DeSean Jackson Talks Michael Vick, Eagles Fans

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean JacksonDeSean Jackson hit on a number of topics during his appearance on Mike & Mike Tuesday, including getting booed at home and the state of the locker room.

But the question everyone wants to know: Will Michael Vick remain the starter at quarterback?

“As far as what I know right now, Michael Vick is going to be the quarterback,” said Jackson. “I haven’t heard of any changes or anything like that. We’re still going with the plan.”

Vick suggested after Sunday’s loss to the Falcons that Andy Reid is contemplating a quarterback change. While that remains an option, the head coach hadn’t pulled the trigger as of Tuesday morning.

“You can’t ever blame it on one man,” said Jackson. “There have been times when the ball has been put out and there have been turnovers and things like. But as far as Michael Vick and what he’s capable of doing, I think he’s still an elite quarterback in this football league. And we just have to make it easy for ourselves. He’s facing a lot of pressure; a lot of defenses are showing a lot of different looks. As a team and as a wide receiver, we have to do everything in our power to help him out and take some pressure off him.”

Jackson said that “the locker room right now is a very frustrated group of men.” He indicated they haven’t held a players-only meeting as of yet, but did say there is a “player committee squad” featuring a representative from each position that will gather from time-to-time to talk things over.

Jackson was asked about what it’s like playing in Philadelphia when the team is going through a rough stretch like this.

“During the game, me and one of my teammates, he actually said, ‘Man, they are sitting there and booing us.’ For that to be our support team — Philadelphia fans, they are definitely the type of people where if you’re doing good they love you but once you’re doing bad it’s like the world is going to end. To be out there and hear  our home [crowd] booing us, it’s a crazy feeling at times. Once again, we only care about the 53-men on that team, our coaches and the organization. Back’s against the wall. Whoever else is against us, we realize that. Sometimes our own fans can be against us as well.”

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  • Safety1st

    This isn’t the West Coast where positive reinforcement happens, D. This is Philly where one gets judged for the quality of their work and not for just showing up. You’d think that would sink in after playoneg here for a while.

    • digandbedug

      Ive never thought of Jackson as a true Philadelphia player. Since Dawkins left I dont think there’s been anyone on the squad who honestly “gets” what it mean to play for the Eagles (maybe Celek?)

      • Justin

        Shady. That man busts his tail for this team. He gives everything he’s got, and then he gives even more.

        • johngiam

          shady, dameco, kendricks, fletcher was all over the field sunday, bandon graham was the best defensive end on the eagles on sunday..we have SOME philly playes left…not anywhre close to enough philly players…im tired of celek. He has atleast 2 easy dops per game, and he is always getting manhandled when tying to block. Maybe the scheme has him blocking people he shouldnt be blocking to begin with…but regadless, im sick of watching him dop balls, and have his man blow by him in pass potection…fo yeas we tied rebuilding on the fly and that hasnt worked, and no one is having any fun.We need to cut most of the older playes, rebuild, and take a step backwards to take 2 steps forward…Defenders that I would keep: cox, kendicks, dameco, curry, graham, landri, thornton, DRC, boykin, Allen, I keep Coleman as a special teams player and back up safety. everyone else needs to go. How about we hire ray rhodes as a defensive draft guru to start revamping this defense. I keep todd bowles, and fire every single defensive coach that we have and start over

          • johngiam

            on offense these are the players that I keep: foles, shady, bryce, havilii, jason peters, mathis (only if he is playing next to peters), kelce, heremsans, kelly, I cut avant, and put Macklin in the slot, then I get a big reciever (dwayne bowe type) to play on the outside opposite of desean. I keep clay harbor and find an elite TE to replace Celek..I keep Damaris Johnson and cut the rest of the back up recievers! I cut all the backup recievers, and every single cornerback except boykin and drc!..I cut the entire special team, and there over rated coach. Maybe I keep the kicker, colt, and kurt coleman as a special team player…the rest of this heartless, tin man team has to go! Only coach I want retained from this entire staff is Bowles…cauxse if anyone thinks Bowles was the problem on sunday, then they dont know football. there isnt a man on earth that could have saved this group of heartless mutts on defense. 4 players played with heart, maybe 5: Brandon Graham was the best defender on the field for us, Dameco, kendricks, thorton, and cox (who is having an incredible year, he just doesnt play a sexy position that shows up on the stat sheet)…But for a rookie who has been double teamed for every single play of the season, he is playing lights out football

          • Wilbert M.

            Don’t re-sign DRC. He’s a dog.

  • Septhinox

    WTF? So we should cheer you when you put forth a ishtty effort like we’ve seen for the past few weeks? GTFO 10.

    • Claudia

      If you are a true fan, you should support your team no matter what. Good times and bad times.

