Michael Vick Admits To Owning A Dog

Michael Vick acknowledged that he does in fact own a dog through a statement Thursday, though the word “dog” was noticeably absent.

“I understand the strong emotions by some people about our family’s decision to care for a pet,” said Vick.  “As a father, it is important to make sure my children develop a healthy relationship with animals. I want to ensure that my children establish a loving bond and treat all of God’s creatures with kindness and respect. Our pet is well cared for and loved as a member of our family. This is an opportunity to break the cycle. To that end, I will continue to honor my commitment to animal welfare and be an instrument of positive change.”

Vick declined comment Wednesday when the subject was broached.

“I’m here to strictly talk about football,” said Vick. “What goes on in my personal life is not to be talked about. What’s most important right now is the Philadelphia Eagles and getting a win this Sunday.”

As detailed by Crossing Broad, Vick tweeted a picture  last week that showed a box of dog biscuits on the table where he and his daughter were sitting.

Vick was released from prison in May of 2009 after serving 19 months for his involvement in a dogfighting ring. He served another two months of home confinement and remained on probation until July of this year.  He was unable to own a dog under the terms of the probation, but is free to do so now.

Vick expressed his desire to own a dog back in December of 2010.

“I think just to have a pet in my household and to show people that I genuinely care, and my love and my passion for animals; I think it would be outstanding,” Vick said. “If I ever have the opportunity again I will never take it for granted.

“I miss having a dog right now. I wish I could. My daughters miss having one, and that’s the hardest thing: Telling them that we can’t have one because of my actions.”

The Humane Society of the United States declined comment.

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  • ill

    Anyone who has heard Vick speak knows there is no way in hell he made those statements. They sound way too literate.

    • The Truth

      Man this guy is so cool because he can say something racist. -1 point for hope in humanity

  • deal with it

  • erik

    Has anyone asked Martha Stewart if she is buying stocks? Because this topic is equally as assinie as asking or needing to know if Mike Vick owns a dog..

  • erik

    Has anyone asked Martha Stewart if she is buying stocks? Because this topic is equally as asinine as asking or needing to know if Mike Vick owns a dog..

    • kyle


    • Pame’Lia

      you got THAT RIGHT!…..tell ’em!….

    • Marray

      I agree with you, You said it well…


    He says a “pet.” Not necessarily a dog.

  • angelxoxbaby

    Michael Vick should never be able to own a dog, or any other animal, ever again. You have to be a special kind of crazy to hurt an animal, child, or elder person. What a disgrace and what a bad decision Philadelphia made hiring him.

    • ?

      you just said the Eagles “Hired” him, in a sense they did, but what a stupid football illiterate thing to say

    • The Truth

      LOL! “xoxbaby” you sound like a legitimately intelligent person with that username

    • Anonymous

      You r absolutely ridiculous!!!! Vick wasn’t the person ACTUALLY sending the dogs in the ring!!! He backed it financially!!! Where r you from?? B/C where I come from what he did brings in alot of money and I’m not saying that he was right, in fact he was dead wrong. However, money can make ppl make STUPID AND IRRATIONAL DECISIONS!!! I believe he has learned from his mistakes and if he wants to own a dog then he can get a dog!!!! Who the hell are you do decide what someone else can or cannot have???? Your a nobody so stay that way and quit worrying about OTHER PPL’S LIVES!!!! I’m sure you probably have plenty to worry about in your own life!!!

      • Tommy

        And I believe you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! Wake up! HE KILLED THE DOGS WITH HIS BARE HANDS BY DROWNING AND ELECTROCUTING THEM!

    • Justin

      People can change. He served his time and paid his debt back to society. In my opinion he paid to much of a debt

      • fiona64

        No, he didn’t. See above. He did not spend a single day in jail on animal cruelty charges. It was all on RICO charges, due to a plea bargain.

        • The Truth

          Category 2

          • fiona64

            No, sweetie. It’s the *truth.* Not one day spent in jail on animal cruelty charges. http://hosted.ap.org/specials/interactives/_documents/vick_plea_agreement.pdf. You’re welcome.

