about Vick other people play on the eagles to an ppl need to stop pushing everything over on Vick you need to keep him there cuz if Vick is playing well cause of the O line nick foles is just gonna make it worse I still think the eagles have the worst O line in the nfl lol

  • The Guru

    Oh stop it. Weren’t we supposed to get the “Old Vick” after the Baltimore game? This just in…the old Vick sucks too! Know how I know that? He has a QB rating of 80.7…..which is the epitome of AVERAGE. In 118 games, he has 80 INTs and 36 fumbles. That’s 116 turnovers in 118 games! It doesn’t matter which Michael Vick we get….he BLOWS!

    (Cue the Vick defenders) “It’s the o-lines fault. It’s the play calling.” Quit making excuses for this fraud!

  • MAC

    Vick Supporter and Phillyboi I am a die hard Eagles fan. I love them no matter what the outcome and root for my team through thick & thin. However if anyone who can really watch an Eagles game without biased opinion can see that Vick is not the only problem on this team. The O line and playcalling are terrible. I like Vick as a person and have been rooting for him since he got here. However the tape does not lie. I am not talking about just this year either. Vick is a good qb maybe but closer to an average QB. He is a great athlete and play maker but as a QB he is not Elite or good enough to win a super bowl. It would take a 49ers like defense for him to be a super bowl championship QB. He is fun to watch, but I am just being honest with myself and you guys. The line has struggled this year bad, but last year we had a very good O line and Vick was a turnover machine and below average QB. I wish I was wrong man, but he has only won 2 playoff games in his entire career, That is not elite. When McNabb was here people complained about him as a QB and he has won a lot more playoff games for this team with less weapons. Say what you want about Vick but he just is not cutting it anymore. Other than 11 games in 2010 he has been below average here in philly. I know Foles will probably play worse than Vick of course he should bc he is a rookie; however most fans see that we can’t win a super bowl with Vick as QB even with a healthy O line and better play calling. So I just need to see what we have in Foles. Most people just want to see if Foles can be a QB in this league. There is no point in starting a QB that has only achieved 2 playoff wins in 10 year career anymore. i want Super Bowl’s not average to good regular season records. Vick has shown us that he is not good enough QB in this league to help the city get its first ring. He has weapons and O line was very good last year. Also blaming him being afraid to make a mistake bc of the fans or coaching staff comments is not a valid reason when you are an NFL QB and got a $100 million dollar contract. He does not get it done! No disrespect to Vick at all. Someone will give him an opportunity and he will be ok but ok is not working here anymore.

    Also if you want to blame O line and playcalling as only reason Vick is playing bad then go read article from yesterday All 22 Why Eagles offense is a mess ( Play # 3 and 4 imp articular show Vick is a big part of problem also. It’s time to just admit the Vick experience was mostly a failure and that Vick has always been fun to watch, but not an elite QB in this league. At this point in his career he is far from it in fact he is closer to below average. I wish I was wrong guys, but the wins and losses and the tape do not lie.

  • BirdGangCali

    U know.wat is so funny bout this is in 2010 every person in Philly was in awe of my Q.B. as well as the whole damn league anyone could see Mike wasn’t Mike even with the wins in the beginning of the season this offense is one dat should produce atleast 24 to 28 points no matter wat the D does also take in dat he has controlled turnovers as of late and has been able to put that together at the line and be productive once put together with the play of others that are willing to finally play this year the league is in trouble and if I’m not mistaken wat were the records of the last three Superbowl champs in the regular season it is a team sport hence the word roster. If u were to sit there and say the man doesn’t leave it all out there on the field ever game u need therapy as soon as he wins let’s say three games straight. Then its good job Mike way to go and Andy’s a genius. And Marty is a guru .if Andy was as smart as we all know he is u don’t make a daredevil insecure u just get out the way and make sure his equipment is working properly.

    • The Guru

      Who cares if he leaves it all out there…..he doesn’t win games. He had one 9 game stretch in his 10 year career that was great. Other than that, he hasn’t been a top 20 QB.

  • Jerry from Flawda

    Just win please

  • dollamakeuholla

    the all 22 tape showed it all. The play is designed, the play is practiced, it’s then called in the Game and run perfectly and Vick doesn’t pull the trigger. Like SK said there aren’t many times DJack is wide open in the end zone and vick is scared to pull the trigger. He is not a winner. 2 playoff wins in one year in his career. there is a reason for that

    • saunhi

      Every QB misses reads Every game. Both Ditka and McNabb have said this QB has no time, most of the time.

      Its ribs over reads until the O-line rehabs. Kolb in Ariz may be done (ribs severed from sternum).

      Sheil’s video freeze frames show a split second of play ONLY.

      • The Guru

        How many times can you post about Mike Ditka?