Vick’s Take On the Game-Changing Fumble

Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick.There were plenty of miscues for the Eagles in their 27-6 loss to the Cardinals, but the game-changer was aMichael Vickfumble at the end of the first that was returned 93 yards for a touchdown.

Down 17-0, the Eagles set up at the Cardinals’ 1-yard-line, facing a 3rd-and-goal with six seconds left before halftime.Andy Reiddecided to trust his quarterback and run one final play. The thought process was simple: Get rid of the ball quickly, even if there’s no one open. Worst-case scenario, kick the field goal and go into the half down 17-3.

Obviously, the worst-case scenario turned out to be quite different. Safety Kerry Rhodes blitzed Vick from his front side, sacked him and forced a fumble, which James Sanders returned for the score, putting the Cardinals up, 24-0.

“It was a situation where I should have been looking to get the ball out of my hands if things weren’t there,” Vick said. “I tried to hold on to it, make a play and just took a hit.”

The Cardinals showed six defenders at the line of scrimmage on the play. The Eagles had three receivers split out wide. Brent Celek started on the line outside Todd Herremans. And LeSean McCoy was directly behind Vick.

Vick took the snap, took a three-step drop and got crushed. McCoy moved to his right, looking for a defender to block. Rhodes came unblocked from the other side.

“I knew he was coming and was just hoping that the back would pick him up, but still trying to make a play,” Vick said. “That’s my responsibility. I’ve got to get that taken care of in the protection schemes, especially with a new center, and just got to play better.”

It’s difficult to say without knowing what the protection call was for McCoy who exactly was at fault. Vick said he knew Rhodes was coming, but watching the replay, it’s clear he thought the Eagles had the safety blocked.

Overall, it was another tough outing against the Cardinals for Vick. He completed just 17 of 37 passes for 217 yards and lost a pair of fumbles. There were several issues with protection, but even when Vick had time, he either couldn’t find a receiver or was hesitant to pull the trigger.

“They played some good coverage,” Vick said. “They played a lot of zone, did some good things on the back end and took away our deep threat. I give a lot of credit to them. They played a great game, and they beat us.”

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  • daveH

    there is no chance in hello that the eagles keep vick next year ..purely their template for aged 33 and for cap management … i love vick but hate hate HATE his stubborn ways / super jealous of his skills that he takes for granted and has never worked on … he’ll be QB’ing elsewhere soon or backing up for alot less

  • glengarryglenross

    I hate Vick and his stubborn ways. We arent winning with his stupid style of Turnover QBing

  • Zivetor

    Vick isn’t a good QB. There are at least 20 maybe even 25 starting who are better than him. We as Eagle fans are delusional if we think Vick will get us to the playoffs let alone win a Superbowl.

  • saunhi

    It has been stated many times that Vick is not calling the plays (Marty is and very badly). The offensive line was thoroughly intimidated this week. No QB would stand a chance with so many UNBLOCKED defenders.

  • Guest

    Yeah, I remember saying all during the “dump Mcnabb, he sucks” that he always took care of the ball. We wanted this, we got it. In fairness, I think Vick is 3rd in line behind Marty & Andy.

  • JamesDDl

    AR was right – they were badly beaten by a better team in all three phases. The scary part is that he will no doubt think he can “fix” all of the issues – they can’t. Start with the game plan then go on to discipline, organization and communication – all were bad. Unfortunately AR and MM have been largely successful in converting MV to a very mediocre pocket passer – effectively eliminating his greatest strength – his running ability. This offense as it’s currently set-up will not scare any team with a solid defense.

  • Zivetor

    I want to see Foles play. Vick is too old and complacent. His competitive edge has diminished. Foles would allow us to look forward and know what we have at the QB position, because it is very apparent to me that Vick isn’t even going to win a playoff game, unless we see someone like the Seahawks in the first round.

  • Kimbafuzz

    The first problem is NOT Vick. Dude got hit like 21 times yesterday, and I don’t think the majority of those were his fault. The first issue is with the play-calling. 5 rush attempts in the FIRST HALF??!! Last night, the Ravens passing offense was struggling the first 2 drives. They were 3 and outs. So what did the Ravens do? Turn to Ray Rice and used HIM to set up the pass. That’s GOOD coaching. That’s called making the adjustment on the fly. Andy and Marty did not do that. They REFUSED to do that. We can talk about Vick’s fumble on the scramble, but the fumble at the goal line was not his fault.

    • barry_nic

      Really, a DB not covering anyone sneeking up to the line of scrimmage from his front side, and not recognising it is not his fault.
      Pardon the double negative.

  • barry_nic

    So Vick is not allowed to change the play at the line of scrimmage? I know that MM called a TERRIBLE game. But one look at Vick’s stats, and the story ends there. Again Andy and Marty are NOT able to change their game plan to suit game time situations. Vick is not a QB for this system because he cannot read a defensive alignment and change the play or formation and run the ball. He had McCoy right next to him, he can’t do it. Pulling the ball down and running around is not moving well in the pocket. Brady, the Mannings, Rothlesberger, Rogers and Brees can make a subtle move and get a pass off. This guy panics because he doesn’t seem to know what’s coming. Marty and Andy have totally dropped the ball in this game, but stop appologising for this guy. Read Shiel’s “What they’re saying” column and see what they say.

  • wow how fickle philly fans If Vick was toasting everyone like he di 2 years ago no one would be saying nothin. problem is OC coaching an not game planning around Vicks talents like they are doing with RG III. Trying to make Vick into a pocket passer is not the way to go. When Steve Young won the SB it was because they allowed him to do what comes naturally to him. Vick is to concerned with trying to play “whitey” ball instead of playing with his natural skill set. The man has a cannon for an arm and is still one of the fastest if not the fastes QB in the NFL. so give him plays that take advantage of these skills and stop trying to turn him into PEyton or Tommy Brady. ITs not that Vick cannot read the defense its simply that he is not being given plays that work with his skill sets. his audibling at the line may not be proper with the personell he has on the field so he has the choice of running the play or taking a time out. he doesnt have unlimited time outs, therefore you see him running the plays. what you dont see is the checkdowns and audibles that he is barking to his team mates, it is their job to execute and pick up the blitzs, the goaline sack was obviously the RB fault. he took off on the weak side of the field when it was obvious where the protection neeeded to be. Not only that Kevin Kold knows the Eagles playbooka nd dont think for a second he hasnt shared it with the Cardinals defense. . watching the game it almost looked like their defense was in the eagles offensive huddle at times. Andy Ried needs to change the playbook and let Vick off the DOG-CHAIN…!