Instant Observations: Lions 26, Eagles 23

Here are instant observations from today’s 26-23 Eagles’ loss against the Lions.


* With 5:18 left, it looked like the Eagles were in control. Michael Vick beat the blitz and hit a wide-open Jeremy Maclin over the middle for a 70-yard touchdown. The Birds led 23-13, but couldn’t hold on. Overall, Vick was 28-for-46 for 311 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. Vick took a pair of sacks on the first possession of overtime, helping to set the Lions up with great field position. They kicked the game-winning field goal for a 26-23 win.

* Maclin had six catches for 130 yards. He also drew a couple pass interference penalties. DeSean Jackson finished with five catches for 74 yards.

* Vick saw a streak of 115 passes without an interception snapped when he was picked off by Louis Delmas in the first half. It looked like he held on to the ball on the play and then threw one up to Jason Avant deep down the middle of the field. Vick threw a second interception in the second half, looking for Jackson on a deep ball down the middle of the field. It appeared Jacksonw as open on the play.

* Vick’s most impressive throw of the day might have been a 30-yarder to Jackson down the sideline in the third quarter. Vick fit the ball in between Lions defenders and beat the blitz.

* LeSean McCoy left the game briefly with an injury at the 6:53 mark of the third quarter. He made a couple moves and lost 2 yards on the play. McCoy had 14 carries for 22 yards. He had the Eagles’ first touchdown – a 2-yard reception in the third.

* Brent Celek could have easily had a two-touchdown game. He dropped what would have been an 8-yard score in the third. And later in the game, he had a touchdown negated because of a pass interference penalty. The Eagles had to settle for field goals on both drives.

* Damaris Johnson was inactive for the first time all season. Mardy Gilyard and Jackson handled punt return duties. Late in the first half, it looked like Jackson went up to Andy Reid and said something. He then ran to grab his helmet and was back to return the next punt, which resulted in a 3-yard loss, as he had nowhere to go.

* This was probably the most no-huddle the Eagles have used all season.

* Vick once again took plenty of hits, particularly in the first half. Defensive tackle Sammie Hill hit him late in the first quarter and drew a 15-yard penalty. Linebacker Stephen Tulloch crushed Vick in the second, but he got rid of the ball to Maclin and drew a 21-yard pass interference penalty.

* In the first, Dallas Reynolds snapped the ball before Vick was ready, resulting in a turnover.

* Vick ran nine times for 59 yards.


* The defense looked great for three quarters before allowing four scoring drives in the fourth quarter and overtime. On the first touchdown drive, Brandon Hughes lost tight end Tony Scheffler for a 57-yard completion. On the next touchdown drive, Nate Burleson caught a 17-yard touchdown between Hughes and Kurt Coleman. The Eagles gave up a field goal at the end of regulation and again in overtime.

* With the game on the line, the Lions had the ball at Eagles’ 1 at the end of regulation, but came up empty on a pair of throws to Calvin Johnsonand had to settle for a field goal. They only had to go 23 yards to set up a field goal in overtime.

* Nnamdi Asomugha was on Calvin Johnson for much of the game. Often playing with safety help, Asomugha had a first-half interception, his first of the year. Johnson finished with six catches for 135 yards, doing most of his damage in the fourth quarter and overtime.

* The Eagles brought Curtis Marsh in to play outside on certain plays where Asomugha followed Johnson inside. Marsh was called for a defensive holding penalty on third down in the first, keeping the Lions’ drive alive. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie also saw some action on Johnson. Brandon Boykin sometimes played outside for the first time this season.

*Matthew Staffordwas 7-for-21 for 91 yards at one point, but finished 22-for-45 for 311 yards.

* Fletcher Cox was kicked out of the game after drawing a personal foul penalty on an extra point in the fourth quarter.

* Special teams was up and down. The Lions returned a first-quarter punt 48 yards and got a field goal on the drive. On the flip side, Boykin had his best return of the year, a 30-yarder in the first, setting the Eagles up with field position at their own 35. Riley Cooper had a nice block on the play. And Alex Henery booted a 49-yard field goal in the fourth.

* DeMeco Ryans and Trent Cole combined to drop Joique Bell for a 2-yard loss on 3rd-and-2 in the second.

* The Eagles had zero sacks for the third consecutive game.

* Nate Allen left the game with a hamstring injury in the fourth quarter and was replaced by Colt Anderson. Anderson was called for pass interference on the Lions’ final drive of regulation.

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  • What Would Saracen Do?

    Ugh this team is so frustrating to watch.

