Jason Babin Reacts To Eagles Fans’ ‘Vile’ Chants

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jason BabinJason Babin — or at least his Fan Club handle on Twitter — sent a message about loyalty to the Eagles fan base recently.

What was he getting at, exactly?

“Really I was speaking to, during the game there was a good section of fans chanting some of the most vile things I’ve ever heard — not just at a football game, but in life in general,” said Babin. “Talking about attacking Coach, talking about people’s wives and kids and chanting them. And I just thought there is no place for that in the NFL. None whatsoever. Just some of the foul things that they were saying.

“And I’m going to be protective of Coach Reid and Coach Wash and my teammates. It was upsetting that a few bad apples were chanting that stuff, but what are you going to do?”

Here is what was put on Twitter Tuesday:



What about those who say your job is not to listen the fans but pay attention to what’s happening on the field?

“Absolutely,” Babin replied. “But if I could say just one of the things that they were chanting…it’s way past bad, it’s foul. I don’t even want to repeat what I heard. It was that bad. And I’ve got  a pretty high threshold for adult jokes.”

This is the second time this week that a player has talked about the behavior of Eagles fans. DeSean Jackson also spoke out during an appearance on Mike & Mike.

“During the game, me and one of my teammates, he actually said, ‘Man, they are sitting there and booing us.’ For that to be our support team — Philadelphia fans, they are definitely the type of people where if you’re doing good they love you but once you’re doing bad it’s like the world is going to end. To be out there and hear  our home [crowd] booing us, it’s a crazy feeling at times,” said Jackson. “Once again, we only care about the 53-men on that team, our coaches and the organization. Back’s against the wall. Whoever else is against us, we realize that. Sometimes our own fans can be against us as well.”

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  • True philidelphia fan

    Yeah I agree ok a eagles fan but we have too many idiots who claim to fans who aren’t really at all and no nothing but football that they claim. The whole firing Reid and benching vick is so stupid honestly eligible we were 1-5 like the panthers than I’d understand but 3-4 isn’t bad at all and were tied with the cowboys but I haven’t heard anybody say bench romo or anything. We honestly have the biggest idiots as fans. Excusing me of coarse, but was u expect when we have the biggest murder rate in America

    • Guest

      See…this is the disconnect between mercenaries like Babin and a loyal fan base waiting 50+ years for a championship. Don’t worry Jason….you won’t be here next year to hear it!

    • Kristopher Cebula

      First of all,before you call everyone idiots, maybe you should check your post for punctuation, spelling, and other basic grammar. Second, Philadelphia does not have the highest murder rate in America. Third, it’s fine if you want to accept MEDIOCRITY from your football team. That is your decision to make. I don’t think that they should fire Reid tomorrow, or before the end of the season for that matter. I don’t think they should bench Vick…yet. I am a die hard fan. If I discount the Eagles or any of their players, it is not because I am not a real fan. It is because I have certain expectations that are not being met. It PAINS me to talk bad about the Eagles, their players, or their coach because my wish is for them to dominate and promote a product that we can be proud of. When they can meet OUR expectations, only then will the be lauded and appreciated because LOYALTY and RESPECT is earned in this town, not expected

      • Mkdazmedia

        I couldn’t agree more with what you said. I’m a season ticket holder that lives in north jersey. I drive 2 hours each way for home games. If I feel that I’ve put more effort into that day than the guys on the field, I’m going to let them know it. If this team was leaving everything they had on the field and was still 3-4 they wouldn’t be hearing the same boos. Nothing will bug a Philly fan more than when you’re getting blown out and don’t even care.

      • defroe81

        well said Kristopher Cebula

    • Vick Supporter

      Philly fans always like the backup QB. Even if Drew Brees was here, one bad game and they would be calling for Nick Foles, lol. Damn idiots. Worst fans in the NFL…makes me ashamed to be an Eagles fan sometimes

      • Gary

        So many things wrong with what you just said.

        • saunhi

          I think there a small percentage of fans that Do make abusive and personal attacks. This is a well known online effect. I think the two year history of defense failures and a depleted O-line have caused alot of this. Vicks errors are BECAUSE OF trying to force plays in the face of frequent UNBLOCKED rushers. I hope the O-line rehabs soon or expect more broken QBs.

