Reid Committed To Vick? ‘Today I Am’

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Michael VickAs Andy Reid was exiting the auditorium following his day-after press conference, a reporter asked if he is committed to starting Michael Vick against the Falcons.

“Today, I am,” the head coach responded.

After a stomach-turning loss to the Lions, Reid said he will “tear things apart” and evaluate everything.

Will Vick be a part of that evaluation process?

“I am going to take a hard look at everything,”  he said.

That leaves the door at least slightly open for a quarterback change heading into what is sure to be a long bye week for the Eagles’ coaches and players.

Vick was under siege for the majority of the game Sunday. The offensive line leaking badly, the Lions were credited with 11 quarterback hits and three sacks. That doesn’t begin to tell the story.

The blame can not be put solely at his feet, but the bottom line is that Vick continues to turn the ball over at an alarming rate. He threw two more interceptions against Detroit, bringing that number to eight on the year. He has also lost five fumbles through six games for a personal turnover count of 13.

“Turnovers continue to kill us,” said Reid. “We lead the league with 17 turnovers. It’s ridiculous.”

Reid was asked if he was confident the turnover issue with Vick can be turned around.

“Again, I’m going to look at all that stuff,” said Reid. “I know we can get better at it. I know that. And we are going to get better at it.”

Benching Vick in favor of rookie Nick Foles would be extremely bold for a coach fighting to keep his job, and would be viewed by many as a desperation move. By the sounds of it, Reid will take the coming days to determine if the situation has come to that.



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  • atlvickfan

    Vick and Tom Brady played pretty much the exact same game yesterday with pretty much the exact same result. Playcalling down the stretch lost them the game. Instead of making Vick the scapegoat, ask Mornhinweg why he is not running the ball when he has a lead with 3 minutes left in the game.

    • Kimbafuzz

      There was a lot of bad QB play by the supposed “good” ones in the league. I mean Matt Ryan threw for 3 INTs but his defense stepped up. And the Brady example is another good one. Awful game by Brady, but he still put his team in a position to win at the end, and the defense failed.

  • TPZ

    Yeah, you’re gonna look at everything Andy, but who’s gonna look at you?

  • atlvickfan

    The Eagles’ next opponent at QB, Matt Ryan, has 7 turnovers in his last 4 games. Vick has 6 turnovers in his last 4 games. The Falcons have won all 4 of those games while the Eagles are 1-3. Turnovers are not the end-all, be-all. A good team can overcome them. They are a problem but they are not the biggest problem on this team. Offensive line and playcalling are.

    • taymgates

      The play-calling on the last drive when the eagles when three and out and allowed the Lions to come back and kick and field goal to tie the game was horrible.. Vick was holding onto the ball way to long

      • Roasty

        On that 3 and out, 3rd down, Maclin was targeted and wide open, gaining atleast 20 YAC if the ball wasn’t deflected at the line. The play call was there. Fairley made a good defensive play or Birds win.

        • taymgates

          Your talking about Suh making the play and yes that was a good play call by MMW, Suh know he wasn’t going to get Vick and just throw his hand up there, But a lot of play-calls before hand Vick was holding onto the ball way to long which allowed the Lions to get a lot of pressure and sack him or he throw the ball away. The last two drives the eagles ran in the 4th quarter where horrible.

  • Vick has 40 turnovers in his last 28 games. He is the most overrated overhyped QB in the history of the league. Go with Foles….how much worse could it be?

    • Well you could tank the rest of the season. The team is 3-3. A frustrating 3-3 but 3-3 nonetheless. Do you think a 3rd round QB behind that porous line has success? Foles is NOT mobile. You know what he’d look like – Kolb behind the Arizona line. Turf fodder.

  • Kimbafuzz

    Is Nick Foles gonna play defense? Is Nick Foles gonna make sure Brent Celek catches that TD that landed right in his hands? I get that turnovers are bad, but even with 2 INTs yesterday, Michael Vick gave this team a 10 PT LEAD with 5:18 left in the game. WTF else is he supposed to do???? Go out there and cover Megatron too? Or the TEs?

    Andy is under the gun, and the “sexy” thing is to bench the QB as if that will solve everything. But I’m sorry, the game against the Lions was lost because the defense generated very little pressure on Stafford, got no sacks, and let the Lions score 10 pts in the final few minutes.

    Blaming Vick for that is asinine.

    • it’s a huge mistake to put Foles behind this rice paper O Line. A move like that would ruin this kid, who I believe has some talent and potential.