  • Kimbafuzz

    The collapse by the defense against a 1-3 team is inexcusable. 10 pt lead with a little over 5:30 minutes should be safe. The offense definitely left points on the board early on. But still… a TEN POINT lead with 5 1/2 minutes left should have been enough. The defense fell apart the same way it did all last season.

    • Juan Castillo

      I like to sit back and let them see if they can complete wide open passes with no blitz.

      • The Eagles don’t have blitzing linebackers or defensive backs. This defense is not what it’s billed to be this season. Ryans had 13 Tackles and an outstanding game, but the other linebackers were vacant today. Absolutely no sacks is inexcusable. Detroit D Line, basically mugged the Eagles O Line.

  • JT

    Huges, a corner, giving up a 57 yard completion to a TE is embarrasing. Especially given the situtation.

    • Pomo

      Why was he even in the gameeeeeeeee.

  • JofreyRice

    4th quarter defense looked pretty bad again. By my count, that’s 3 weeks in a row. 0 sacks for the game, too, right?

    Bright side was that it was probably the best game I’ve seen from Nnamdi, as an Eagle.

    • xlGmanlx

      offense hasn’t done them any favors. You lose games by not scoring TD’s

      • JofreyRice

        I hear you, but the team has had a 4th quarter lead three weeks in a row, and let the opposing offense march right down the field in all 3 instances. This was egregious, though, the offense actually did put up a TD that the Lions O made meaningless.

        If Barden doesn’t have that OPI, they probably lose all three games.

        Rueben Frank tweeted this is the first time since ’83 that they’ve gone 3 games in a row without a sack.

        • xlGmanlx

          No doubt, but Marty should have the brightest spotlight. Their scheme has been terrible

          • Chali

            I agree with this… Scheme was absolutely horrendous… when will this man take heat for this?? He should have been calledout for this.

  • Mr. Magee

    Great work Sheil…

    Here’s my observation: Andy… he gone!!

  • Beavis

    There’s a tv show that looks like its going to be awesome this season. It has a ton of great actors, big budget and the directors are very well regarded in the industry.

    But once the season started, I couldn’t help but notice the show has a ton of flaws. Not all the actors show up each week, there are clear shortcomings that the director refuses to addresss and there are too many weeks that start out great and then end with a thud.

    Now why would any one want to watch this?

  • Juan Castillo

    I like to sit back and see if they can beat a prevent defense.

  • Mr. Magee

    If I’m not mistaken, a BIG part of the game was Curtis Marsh getting burned by the TE on two huge plays in Q4…

    Another observation: taken as a whole, the eagles lost the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

    • Looking at the Eagles Offensive Line, it’s apparent that Peters is the heart and soul of this team. Without Peters this Offensive Line looks like a clumsy girls softball team. Detroit smacked the Eagles O Line around. To the man the O Line should be embarrassed to pick up their pay this week.

      • Johngiam

        Take the coaches out of the equation…by far the worst performers in the game was the Oline. they got DOMINATED by the Dline of the lions. Even in games where defenses hit Vick alot, atleast olinemen always blocked well enough for shady to get 6 yards a carry. Yesterday was the worst Oline play since Osi molested winston justice years ago! In a city where for years we have all been screaming to please run the ball. I was actually praying at 1 point during the game yesterday for shady to stop running the ball. Had shady gotten 5 more carries yesterday, he would prob be out with a significant injury today. They were really putting a beating on shady, and for what? the 2 yards per carry that the Oline was allowing him to get? I think it should be obvious that Peters AND Kelce were the heart and soul of the line. Take them away, and not only are their replacements significantly worse, but Evan Mathis and Watkins become much worse…but we all knew that already. We thought Bell was better then he is (although realistically there is no way he could have picked up Mudds scheme in time, but thats a different story), but Peters was the best player on our team last year so you had to expect a drop off. and if anyone expected Dallas reynolds a 3 year practice player to be able to fill the shoes of jason Kelce then they are nuts? but what we didnt expect was that Watkins and Mathis would be so inept because of the loss…. but in the end, it still reverts back to the coaches who have to put players in the best positions to succeed…well guess what? the best position to succeed CHANGES as your personel CHANGES! You cant expect to be able to run the same plays that you did with Peters and Kelce in the game. You just cant… asking these guys to get out in space and block the same type of screens that Peters/kelce used to block is just MADNESS! Right there, before the play starts, you are already putting an inept group, behind the 8ball…instead of running plays that they have the capabilities to execute better. ADJUSTMENTS is always the key word…and its usually our achilles heal. why should yesterday be any different. how many times do fans have to sit through losing games that we shouldnt be losing. I didnt complain one single time about the loss in arizona, not 1 time! y? cause it was a game that we were supposed to lose. Iexpected to lose that game the day the schedule was released. But to lose to the steelers and lions like this was really bad! Forget the name and tradition…in 2012, those 2 teams STINK and we allowed them to come back and beat us two weeks in a row

  • JofreyRice

    the two snaps I noticed Marsh on were the holding that gave them a 1st down, and the 1st play in OT to Sheffler. Jeez.

