Cole: We Got Pressure On Stafford

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Trent ColeFor the third straight game, the Eagles’ defense finished without a sack against the Detroit Lions.

According to the stat sheet, they finished with four quarterback hits. Trent Cole had one of them, but the veteran defensive end finished with zero tackles.

Asked by a reporter after the game why the  line wasn’t able to generate more pressure, Cole seemed surprised by the question.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about man because you saw the game, and it was there,” Cole said. “I can’t believe you’re saying that.  It was there. It was there.  You know it was there.”

While pressure and good defensive line play don’t always equate to sacks, there’s no doubt that Matthew Stafford found a comfort zone in the fourth quarter. After starting off 7-for-21 for just 91 yards, he completed 15 of his last 24 attempts for 220 yards. Stafford seemed to think that the Lions’ offensive line held its own against the Eagles.

“Our whole offensive line did a great job,” he said. “That’s a heck of a defensive front. Those guys go nine deep, rolling guys in there. They’re attacking downhill, and our offensive line did a great job. Not only opening up air in the running game, but keeping me clean. They kept me clean for a long time…”

We’ll delve into details after re-watching the game, but it didn’t seem like the Lions used a lot of extra blockers to protect Stafford.

“Today we got a couple one-on-ones, more one-on-ones than we ever had, but he slung that ball,” Cole said. “He got it out quick. We tried to get there as fast as we could. He was just slinging that ball out.”

AddedJason Babin, “I had plenty of one-on-one rushes, and honestly, I won quite a few one-on-one rushes. But hits and second place, they don’t really count.”

Entering the season, the idea was that everything the Eagles did defensively would begin with pressure from the front four. But through six weeks, opponents have found ways to negate the Birds’ pass-rush.

Figuring out how to more consistently pressure opposing quarterbacks should be a priority during the bye week. Especially considering the team goes up against Matt Ryan and Drew Breesin its next two games.

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  • Are these two DE’s delusional? Over paid overrated turds. Last time they’ve had zero sacks in 3 straight games was 1983.

    • bsn

      Dude, stfu. Trent Cole is probably the second best defensive end in Eagles history. And being second to Reggie White isn’t too bad. Also, Babin was in the running for the single season sack record last year. Calm down with this reactionary b.s.

      • daggolden

        2nd best DE in Eagles history? lol. Try Clyde Simmons and Hugh Douglas to name a few. Trent I usually wear down by week 8 is hardly in thier class. He is a above average DE who isnt doing much this year.

        • bsn

          He’s been top 5 in sacks (I believe the time span was 06-now) he’s been the best DE against the run almost every year, and as far as “wearing down”, he’s been the only pass rusher here for most of his career. I’ll give you Clyde, but Douglas? No.

  • Bobby

    Same delusional crap. I’ve seen enough of this wide-nine scheme to be done with it. There’s a reason hardly anybody else in the NFL uses it as a base scheme. Yet Washburn’s got these guys thinking they’re an elite unit. Trent and Jason should go back and watch the game, cause Stafford had all damn day to throw it. Terrible. And what’s worse, these guys think they’re playing well!

  • JofreyRice

    OK, guys, but at some point, you have to seal the deal. QB Hurries and pressures aren’t meaningless, but if it’s all you can ever manage, then something is wrong. I’ll be interested to see the All-22 breakdown, but I agree that it didn’t look like the Lions went to any great trouble with extra blockers.

    What’s even more frustrating is that the refusal to blitz means they have 7 guys back, trying to cover 4 or 3 receivers, and they can’t get the job done in the biggest moments. 3rd downs, back against the wall, in big situations–and I assume the Dline pressure won’t get there, and the coverage will fail. When Boykin went vertical to break up a pass against the Ravens to seal it for the Eagles, I was shocked.

    At some point, even the most loyal party apologists have to incriminate Castillio, and by extension, Reid.

  • The arrogance of this team is really starting to bother me, particularly in this case these comments from Trent Cole. These guys just seem so unwilling to admit the issues of this team and that they need to step it up. Trent knows that that effort was absolutely not enough against one of the worst offensive lines in the league. That kind of attitude is just too prevalent on this team. The wide 9 look pretty effective when detroit implemented it on us so these guys have to pick it up. Also, how is it that every other team can make both the Cards and the Lions olines look as bad as they actually are, yet we make those lines look so amazing. It’s difficult to understand with the pass rushers that we have.

  • 85

    You know, when you walk into a room, and you’re certain everyone in it is crazy, and everyone is wrong…
    … the crazy one is probably you.

  • Jay Grace

    cole is playing like he’s still on the avalon beach

  • Mr. Magee

    Agree with all the comments so far.

    Biggest problem may be the difference between what it takes to be successful vs what the DL is expecting of themselves. Hopefully it’s just a matter of Trent Cole and others going back and watching the tape.

    Not making any excuses for the defense – the last few weeks have clearly exposed some fundamental weaknesses – but the offense did not do the D any favors in that last possession in regulation on Sunday… a three-and-out (with two clock stoppages) is clearly not what we needed there. Football may be the ultimate ‘team’ sport, and so far the offense has left the defense little margin for error. I guess you could say the 2 units deserve each other – they’re both mediocre.

    • So based on your post, you’re reasoning that the Offense giving the Defense a 10 point lead with 5 minutes and change left in the 4th quarter wasn’t sufficient?

      Last week, the Defense was given a long field, and First and 20 and that proved not sufficient as well. Some how you guys and the Philly sports writers seem to put this off on the Offense……. that’s ridiculous.

  • The Eagles D Line got a head full of themselves practicing against their Offensive Line in camp and practice. Well as we are seeing every thing the Eagles did in practice against their Offensive Line everyone else in the NFL also does.

  • MAC

    Since 2006 Trent Cole is 3rd in NFL in sacks in that span. behind only
    Jared Allen and Demarcus Ware. So Cole has been a monster. i agree with
    BSN Simmons maybe better but Hugh Douglas no way!!!