          • FMWarner

            It doesn’t matter what the specific charge was that he served jail time for. He was found guilty of a crime that can only be committed by one engaged in dogfighting, and his sentence was informed by the entirety of his crimes. It’s not like the court didn’t know he tortured animals and forgot to try him on it. He was given a sentence and he fulfilled it. The details of the charge and the plea agreement are nothing but window dressing. It’s a pedantic argument.

      • You’ve got to be kidding me!!!! He got off with a slap on the wrist for gambling. He never paid his debt for animal abuse….HE electrocuted dogs, drowned dogs!

        • The Truth

          Category 2

      • The Truth

        There are two types of people who ruin the Internet. 1) is 12 year olds and their ignorant comments. 2) is housewives and their ignorant comments. Guess which category the last two comments came from?

    • You have to be a special kind of Crazy to Hurt People in general, we eat and hunt animals, not dogs in particular, but dont make it seem like an animal abuser is worse than an abuser of people, its not, if you want to argue the point lets get Gods opinion on it, since thats the only one that counts anyway.

      • AFM

        Shut up you religious kook this has nothing to do with religion, if it did and he was religious then he would say a few prayers and be forgiven. Thankfully it’s not and he re paid his debt and hopefully learned his lesson.

        • Thats your problem you dont know how to forgive or love, but if you make bad choices, you want to cry for forgiveness but dont want to offer it, and yes EVERYTHING STARTS and ENDS with GOD, EVERYTHING. Yes God forgives EVERYONE who seeks it genuinely, even YOU when you sin, but people should have to pay the price for their mistakes, and Vick has done that.

        • Yeah a kook wants to promote love and forgiveness over your evil and anger, obviously youre the one with the problem.

    • Marray

      How many times can this man apologize , it is his right to own whatever he wishes, he had paid his debt. It is a shame that people( not me) value animals more than people, I am talking black and minorities, we treat animals better, then you would treat a black person, It Mick Vick had been white the sentence would not have been 19 months, In Rochester, NY, back I want to say in the late seventies or earlier eighties a man shot, that shot.a dog so that he could paint a picture of the dying dog, did he go to jail…
      hell no, ( White), now if I am right he has a studio… So it you an animal lover and you love your dog, cat whatever, than very good I own 2 dogs, but I am not condimming MV, , the fought Blacks remember Mandingo, no one went to jail for that..and he was human, …….

  • fiona64

    You know, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as he has owned parrots in the past, there was clearly a parrot cage in the background of the photo that has provoked all of these questions/discussions, and many large birds like dog treats. However, the fact of the matter, admitted to by Vick himself, is that he used the last family dog as bait for his dogfighting ring. He did not spend one single, solitary day in jail on animal cruelty charges; it was all plea-bargained down to RICO charges. If the plea bargain had not been successful, he would *still* be in jail. He also said that the only thing he regrets is how long a time he spent in jail. Not one word of remorse or concern for the animals he viciously beat, electrocuted, drowned or sent to their deaths.

    Animal cruelty isn’t something you do, it’s who you *are.* This pathetic excuse for a human being should not be allowed to have a *goldfish,* let alone a parrot, dog, cat, etc.

    • He may have plea bargained, but he also has spent more time in jail ever than anyone who has been convicted of animal abuse so your point is moot. Only reason he would have gotten longer was to make an example of him. Bad choices dont define who you are forever, everyone can change EVERYONE, open a Bible and learn real Love, Forgiveness, and Redemption.

      • AFM

        Everyone can change everyone?! What is this non sensical magic you speak of? You do not need a bible for love and forgiveness, this is football not church.

        • “CAN” Change doesnt mean everyone will, but until you see any different from him then you can offer an opinion, REAL LOVE comes from GOD, thats why YOU PEOPLE have a problem with forgiveness, and you dont have to go to a church building, to understand the LOVE we need to show to each other, open your Bible and learn how to treat each other, even the ones who have made BAD CHOICES. You will feel better about yourself, if you cant understand that then i will pray for YOU.

        • Fighting dogs and abusing them is not football, neither is unforgiveness, so it shows you really dont know what GODS LOVE is. Hope you dont ever need a second chance in life, how you judge is how youre gonna be judged.