  • xlGmanlx

    I think there isn’t enough to judge Juan in two seasons just yet. But football is three phases of football, offense, defense, special teams. No games this year has all three phases operated at the same time. That is on coaching. I think Juan will get canned hopefully when Reid does, but Marty is the coach killer.

    • Chali

      Well said!!

  • barry_nic

    Here’s an observation; How many run plays did we have in 4th quarter while protecting the lead, how many carries did McCoy have in the fourth, and how many times did our backups Hughs, Marsh and Anderson get completely toasted? I guess that was really a question, oh well, the ’10 eagles are back! Go Andy and Marty! (I mean it, really guys, go please, it isn’t working anymore.)

    • xlGmanlx

      agreed, Marty has to go, and I would say that Reid has to go as well because he has proven he can’t hold Marty accountable.

      • I am a big Reid supporter. However the time has come. Lately the game planning has been horrible. It seems to me Andy is grieving his son and, his head is not into game planning.

        • JofreyRice

          I mean, it’s only natural. Who could blame the guy? How long has he had to even reflect on it all? I don’t know if it’s the cause of all the problems–a lot of this has appeared in previous years–but as a father, the way he’s handled this situation is literally unfathomable to me.

          • I totally agree with you. I don’t know that I would be ready to commit to much after such a tragedy as loosing a child.

          • daveH

            ill bet anyone a pizza that IF Jeffey were to finally dump him he signs a deal with another team very quickly. he WONT miss a paycheck. and i think thats part of his problem. if he IS burnt out he shouldnt do it on our time and make a city live in his sh!t with him. especailyl when he sh!ts on us in press cnferences > acting like very questionis dumb because the answers are sofa king obvious ..

    • Johngiam

      Enough with the parrots that repeat the same line, run the ball every single week. The one time they didn’t need to run the ball was yesterday. How could they? They were dominated at the line of scrimmage. Shady had no room to do anything, and he was taking a beating…..had shady ran five more times yesterday we would have lost him for the season. The run game wasn’t the problem yesterday, the problem was gettin away from the success u had in the second half and reverting back to the seven step drops late in thegame when Vick was gettin hit on three step drops.

      I’m gonna tell you all you need to know about yesterday. Detroit picked on Hughes and colt….but there corner was the worse corner on the field. Y we didn’t pick on him til they found a way to stop it tells you all ou need to know

  • Ash

    What do you get when you have a QB who’s a coach killer and a head coach who’s seemingly bent on being a QB killer? The 2012 Eagles. This team is so uninspiring…

  • How do you allow the Tight End to get behind you? This looked like the Pittsburgh loss. Nobody on Defense can make a play when one is needed. Detroit is one of the worse run defenses in the league, but their defensive line mauled the Eagles Offensive line today. Flat out whipped them like a Father whipping his wayward son.

    • Johngia

      How do u let Brandon Hughes guard an ancient te, when Kendrick’s has been fine all year? How do you take Nandi offcalvin when he was having the best game of his eagle career? How are u 20million und the freakin cap, yet your plan b is colt and Hughes? We just extended Hughes contract last week as if he waste air apparent o Nandi…. The defenders Whittaker the most heat Dameco, n Nmandi were theonlyones who showed up to play on defense. Bain n cole Are old

  • Chali

    Marty Moronwheg needs to be put on a huge spotlight for this… How many times will he be allowed to get away with this? He is simply INEPT… An Invalid! He is getting away with murder… He needs to be drilled with questions as to why he consistantly proves he’s single handedly driving this team into the ground. It is a trickle down effect.. We seen Vick with a balanced gameplan have no turnovers.. Balanced Playcalling –> Better Blocking –> Better Vick.

    • lark

      Why Chali, don’t you know that running 8 plays wide that lose 4-5 yards per attempt is just a way to get to call a big pass play, you know 2nd and 15, 3rd and 20?

  • Lark

    What is the mystery? Another Juan_aster – he was, at best, an average o-line coach and all of a sudden he’s a defensive genius? Will get outcoached by experienced O-Coordinators all day long… AR will never admit a mistake, and this is one that will take him down…. hopefully sooner rather than later. Thanks for ride AR but is time to move on.