DRC Takes Up For Castillo

Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.Several players this week have suggested that Juan Castillo‘s defense was predictable, and therefor vulnerable in the fourth quarter when the opposition deciphered what was coming.

Though it may have some truth to it and even come from a good place, it sure can  sound like blame-shifting after a while. As in, Juan was the issue and the issue is gone, so we can now realize our potential with Todd Bowles at the helm.

Not everybody is on board with the notion that Castillo was a hindrance, or buying into the “predictability” line of defense when rationalizing back-to-back fourth-quarter lapses.

“Of course that’s what you’re going to say, man, when things start to go bad. You’re going to pinpoint something,” said Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. “I don’t feel that way. If you look at the statistics, shoot, we’re still in the top of the running. That was a decision that was made and I can’t do nothing about it, but I didn’t see no problems.”

As for pointing blame in Castillo’s direction?

“I feel like every man should be accountable for themselves,” said Rodgers-Cromartie. “I learned in life that anytime things go wrong it’s easy to say, ‘He did this. He did that,’ instead of saying, “I did this. I did that.'”

Most of the players have had fond words regarding Juan Castillo the man, but few have stood up for him as a coach quite like DRC did on Thursday. Rodgers-Cromartie revealed that it was Castillo that transformed him into a press corner, working overtime with him to make sure the 26-year-old went through the change as smoothly as possible.

“No question. He changed my game. He turned me into a press corner,” said Rodgers-Cromartie. “He’s one of the guys that took the time with you, to make you understand the weakness in your game and keep you after practice and make you work on it. This is the NFL, you’re accountable for yourself. Not too many people are going to say, ‘Hey, you need to do this and make sure you do it.’  They tend to let you do it on your own.”

Rodgers-Cromartie is having a Pro-Bowl season. He has three interceptions and five passes defensed through six games. Opposing quarterbacks have a collective quarterback rating of 28.7 when throwing in his direction according to Pro Football Focus, good for second in the entire NFL.

The message about predictability is coming directly from Bowles, according to a couple of the players. The new defensive coordinator was asked about it on Thursday.

“I don’t think it’s excuse-making on my part. I think predictability comes from self-scouting,” said Bowles. “Every coach in the league when they self-scout on the bye week sees a lot of predictable things that are glaring to them that they try to fix. I think the miscommunication was in that part. It’s definitely not an excuse. The guys play hard and we lost because we lost and because we didn’t make enough plays to win the game. It’s not because we were being predictable or unpredictable.”

If that was the point Bowles was making, it may have been lost on a few of his new pupils.

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  • Sensei

    Good to hear something positive about Juan hopefully he’ll get a job soon always seemed like a good guy he kind of got a raw deal but that’s the nature of the job especially when you’re such a easy target

  • xlGmanlx

    22 on the Falcon’s had some nice things to say about Juan as well. I personally think they fired the wrong guy, it should have been MM to get the axe.

    • Darby Township Eagle

      Too early to tell if they shouldn’t have replaced him with Bowles but definitely agree that MM should have gotten the axe.

      • johnGiam

        listen,….players arent dumb. when you have someone in the background that everyone knows can do a better job then the guy in the fore front, its a problem and can become a cancer to the team. just like when u play a big money player and the entire team knows that the back up is better. Did Juan desirve to be fired? i dont know. i know he should have never been hired, and I know that the entire year we had someone all along who could do a better job….I cant explain how excited I am to have bowles! Im telling you guys, matty ice is in serious trouble on sunday. The arrogance of the staff has been our achilles heal. sticking to gameplans instead of mnaking adjustments and taking advantages of weaknesses. The detroit game!!! they picked on brandon hughes every single play that he was in the game…yet they had an even worse rookie corner playing the entire game…we threw at him twice, both successful. Any logical person would have kept throwing at macklin the entire game, until they found a way to stop it. That corner was ripe for the picking, and we didnt take advantage. how about not running the ball against the browns whos pass defense dwarfs their run defense? If a gameplan isnt working, you need to adjust. Only time MM “adjusts” is when the run game aint working, he is quick to abandon that! Bowles is going to come up with solid game plans, but he wont keep trying to put the square peg in the round hole, he will make adjustments, and attack weaknesses….If only our offensive coaches would do that, we would be such a dangerous team. OK, there will be a hurricane on sunday, that means, we CAN NOT throw the ball 60 times. when you dont throw the ball, that means you get to hand it off to the best player on our team. as for Juan, some players liked him, and naturally some didnt trust his ability. Just the slightest doubt in your scheme, and the house of cards will come crashing down…Players need to step on the field confident in their leader! We finally have that now,,and I promise we will see an inspired defense on sunday. I am certain!
        all I know is I got $2,000 to the player that brings me Dunta Robinsons head!

        • xlGmanlx

          DRC basically said that he made him the player we are saying is playing at a “pro bowl” level. He also states he is one of the few coaches that will go the extra mile to make sure you earning it. What else do you want from the man, the offense has been horribly predictable and Vick and co have coughed it up a LOT. How many teams scored over 20 on us this year? How many did more than 17? Not too many is my point and there is no excuse for this offense to not average at least 23-27 points a game

  • southy

    Tim, you’re being too harsh on the players. No one came out and said “Juan was being predictable and that’s why we lost games.” Instead, they were hounded for soundbites about what, exactly, could Bowles bring new to the table. They echoed what he said in the meeting, we’re going to try to mix it up more and be less predictable. The media, as they are wont to do, took that and declared “Juan’s defense was too predictable! That’s why he was fired!” Bowles actually explains that perhaps that’s not accurate, and you go “well someone better explain that to the players.” Let’s rein it in a little, ok?

    No new DC is gonna step up and tell the players “OK, the last DC got fired, but actually he was doing a pretty good job, so let’s just stick to the game plan, make more plays, and everything will work out.” He has to bring something new.

    • barry_nic

      Actually “Juan was being predictable and that’s why we lost games.” Was what was said by Brandon Graham. That got national press and got Graham in hot water.

      • southy

        ah, just read that. Graham did basically come out and say exactly that. Retracted.