      • The Guru

        Just his name alone “Vick Supporter” proves he’s an idiot. When we get a franchise QB like Brady, Brees or Rodgers….I guarantee you’ll never hear clamoring for a backup. The fact that you’re an Eagles fan is embarrassing.

        • Kimbafuzz

          Being a Vick supporter doesn’t make him an idiot. Saying that the Eagles have the worst fans does. (says this Vick supporter, but who supports the Eagles above all).

          • The Guru

            Actually it does….Vick is a terrible QB and by throwing your support behind someone who is just a half a step above Mark Sanchez makes you an idiot.

          • 1phillychick

            Matt,since we’re just handing out idiot titles, I’m here to present yours. Vick isn’t a terrible QB he is a decent QB with a terrible offensive line. My guess in idiotville where you live, he should be a top performer with precision like passing and better able to read the defense while also being the most smacked down QB in the entire NFL. I’m sure Brees or anyone else would be as productive as they are now with that wonderful honor attached to them. Its best if you stop calling your self a fan. I’m sorry an idiots guide to using the dictionary is not available at this time as it is currently being used by Babin.

          • The Guru

            Nice of you to join in there genius…..where to begin….first, Arizona QBs have been hit more. Second, he brings half the hits on himself by holding on to the ball too long. Third, he gets hit because he has no idea where the blitz (or rush) is coming from. Fourth, Aaron Rodgers has been hit 45 times to Vicks 58….see any problems with Rodgers? Didn’t think so. Last, it’s best if you learn this game first….I’d be happy to teach you…

          • The Guru

            Oh and he’s been sacked LESS than Alex Smith in SF, Rodgers in GB, and Cutler in Chicago…..wanna try again?

          • 1phillychick

            Funny how not surprised I am that you’re talking SACKs when I’m talking HITS… You do realize that one = the other but the other doesn’t = the one? (Sorry for those of you reading this with more than a 5th grade education. Apparently, Mr. Jacobs needs to be rescued from a century where many people didn’t excel much beyond that and women didn’t know/understand/watch/love football.) Please name one QB this season who has been HIT (and by hit, I mean a person contacts another person and that person smacks into the ground) more than 12 times in one game? You can’t because it hasn’t happened to anyone BUT Vick. So again, google all the stats you like (even the stat with Rodgers is apples to oranges because his O line looks like what compared to ours?? Should I break down how those hits pale in comparison to Vicks almost totally unblocked hits? Oh, who has the time…) but at the end of the day science and common sense will tell any thinking person that the QB and his ability to perform with any degree of accuracy will be impacted by an increased number of 200+ lb bodies that come in contact with him.
            Oh, and still have a 3-4 record AFTER enduring more than your average QB. Here’s my invitation to get a life and stop hating on Vick. Put the onus (that’s ONUS- not to be confused with anus. With the whole hits vs sacks thing, it’s clear that you are easily confused) where it belongs- the ridiculously lacking O line and horrible coaching/play calling.

          • The Guru

            http://www.hookedonphonics.com Read the post below you moron.

          • defroe81

            looks like arizona has the worst offensive line in the league thus far. the man runs more than most qb’s hence the reason why he gets hit more than most qb’s sometimes he gets hit as soon has he releases the ball for the most part thats how opposing defenses get ready for him by thinking the play is not over till he is on the ground because welp thats usually the case. he dances around back there and can never find the open reciever. to blame everything the hits the interceptions the fumbles solely on the oline is idiotic, did i mention we actually dont have the worse o line… yep nothing is vicks fault

          • 1phillychick

            Never said that we had THEE worse o-line but if you, like your boy Jacobs refuse to read for understanding, I will do as I was going to and exit stage left for the haters to congregate. I also never said that Vick wasnt at fault for many bad plays. But to negate the impact of the terrible O-line that we do have (and to argue that fact is really another assault on your credibility) and the terrible play calling from a coach who has over extended his stay, is a simple as someone saying that ‘nothing is vick’s fault’ (which, for the last time, I never said. Factly, I do remember saying that he often has problems reading the defense.)

          • saunhi

            He is actually much better than decent. With THREE O-line starters injured, he is probably the Only QB in the league who could absorb the hits from frequent UNBLOCKED rushers and function. (Kolb in Arizona maybe be done after a hit severed his sternum from his rib cage.)