      • airgreen7

        I support my team, but i agree with letting them know that the product that they are putting forth is sh*tty. They are paid to entertain and this isn’t entertainment. They are going thru the motions and picking up a paycheck. That will continue to happen if we coddle them and tell them that’s okay, better luck next time. It needs to be pay cuts and performance based contracts. Your record determines your pay. I bet that would give them the swift kick that they seem to need. They need to look at it like the job it is. Like normal people do. You don’t hit your goals at the job, your arse is out. Plain and simple. I could see if the effort is there, but it’s not.

      • Septhinox

        I’m a season ticket holder asshole. So yea, I “support” the team. But I’m not paying 5 figures a year for my seats to not be able to show my displeasure when I want.

        • Run Eagles Run

          then cancel your season tickets so a real fan, a deserving fan, can go and actually support the team, rather than complain about how much money they are spending. you sound like one of the typical a-holes. I wish I could come to your job and boo the hell out of you, while you give some poor guy a terrible beej behind the wallmart, but I dont want the cops to get the wrong idea if they show up. I hope a tree falls on you and your entire family.

          • Septhinox

            Uh-Oh. We got a badass here. Good thing you’ll never get a chance to hold season tickets.

            A vote for Obama may bring you that change though.

          • Run Eagles Run

            Uh-Oh. We got a moron here. You’re the one trying to be a badass, calling people asshole.

            The fact that you somehow bring the presidential election into this, wow. You are a grade A moron, and Im surprised you were able to string a sentence together that wasnt at the state pen. Go play in traffic, adults are talking. I was joking before, but I really do hope you and any kids you have die immediately. Dumb and Asshole are two traits we dont need in the gene pool.

          • Septhinox

            Aww someone’s mad about their position in society. Would you like a handout? How about a free ticket to a game. Would that make you happy? Would that turn your sad life around?

          • Run Eagles Run

            Haha, I am not a democrat, I am not voting for obama, and I am not poor or anywhere near it. I am extremely happy with my life. Nice try though! Pick another angle moron. Im going to finish packing for my vacation.

          • Septhinox

            If you keep typing, may come true…

      • Loke2112

        If you a true fan you would hope for 8-8 or worse so we can have SOME CHANCE of actually winning a Superbowl because to believe it will EVER happen with AR&MV @ the helm is foolishly kidding your self.

      • LostInChiTown

        Booing can be totally justified. But often, I feel like it gets taken too far and that it’s become more the identity of our fan base than anything else. It shows passion, but it’s like people take pride in booing and cursing out our team. We want these players to want to win for us, but we do little to even make them like us. And yes, they’re professionally paid players, but we don’t want professional effort, we want deep down, grind it out, leave it on the field heart! Getting that takes more than what we’ve been giving these players. I mean, when’s the last time a guy made a mistake and the crowd supported him?

        I don’t know. The point is I sometimes worry that we’re giving the other team a home field advantage.

  • FMWarner

    The Philly fan mantra is that you get cheered when you do well and booed when you deserve it, but it’s foolish to think that the fans don’t get it wrong and act irrationally a good portion of the time. It’s not about being soft, it’s about being reasonable.

  • Jim

    Desean’s comments about the fans is indicative of how disconnected this entire franchise is with reality. We’re sick of hearing rhetoric from the head coach, unwarranted self-congratulations from the players, and toothless prattle from the “gold standard” ownership.

  • TheGhostofNormVanBrocklin

    And that last paragraph right there is why this team will not be any good this year. Look at all the great players and teams that have taken the field in Philly. They didn’t mind being booed. They knew that the fans booed BECAUSE THEY CARED. Clearly the fans care more than most of the players on this team. You’re sitting there worried about being booed? Then perform at the highest level you can on every play, show some heart, show some grit. The fans in Philly will recognize when their teams are doing that, even if they are losing. The Giants have been booed at home this year. So have the Packers. So have the Patriots. So have the Steelers. Know what the difference between those teams and this one is? Those teams have heart and guts and courage to know that if they aren’t playing well they deserve to be booed and it motivates them to be better. Bunch of divas we’ve got here. No wonder this team is 11-15 since Jackson took that punt back at the Meadowlands. Ridiculous.

  • UncleCarm

    As a fan, whenever I feel like I am putting more emotion and effort into the game than the highly paid players, I will boo. I think that is reasonable. When the team plays hard (read the team, not just a few players) and lose anyway, at least we gave it our best. There have been very few games this season when it looked like the team gave it their best.

    • airgreen7

      I agree wholeheartedly…..

    • 1 Pissed Off Eagles Fan

      I agree UncleCarm, he needs to get use to us Philly fans we will be here long after he is gone!!!!!!

  • I respect and appreciate his honesty. Don’t worry DeSean. The booing is directed toward AR, not you.

  • Chris

    Start to do bad …man we have been witnessing these horrible performances going on 2 years now son!!!