      • Pame’Lia

        SPEAK OUT!!!!!!……you telling the TRUTH!!!!…

      • fiona64

        Wrong, on so many counts. Not the least of which is that, as previously stated, he did not spend ONE DAY in jail for animal abuse, because that was not what he plead to. For crying out loud, read the damn case: http://hosted.ap.org/specials/interactives/_documents/vick_plea_agreement.pdf. In order to *change,* you must first have remorse. Vick has none. Stop preaching and learn how to *read.*

  • lauren

    people like him dont change, he’s talking about showing his daughter how to treat animals in a humane way, bull and he DID torture his OWN family pets, so dont give me `he only backed it financially` if your going to make a statement try getting your fact right.

    • That means you never changed from the bad things youve done in your life. Not everyone will change but until you see that he hasnt, take him at his word, isnt that how you want to be treated?

    • Fighting dogs are not pets. he wasn’t even there but one day a week . Let’s not judge one sin more than another

  • Relax people. Where Vick is from in Virginia, most kids by the time they are 10 know how to trap, kill and skin animals. Where do you think your selection of meats come from in groceries freezers where you live?

    Dogs maybe, but Horses are part of that selection you pick from depending on the State you live.

  • Tom

    Look I am a dog owner and personal was disappointed when this all went down. But he has paid for his crimes and deserves to have a second chance. How people judge him without meeting the man is beyond me.

  • What Would Saracen Do?

    I’m going to clarify my statement by first saying that I am a dog lover. I’ve owned dogs in the past, and currently take care of my friend’s dog while she is away. I think what Vick did to those dogs was abhorrent.

    But some of the comments on this thread boggle my mind. “People like him don’t change.” “Animal cruelty isn’t something you do, it’s who you *are.*” There is no evidence supporting these statements. They’re emotion-laden opinions traipsing as facts.

    Anyone can change their behaviors. This is shown in the literature, but since this is a football blog, I’ll leave the academic stuff out of it for now. On a personal level though, If you look at your own lives i’m sure you can find plenty of instances where you did or believed something until you were shown to be wrong, and changed as a result. That’s why humans have persisted for so long. We change and adapt.

    If you don’t want to forgive him for his crimes, then go ahead and hold your grudge. But don’t go convicting him of crimes he hasn’t committed yet.

  • Kimbafuzz

    Is this why he’s fumbling? Otherwise, I don’t care.

    • narkose

      Why is he fumbling? Because he gets tired of throwing interceptions.

  • Ditka63

    What kind of dog is it? It matters. Is it a Rotwiler or a French Poodle? Big difference.

  • Jack

    Why is this a topic?

  • Jack

    Also the HSUS can pound sand with PETA, they are both financial scams that play on peoples feelings

  • kyle

    Can’t believe this is on bleacher report on a friday afternoon.. sad.. bleacher report will do anything to talk bad on mike vick. No matter what day of week.

  • kyle

    I mean are we running out of good questions to ask? Can we talk football? The man has paid people still love to hate him. So, I ask why bring this up? If you can’t ask football questions then why interview him? I am just sick, it’s not enough to bash him about his on field play now we are talking about a dog?…

  • Sol

    Whenever I read about Vick’s 19-month prison sentence it really pisses me off. How much prison time have greedy Wall Street executives who cheated millions of people out of their money and nearly collapsed the global economy done? None. I’m not saying Vick didn’t deserve to be punished for what he did, but relative to other crimes being committed and going unpunished, 19 months is a lot. He’s done his time, he’s given me absolutely no reason to believe that he would ever do it again (to the contrary, he seems like a genuinely humbled and rehabilitated individual), and we need to let this crap go. Do they bring up Clinton’s perjury and extra-marital affairs every time he does an interview (for example)? No. So just drop it already.

  • Brian S.

    I hate what he did to the pit bulls. Beyond that, I truly believe that the Vick household pooch is probably among the safest dogs in America. Vick will be crucified if that dog develops as much as a limp. Plus, I hope he pulled a mutt off some county shelter’s kill list. I’m just looking at it as another pet saved at this point.

  • Bid D

    I agree 100% with Sol

  • Adam L.

    Mike Vick wants a dog. And somewhere Jerry Sandusky wants a day care center.

    • The Truth

      And you want your hair back. God, people get on the case of the younger generation, but it’s ignorant idiots like this that breed stupid people