          • 1phillychick

            I definitely hear what you’re saying, Saunhi. I’ve been watching Vick since Atlanta. And because I rarely flip flop, unless a player’s skills significantly change, demanding that I do so, I gave him a ‘decent’ rating there and I do the same here. He has never been particularly brillant at reading defenses but dang! He clearly had more time to do so there, than he does here. And with Reid’s non-sensical pass play calling, he has even less time to read the defense and adjust (thus holding the ball longer, the one thing I will say as the Jacobs said, though again, it has more to do with Reid’s play calling than Vick simply holdling on to the ball too long just because. Maybe Jacobs thinks he is a masochist and likes getting pummeled on EVERY SINGLE DOWN. SMH)

          • The Guru

            You really are just simpleton…if Michael Vick was so great all these years, he’d have a much better QB rating than 80.7 right? Now let me dumb this down for you….80.7 is a below average QB rating thus proving my point that the o-line and play calling have nothing to do with the fact Vick is a below average QB who you just can’t win with. 3-4 is below average….just like Mike Vick

          • defroe81

            gotta love the vick fans that call themselves eagles fans but are blind to all of vicks horrible stats over the past two years. even when he has time back there he misses open receivers but you guys refuse to see it since your so blinded by the love you have for this guy he cant do no wrong. things go wrong its the coach its the offensive line its the defense but never vick… they dont want nick in because they are scared a rookie is going to make their hero look bad imo…

          • saunhi

            Mike Ditka on Espn said the Eagle QB is often getting no time to read the field. He says they must run 40 times a game (forward not sideways) until their line improves.

      • True Eagles Fan

        You’re an idiot. You need to go with with vick where ever goes next year.

    • Sean

      He spelled Philadelphia wrong, “True philidelphia fan”

    • barry_nic

      Um, have you listened to any Cowboy fans lately? They call him Tony Oh-no, they sound just like us. And yes there are some bad apples, but in Green Bay they even killed Dan Devine’s dog. And Philly doesn’t have the biggest murder rate in America Poughkeepsie does. Eagles fans can be over the top and some revel in it. Go to a Jets game sometime, you won’t see a bit of difference. I don’t live in Philly anymore, but I grew up in the area and miss it till this day.

  • Lemur

    2, 4, 6, 8 Who do we appreciate? Eagles, Eagles, goo Eagles!!

  • S Dot

    Stop crying and play some goddamn football…win some games and you won’t hear anything…overrated ass player, can’t even defend the run.

    • Vick Supporter

      Quit crying and support the team. You’ll be kissing his ass in Tuesday if he has a good game. bandwagon jumper

      • defroe81

        how are the eagles fans bandwagon jumpers when we are rooting for the team. you sir or mam named vick supporter you are the bandwagon jumper you are only an eagles fan because your favorite player is the birds qb so how are we the bandwagon jumpers? im sure when vick is gone you will no longer be an eagles fans. i been an eagles fan all my life just like my fahter before me and will be an eagles fan when vick and babin are gone will you? i dont think so…

  • djack10

    the sad thing is babin hasn’t even seen how bad the fans can get. this is just the appetizer. he just committed career suicide in philly. wait until he sees how much the fans talk about his wife/mother/girlfriend at the next home game. that is, unless he actually shows up and produces. good luck jason, gonna be a long year in the babin household.

  • Vick Supporter

    We havethe worst fans in the NFL. Point blank

    • Septhinox

      You should wake up and go visit other NFL cities.

    • Kimbafuzz

      Carolina Panthers fans recently booed a military vet who lost his legs in combat because he was wearing a Cowboys jersey. Yet the Eagles have the worst fans? For real?

      • saunhi

        I think they were booing the jersey, not our wounded veteran.

        • Kimbafuzz

          Dude, if Eagles fans did that, they’d be crucified and NOBODY else would be making the distinction you’re attempting.

        • didnt even matter. It was no where near the stadium and the guy couldn’t even have dinner at the restaurant because of a jersey he was wearing? The guys doing this to him were complete morons and the rest owner reached out to the vet and his family, you dont do that to anybody especially to a vet who has gone through what he has. He was originally from TX, so why not go to the game in his jersey?