  • jabostick

    I can see both sides of the argument here. I think it’s safe to say that a lot of players view football as a job, they’re legitimately trying to play well, and the point of playing at home should be for a home field advantage (where fans help provide encouragement and support). While I don’t think players think that support should be unconditional, I’m sure they must say to themselves “There is LITERALLY no point to booing. We know we’re playing shitty”

    On the other hand, this isn’t Jacksonville or San Diego where they can’t sell tickets. Philly fans care. And they’re smart enough to know the difference between lack of talent and lack of effort/passion/execution, and you shouldn’t complain that someone wants you to be accountable. And it’s not like the fans hold a grudge. As quick as you get booed, you’ll get cheered louder and more quickly if you do something positive. The diff between Jackson this year and last shows that.

    • Justin

      Agreed. In the Atlanta game, when Cedric Thorton got the sack, the crowd exploded so loudly, even the commentators pointed it out. Eagles fans love their team. And like UncleCarm said, if the fans are putting in more emotion and effort than the players are, we have a right to voice our disappointment.

  • Swirlyman

    The correct response to all booing that happens in Philly is: “The fans are right to boo. I’d boo too, because we sucked.”

    • FMWarner

      That’s the correct response to maybe 2/3 of the booing in Philly. The fans aren’t infallible, and they can hold grudges, and they can be petty.

  • Loke2112

    Every now and again I read about that great QB WR connection where they line up and both see the same hole in the defense and then make the necessary route adjustment to exploit the defense for a big play. That aint happening much when you have two guys like Vick and Jackson who’s collective IQ doesn’t even equal half of the equation mentioned above. If Jackson had a brain he would read up on the situation and realize the boos are a result of 14 years of Reid fatigue and not take it personal. That however is one big IF.

  • If he stood up for MV7 then people would say he’s going against his coach and causing a rift in the locker room. Anything to put a negative spin on DeSean.

  • djack10

    at least desean was smart enough to toe the line and not actually call out philly fans for booing. he seems to know it’s deserved. and it is. the play right now lacks heart. they are half-beaten when they arrive for the game, starting with #7.


    LOL Welcome to Philadelphia DeSean!!!!! Get over it, we have been this way since the beginning and WE WILL NOT CHANGE. I hope you and your teammate realize that us Philly Fans ARE SO TIRED OF SAYING OH WELL WE’LL GET IT NEXT YEAR!!!! We would fight to the end for our Eagles team, we even fight with each other from time to time. But we will not tolerate any other teams fan to talk trash about our Eagles!!!! Dang CAN WE GET SOME BRAGGING RIGHTS, CAN WE GET RESPECTED AROUND THE LEAGUE, CAN WE HAVE OTHER TEAMS SCARED TO PLAY AGAINST US AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST CAN WE GET A RING!!!!!!!!!!!! IJS

    • Run Eagles Run

      if you typed in all caps, maybe djax would have see this message

  • Run Eagles Run

    I hate fans who constantly question players hearts and emotions. how in the hell do you know what is going through a players head? sometimes you just arent good enough. there is a big difference between holding your team accountable, and being an a-hole. more often the not, the philly fanbase acts like a-holes. I am sick of the negativity that exists as soon as things dont go our way. people around here have bought into the idea that being a jerk all the time is ok, or cool. its not, its pathetic, and it makes people not want to play in philadelphia. it makes players not want to fight for us. do you think booing vick after he throws a pick helps? save your boos for when they are mathmatically eliminated from the playoffs. until then, cheer, or shut your fat ignorant mouth.

    • Iggles50

      You question why we question the players hearts? Really? Watch a game, Detroit for example. Listen to their comments after they lose, Kendrick’s didn’t think they played that poorly against the Falcons, Chaney wasn’t disappointed to be de-activated against the lions. You need to pay attention to the world around you

      • Run Eagles Run

        I am not ignorant, I know a lot of players are in it for the money, but you cant question a guys heart unless he comes out and admits it, like babin who has basically stated he wants sacks and money, thats it. obviously there are gonna be those guys. but ignorantly booing the team at the stadium, when there is time left on the clock, is NOT OK. I am sick of it. we’re supposed to be the 12th man, and I am at times embarrassed by the childishness of the fanbase. You need to get your head out of your be-hole, and stop feeling sorry for yourself. our offensive line is an offensieve line. they fired the d-coordinator everyone wanted gone. there is still hope the team can get it together, and if they dont we get rid of andy. win win. stop booing and crying.

  • Iggles 50

    We were booing your team effort which was absolutely pathetic. We as fans have more passion for the game than this team has displayed over the last TWO years. Want the booing to stop show passion and effort

  • Jimbo99

    I just think this bunch expects the game to be some explosion where they hang 38 points on someone and it’s easy. Looks like everyone has the eagles offensive game plan. Read one post that said he’d keep Herremans ? Why he’s whiffed so many blocks for someone standing in front of him and when that doesn’t happen the defense goes around him.

  • Stephen w. queen

    Here It is, real simple, fans have two choices, cheer or boo ,,,so if you are playing bad,what do you want them to do cheer? To boo does not mean we are aginst you, it means that we just don’t like the way you are playing,,, We would rather be cheering !