Reid’s Season Appears Headed For Disaster

Jeffrey Lurie put a number on it.

When asked before the season what he needed to see from Andy Reid this year, the Eagles’ owner used the words “substantial improvement.” He was asked to clarify. Would another 8-8 mark be good enough? Lurie said no.

And so that has been the number in the back of everyone’s head all season. With Sunday’s 30-17 loss to the Falcons, the Eagles are now 3-4 with nine to play. To get to 9-7, which can be considered the absolute minimum, they would need to go 6-3 the rest of the way. Even that would not ensure a playoff berth.

To get to 10-6, the Eagles would have to go 7-2.

As I mentioned this morning, that is the reality for Reid. The coach said during the bye week that he was evaluating everything. There were slight personnel tweaks here and there, but the major move was firing Juan Castillo and promoting Todd Bowles. Today’s defense did not force a punt until mid-way through the fourth quarter. The Falcons notched three touchdowns and three field goals on their first six possessions.

And it gets no easier. Left on the schedule are Drew Brees (Monday night), Robert Griffin III (twice) and Eli Manning.

The crowd at Lincoln Financial Field was as quiet today as it’s been all season. And who could blame the fans? There was little to cheer for from the get-go as the defense gave up a 16-play, 80-yard drive on its opening possession.

We’ll hear from Reid after the game and again on Monday afternoon, but as we sit here after eight weeks, his 2012 season appears headed for disaster.

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  • DRC was right, maybe it wasn’t necessary to fire Juan. Question now is who looks to be the new Coach, and GM, and where do we begin in the draft with rebuilding our beloved Eagles.

    Thanks Andy, it’s been fun. It’s obvious the players hearts is not into saving the season or Andy’s neck from the noose.

    • Kimbafuzz

      True, but it looks as if DRC took his little protest to the field. He was particularly awful today.

    • Anebriated

      In the draft I would say you have to start with OLine. It has nothing to do with their struggles(or maybe it does) but we have been keeping the “smaller, more athletic” linemen to go with Howard Mudd’s blocking styles. New coaches means that will probably change and we should be picking early enough to snag one of the better OL on the board.

      As for the coaches, Todd Bowles will be interviewed to comply with the Rooney Rule, probably wont get it. Is Cowher ready to get back into coaching? I imagine that Gruden would jump on the chance if asked. Holmgren is probably too close to Andy Reid for Lurie to sign off on his return to the sidelines. Given the cities love for Buddy would Rex Ryan be a good fit if the Jets cut ties after the season? Is it time for Spags to get another shot as a head coach? Im sure there are other candidates(i only mentioned 2 coordinators who already had ties to the Eagles) im missing but those are probably the ones that will get thrown around the most.

  • I believe this loss puts Reid 4 games from the unemployment line.

    • Brian

      Probably 3. I don’t think 9-7 makes the playoffs.

  • Kimbafuzz

    I feel bad for Andy. He loses his son during training camp and it appears he’s going to lose his job during this season. But something is very wrong with this team, and accountability has to start at the top. Its unfortunate because he has been the best coach the Eagles have ever had. But something is definitely broken this season.

    • Meh

      Agreed. They just look flat. No inspiration, no passion. And that’s coaching. There;s no way around it.

    • daveH

      he is NOT the best coacht th eagles ever had!!!!!!!!! .. rick kotite has a better winning % by alot. andy has made himself the richest coach in philly history. name anyone in the nfl who was worse sons..and gives littlle 6-5″ daddy’s boy a freakin nfl job!!!! name a player who employs a drug dealer on his team .. inexcusable!!!! and NOT WRONG TO CALL HIM OUT ON THIS!!!!! andy has snubbed the fans for way toooo long > he has stuffed his pockets with top 3 pay .. FEELING SORRY FOR HIM???????????????? GO AWAY THEN, THATS DISGUSTING

      • Kimbafuzz

        Dude, are you seriously measuring his coaching ability by his parenting? If anything is disgusting, it’s that and nothing I said.