    • True Eagles Fan

      no we don’t , you’re not a true fan. True fans wear their hearts on their sleeves

  • LostInChiTown

    Come on guys, some of the stuff that gets yelled does cross the line. What would you do if you were at work some guy was screaming obscenities about your wife and you just had to take it? If some of the stuff that was said in the stadium was said in the street, people would get arrested.

    That said, Babin needs to realize where he is. While I think some fans go to the games just to boo, he’s in Philly and he needs to recognize that we have passion and expectations. Very few guys on this team know what Eagles football is. They need to sit down and watch 70+ years of highlights before whining to this fan base. It’s not just that you sucked on Sunday, it’s that you don’t relate to us at all.

  • Fab Five Freddy

    Shut up Babin and sack a QB. The only “chant” was “Fire Andy” which Lurie should have addressed last year when it echoed throughout the stadium. If some drunks took pockshots as the players were leaving the field Sunday, then welcome to society. I know in Texas, you couldn’t understand what they were saying Jason, but I’m sure they accused you of doing things with their farm animals too.


    The Only reason he started saying that is because he knows he Messed up putting that on Twitter and tried to cover his you know what by saying the fans were Vile

  • dollamakeuholla

    He Decided he wanted to bad mouth the fans for booing that awful display of football. Then he realized he messed up and would get killed for it and tried to cover his ass with saying the fans were so VILE and he couldn’t take it

  • Bob A

    We are not your friends and family Jason. There are people from poor sections of the city that spend a large part of their income following the Eagles, spending money on season tickets, merchandise, and by association, your salary. We expect an effort in Philly, this is not San Diego or Atlanta. It matters to us whether you win. For you to play at the level you are playing at this year after the amount of sacks you had last year is an absolute disgrace. Look in the mirror, there is no fan base that would be giving you guys a break; some would have just laughed and stopped coming to the games, but mindless cheering, no way. Grow up, play harder, show more of a comittment to learning the simple principles behind your defense, and I guarantee you’ll win more games and earn the respect of your fans.

  • SpritkiTinkle

    ac·count·abil·i·ty: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions

    Fans can look at a dictionary too babin. We’re talking about the guy who missed time in camp because he was hunting in the wild in alaska. The guy who was going to risk getting gored by a bull in the offseason. The guy who rushes 8 yards up the field on every single play with no regard for screens or the running game.

  • Diss Loyal

    Cut and run Jason! Insulting the Boo Bird by condescending on Twitter is a sure fire way to get more guff. That’s Philly…PERIOD! Always has been and will be. And oh…those other 17 teams get booed too…stop Boo Hooing…oand use that energy to stop somebody when the game is on the line!!!

  • big red hater

    Babin actually stinks this year and is trying anything to divert attention to how bad he is playing. As a former ticket holder, his comments are exactly what will ensure he continues to receive abuse from the fans.
    This tattooed dope forgets that without fans that care, he would be hanging drywall instead of sitting on millions.
    no wonder he has been with 6 teams, him and ‘Wash’ both suck

  • Mac

    This is a case of the Mercenary calling out the Pirate for pillaging a village. Comon’ man.

  • joanna

    I agree with Babin!! Eagles fans are the WORST. Most fans a feel that they “deserve” a championship…for what sitting on their ass and watching the game every week? No one is making you buy season tickets or forcing you to watch. It’s not life or death people it’s a sport and is for FUN. There are much worse things that can happen in the world!! I’m an eagles fan but get so annoyed by all this!!!!

    • defroe81

      so we are bad but you feel like acting like your one of us. a real fan can boo their team when their team sucks real fans boo when frustrated we are real you are all smiles we will get them next time are the fake…

  • whiner

    Let’s see ifn I get this right: Loyalty is when the player earning millions of dollars to play a game …. and continually loses, should be cheered and considered as a hero to all…. I can honestly say If Babin pays me half his salary, I will take ALL his criticism, and pat him gently on his back and call him the big, strong, man that he wants to be and not to worry about those bad fans who paid 25% of there monthly income to see him WIN football games.

  • e

    Why do I care whether or not a millionaire gets his feelings hurt by jokes anyone that went through middle school and high school would have heard.