      It’s foolish to believe Foles, a less mobile QB would have success using the same game plans depending on Watkins, Mathis and whoever to pick up blitzes. He would be more of a sitting duck than Vick.

  • DLH

    Agreed. However I do think Vick holds on to the ball too long. You just can’t take that sack in OT. I know the OL is partially to blame, but they have lost two of their best players. Something needs to change, and I’m thinking more and more the coordinators are to blame.

    • professor619

      yeah but if he can’t see the receivers or the receivers can’t get off the line then he has no choice but to hold on to the ball… and I think benching Vick for foles would essentially mean that their ready to throw in the towel on this season and get rid of Reid… its still kinda early in the season and hopefully Vick can turn around the turnovers but hey there’s been stranger things in the NFL so far this year

  • bored with birds

    Andy will throw any player under the bus to buy himself more time. It is clearly coaching problems from Marty to Juan and don’t forget April yet they continue along unchanged.

  • docboy

    some of the blame falls on Vick, true.. but a lot falls on the play calling.. Vick hold the ball too long, cuz the play itself takes forever to develops…the line doesn’t help out much when they leak the DT/DE through…The Defense should had held, but Juan got too smart for himself and changed what was working well…I think Reid should take over the play calling, fire the Offensive Coordinator, Promote Bowles to asst defensive coordinator and let him makes the calls…If Vick continues to have turnover after a few more games.. then bring in Foles…
    The special team played a little better, but it was against another bad ST…I think April needs to be put on notice ( if he hadn’t been already) and start searching for available coaches that could step in and take over.. cuz his ” rah-rah” is severely lacking…

  • Joe Jones

    If Nick Foles had put the team up late in the 4th qtr of the Pitt and Det games and the defense couldnt get off the field, would anyone be calling for his head? Not excusing Vick or blessing his play, but the O line was horrible yesterday. If you’re not convinced, ask Shady. Shady has had two subpar games with the ineptitude of the line being a major factor, yet Vick is supposed to shine behind this line? If the defense makes a stop on either of the 3rd downs in Pitt, we probably win that game. If the defense doesnt allow 17 4th qtr points, we definitely win yesterday’s game…….yet, people want Nick Foles. Hilarious……..I cant wait til they get their wish……

  • Johnny Domino

    Isn’t about half the league 3-3? I’d have picked them for .500 at the bye anyway. They just lost a couple they shouldn’t have, and won a couple they shouldn’t have.
    Fix the D, and run the ball, willya?

  • saunhi

    The Philly bloggers need to think better- if a QB had his arm crippled on 2nd down, the Philly bloggers would gripe that he underthrew on 3rd down:). The O-line is facing a season threatening crisis. BTW: lose “the fact remains”

  • saunhi

    Isnt it obvious especially after the Detroit game- that Vicks turnovers are because he is beaten to a pulp? The fact remains:)

  • saunhi

    Even Celek has started taking a physical beating because of O-line lack of depth. Hmm- “the fact remains” is sort of catchy.

  • saunhi

    Ahh, “the bottom line is” is the phrase that has to go. It probably should be replaced with “the fact remains”. An O-line and playcalling makeover may also help- before Atlanta kills Vick then Foles then …

  • JTR

    Said it before and I’ll say it again. If Reid had more job security Foles would be starting already.

  • The talk in Philly, lead by the sports writer suggest there is another QB on the eagles roster that could do better behind this patch worked Offensive Line. That’s absurd and flat out delusional.

    How effect would any QB in the NFL be using the same game plan and talent along the Eagles Offensive Line? Rogers last week, and Brady yesterday demonstrated that with sub par talent along the line they also are just as ineffective as Vick here in Philly taking this punishment. Rogers is lucky, his line seems to be coming together after a few adjustments. Here in Philly there is no hope for any productive adjustments, these lugs lack heart and simply aren’t NFL Quality Offensive Linemen.

  • Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran

    Stealing someone else’s comment from another blog:
    The problem is that you have a Coach Killer at QB and a QB Killer as Head Coach!

  • Vick Supporter

    Vick is getting creamed back there. I think the play calling is to blame than anything else. For you people wanting Foles…he was a third round pick for a reason. Remember that.

    • GoBirds1

      good logic. Brady was a sixth rounder and got his chance because Bledsoe got hurt and sucked. Big Ben was a late first rounder and got his chance because Maddux got hurt and sucked. Maybe we could be so fortunate that Foles get his chance because Vick got hurt and sucked. GoBirds!!!!

    • Let me ask you this….could he be any worse than Vick? The answer is no.