Asante Blasts Reid, Taunts Eagles After Falcons Win

Asante Samuel, as you might imagine, was in his glory following Sunday’s game.

The Eagles’ secondary struggled, the defense was picked apart and his Falcons delivered a damaging blow to Andy Reid.

“Man, it felt great — in front of all my fans that love me!” Samuel barked. “The best team after the bye week is us. It just felt good. That was a good ol’ fashioned ass-whoopin’ right there.”

Samuel set his sights on Reid, who reportedly parted with the cornerback this offseason because he felt his play was in steep decline. Samuel said Reid refused to talk to him on Sunday.

“Can you believe that? He didn’t speak to me. Like it’s my fault. What did I do to you?” Samuel asked. “I think it was the way we were dancing out there. It got to him a little bit.

“I gave a what up to him: ‘What’s up coach?’ I don’t know why [he didn’t speak to me]. He deferred [after the coin toss]. What the hell?”

The main shot at Reid came when a reporter asked what the biggest difference is between the Falcons and Eagles.

“The difference between these teams I think is the coaching,” he said. “We got really good coaching. We run the ball. Time of possession is real good.”

As for Reid’s decision to part with Juan Castillo?

“Juan, didn’t he have the No. 12 defense in the league? Juan was doing pretty good,” said Samuel. “If they would have had me over there, they could have counted on at least one turnover. But I’m happy to be over here with the Falcons.”

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  • Justin

    Is this the Asante Samuel that got burned 32 yards by DeSean Jackson?

    • mtmodi

      and the td run by mccoy

  • Brandon

    Ya cuz Asante really did much last year other than run his mouth.. There’s a reason NE let him go and something Reid didn’t say other than his contract as to why we only took a 7th round draft pick for him.. And did he do anything g today?

    • bsn

      He whiffed on a bunch of tackles. But I’m sure you knew that since that happens all the time.

  • Big Red Hater

    Finally a player or coach that will not kiss Andy’s butt. I am surprised this site even printed criticism of their beloved coach. I don’t care how bad Asante played last year…he is a breath of fresh air….Andy needs to be fired now….I hope Lurie grows a pair and pretends to be a man and fires this worn out shell of a coach.

    • Kimbafuzz

      He kissed Andy’s butt all last season though. Right now, he’s going through exactly what McNabb went through when he was traded away. Bitterness and a sense of revenge.

  • Ray

    Stay classy Asante. AR should be fired but he also lost his son. You should stop being so selfish. It’s a business, things happen

    • DooDooFresh

      AR also used the death of his son to coerce Lurie into giving him a contract extension…Talk about selfish & classy. I for one am happy to hear what any former Birds have to say after they leave.

      • He received his current extension long before the death of his son, 2009. Check your facts bro before posting nonsense

        • DooDooFresh

          August 13, 2012|By Jeff McLane, Inquirer Staff Writer

          BETHLEHEM, Pa. – Sports agents work for their clients. It’s not the other way around.

          So when Bob LaMonte, Andy Reid’s agent, showed up at Eagles training camp looking to leverage Jeffrey Lurie into contract negotiations – six days after the death of the head coach’s son – he was doing it at the behest of his boss.

          Otherwise, had LaMonte indeed gone rogue, spurring a damning rebuttal from Lurie – again, six days after Reid’s son, Garrett, was found dead in his Lehigh University dormitory room – wouldn’t the coach have at least condemned his agent’s tactics?

          Don’t ever question me again.

          • rls255

            Dude, agents go to tc every year trying to leverage deals for their clients. I think that was just a weak attempt to stir the pot.

          • Eagle_struck

            No one is questioning your ability to ability to gather info…it’s just your comprehension of what your reading is very low. Please return to 3rd grade.

  • Meh

    Whatever. Asante is a loser. But hey, so are the Eagles!

  • Rocco

    Asante is 100 percent right.The coaching is the difference.The Falcons continue to run the ball even when they don’t have much success.There’s just a commitment.One you will never get with Andy Reid.Even though he has one of the best backs in the league,GO FIGURE!!!

    • gmot

      Dude they’re committed it’s just the pass instead of the run. With a qb who can’t read a defense.

  • mr. magee

    Despite being paid many millions of $ while with the Eagles, Assante can’t let it go…

    And the press, in there never ending search for a decent quote, can’t stop baiting him.

  • gthmbt

    have to admit the guy makes me chuckle..

  • zach

    Haha as desean made him look like a bitch when he missed the tackle

  • Ct vinnie

    Hang in there my Eagle brothers and sisters. Its no over. Couninue to believe Mikd Vick!!

  • Me

    I agree samuels should have stayed here in philly ireid, and his golden boy viclk should have gone

  • WillBizzil

    Everything he said was true, who really cares about how he played? Face the facts people he got burnt and still walked out with the W.

  • stormtroopers

    I bet you Reid and Vick wish he would have learned one thing from his dogs, how to hold onto the Damn ball. Samuel is right, he wasn’t the.problem it was the anemic offense.

  • troyd32

    Asante you sucked with the eagles!!!! and u still suck dude!! now as far as andy reid goes its time to get a new coach in there asap!! aka bill cower or gruden how bout those apples !! dont blame it on juan or vick its the coaching that sucks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eglsfan

    Assante speaks as well as he tackles

  • Slaughter

    Asante doesn’t tackle, and gets beat bad when he jumps routes….. He actually cost a TD to shady when shady blasted him with a stiff arm…. As bad as asomugha has been, atleast he can tackle. Sorry you’re butt hurt still, but it seems you were traded to a contender Asante, be happy and stop going the T.O. Route.

  • rocketman

    I was born and raised in Philly until I has to move in 2005, so I will allways bleed GREEN, ALLWYS. What Samuels said is the Truth, we DON’T run the ball enough. We are getting Out-coached. We did have the #12 defense in the league. I am afraid we are suffering through another Rich Kotite Experience. And It seems to take us at least two or more years to get it that a Change is needed. I watched Jeffrey Luries face last year as we got clobbered and knocked out and I swore he would have said “Enough is enough’. And why did we get rid of Samuels??

  • Larry Fitzgerald

    Idiot Asante. They should have dealt you after you blew the 2008 NFC Championship game.

  • mylow young

    This is another player Andy Reid let go before his time. B-Dawk was the last one. Samuel woulkd look good back there now instead of Nnamdi… just satin…

  • DonnieMc

    Lots of reasons why this is hysterical, but just to name a few…. 1) Much of what he said is semi-accurate. 2) Asante has been overrated & now is washed up. He knows it, he’s an insecure mental case that is begging to rip a coaching staff that let him go. 3) In doing so he said the Falcons run the ball, that’s hysterical. Their playcalling is nearly identical to the Eagles, they just have more OFF talent everywhere. ATL fans will figure that out the hard way come the playoffs.