        • daveH

          nope not my point at all. i think he is a mediocre coach. his winning % and championship rings confirm it. also read page 1 of belichek’s book.

          but since he snubs the fans with his arrogant dimunitive approach to press conferences (the only interaction i as a fan get) that when i judge him on a personal level.

          and with that in mind is when it becomes personal-
          he makes 5 mil WE PAY HUNDREDS. therfore i can yell at him whatever i wnat ..and my criticsm is NOT out of line.
          his rudeness his ‘pay me first and the most’ approach to management i have the problem with – its an extesnion OF WHO THE F HE IS!!!!!!!!!! he snubs everyone.i feel that he USED THE FUNERAL AS A PLOY FOR PITY> that is clear to me and i find it disgusting. 2 sons blazing around philly with drugs & guns in daddy’s cars ??? c’mon man THEY ARE THE BAD GUYS…and what, they get 2nd 3rd chances??

          • What Would Saracen Do?

            Can I ask, what do you hope to get from Andy Reid’s press conferences? What would you want him to do differently?

          • daveH

            his limited responses.his dismissive attitudes. his lies. his inability to call a play in the final minute of the super bowl, his ability to let the blame fall on DMAc, his legacy of timeout mismanagement, his legacy of pass calls .. in fact ALL of his legacies.
            why do i have to like him? why do i have to rally behind him?? i dont think he acts like a leader – on the contrary i think he is a hypocrite and a manipulative ego maniac.
            as fans we can only buy in or speak out. the problem with speaking out is that i am just one teeny tiny fan against the eagles corporation. but there are no shareholder events to voice my concern ..jsut the press and FINALLY the stands are rocking with FIRE ANDY chants. 6 years too late in my opinion. my personal opinon
            .. but to answer your question > i think the press conferences are the window into the simple mind of a man who acts liek he is a know-it-all. i live in NY and im sick of his embarrasing behavior. everything Asante said toda is true.

      • What Would Saracen Do?

        A cursory google search reveals that Rich Kotite was 36-28 overall in 4 seasons coaching the eagles, which is a .563 winning percentage in the regular season. In those 4 seasons, Rich Kotite made the playoffs once and had a record of 1-1.

        Meanwhile, Andy Reid has a 129-83 overall record in 14 seasons coaching the eagles, which is a .611 winning percentage. In those 14 seasons, Andy Reid has made the playoffs 9 times with a record of 10-9.

        To simply those last two paragraphs: Kotite .563 < Reid .611

        An argument can be made that Andy Reid hasn't delivered a championship in these 14 years. I have no qualms with that. But the facts indicate that statistically Andy Reid is the best coach the Eagles have had.

        • What Would Saracen Do?

          To simplify*

          • daveH

            i stand corrected. yes i made a mistake somewhere .. HA but looking back i am much LESS a fan of Kotite now .. 10-6 we would LOVE to be and when andy has given us that we are all proud of him and he takes himself a raise … 11-5 NICE JOB Rich KOTITE!!! opps 8-8 but thats OK for Jeffey … 7-9 aint even as bad as what andy’s giving us!!!
            OMG i stand corrected on my #s but i am actaully LESS a fan of A-Reid NOW !

          • daveH

            (less a kotite hater i meant to type ….but ugh, try bragging about andy’s accomplishemnts or anything eagles in NYC they dont even fight me any more, they just laff. pisarczik’s fumble, randall’s scramble & desean’s runback ..they just laff “those are your super bowl’s dude .. HOW MANY RINGS U GOT??” ugh, cant fight em anymore.
            they’ve ALL read the 1st page of Belichick’s books ..oh man, thats embarrassing.

  • Rogomeister

    Time to cut bait and move on.

  • barry_nic

    I had this whole thing written and just erased it. So long Andy, it’s so sad that it going to end this way. This whole exercise is running it’s course, Juan should have stayed, and Andy would have at least stayed true to his friend.

  • Big Red Hater

    This team is so far from winning in the playoffs they may as well be the Rams.

    needs to be fired now….I hope Lurie grows a pair and pretends to be a
    man and fires this worn out shell of a coach.

  • mr. magee

    Totally agree Barry. Not that I saw this horrible defensive effort coming…

    As for what Andy needs to accomplish in order to remain the coach of the Eagles, it’s not a matter of getting to 9 – 7 or even 10 – 6; the spirit of what Lurie said implied achieving a reasonable measure of ‘success’ – ie, a deep playoff run with reason to hope for even more going into next season. This is obviously not very likely at this point.

  • Ced8

    No offense and he fires Castillo ,Marty Has no clue and its Castilos fault. Times up Andy you too Marty .