Vest CEO Guarantees Vick Won’t Get Hurt

If you were looking for the one person who isn’t concerned about Michael Vick getting hurt this season, I think I’ve found him.

Rob Vito, CEO of Unequal Technologies, the company that has produced a custom-fit Kevlar vest for the Eagles quarterback to wear during games, thinks Vick will be just fine.

“I guarantee he will not get hurt,” Vito told Darren Rovell of

Vick has an endorsement deal with Unequal Technologies, but he wasn’t wearing the company’s gear in the second preseason game against New England, when he suffered bruised ribs and was knocked out of the game on the sixth offensive play from scrimmage.

“What Michael is wearing was born on the battlefield and forged on the gridiron,” Vito said.

Vick, meanwhile, talked about the new protection yesterday and said it won’t slow him down.

“You can barely feel them,” he said. “The way we get them fitted, the type of material that they have nowadays can withstand a lot of impact. It’s just that the last one wasn’t protecting me in a certain area so we’re going to try to cover up all areas.”

Andy Reid, on the other hand, said the protection had little to do with the rib injury Vick sustained in the second preseason game against the Patriots.

“It’s a Kevlar vest. It’s the latest, greatest. It’s supposedly…the best,” Reid said. “That’s what I can tell you. They’re not quite as cumbersome as the other ones, will still protect him. He took a good shot. It wasn’t a matter of what he had on. He took a pretty good shot back there.”

Vick broke two ribs last November against the Cardinals. And he also suffered a rib injury in 2010 against the Redskins.

The Eagles quarterback said he’s feeling better and is on schedule to play Week 1 against the Browns.

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  • What Would Saracen Do?

    Did Vito convince Vick to slide feet first?

    • CaptBenLWillard

      I don’t think anyone can/will.

      • ICDogg

        Yeah… I don’t know why he’s got a problem with that. Even I can do that and I totally suck as an athlete.

        • What Would Saracen Do?

          He’s always trying to keep the play alive and get that extra yard, which is admirable to an extent. But he has to realize that trading 1 extra yard for exposure to potentially devastating hits is a pyrrhic victory at best. We need him to play at his best over the course of an entire season, and to do that he needs to be healthy. It is a difficult instinct to condition yourself out of, but he’s been in the league long enough to know that defensive players are always gunning to get a hit on the QB. Hopefully this vest helps keep him healthy.

          • Myke Lowery

            So why does djax so easily shield himself from getting blown up last year when he wanted to get paid? He made the simple conscious decision to avoid injury. Mike keeps saying he’s going to do the same yet still we are all left to hold our breath with each snap he takes

          • What Would Saracen Do?

            Oh, I’m right there with you. After so many years and so many hits, you’d think he would have conditioned himself to duck out of bounds or slide instead of diving headfirst into linebackers. I was trying to explain his potential rationale, but that still doesn’t make it good for him or good for the Eagles.

  • CaptBenLWillard

    Why does EVERYONE want to jinx us all of a sudden?

  • limodriver27

    If he’s got the endorsement and full cooperation for a custom fit vest yet wasn’t wearing it in Pats game then what did he think was going to protect him from a shot to the ribs? Sheesh..lead a horse to water but you are can’t make him drink. Use some common sense, Mike. Same with don’t respond do us any good hurt on the sidelines. #isthisouryear?

    • ICDogg

      He was wearing a lighter weight vest that didn’t have as much coverage. Bad choice, but if he was testing out a vest like that better that he learn his lesson in preseason where it doesn’t mean anything that he misses a practice game.

  • limodriver27

    Drop *respond* from last sucks

  • xlGmanlx

    “What Michael is wearing was born on the battlefield and forged on the gridiron,”- what a putz, nothing more than cashing in on the free pub and trying to get his product out there. Exactly what you expect a CEO to do, but save the terrible war/sports analogies, they are insulting to both.

  • aub32

    If this doesnt work they should send him out there wearing a breastplate

    • ICDogg

      I think they should use those whoopee cushions that have sponges in them so they reinflate themselves after being compressed. Not only would they protect the chest but they would make a great noise on impact. :)

  • Gobirds

    Sheil and Tim can’t you clarify what Vick was wearing if anything. Sounds like a bunch of BS because the stories don’t hold water. If Vick were endorsing Unequal products, wouldn’t he be wearing them. If they weren’t protecting his ribs, what were they protecting? Why can’t simple questioned be asked and answered with clear answers, Mr Reid? , Mr Vito?

    Of course the protective equipment had little to do with the injury if he was not wearing. STUPID!!!!

  • Myke Lowery

    They also said the Titanic was unsinkable

  • professor619

    I don’t get why people are so critical about vick extending the play when big ben is the same way… he extends the play and no one criticizes him but when vick tries to extend the play he gets criticized for it

    • Myke Lowery

      Because big Ben doesn’t get hurt at the same rate and has been to a FEW super bowls.

    • Gobirds

      BigBen get it. 6’5″ 250, not 5’10″ 180. Not only was he to a few SBs he won and was MVP. off the field I think he is a low life bit a great competitor, QB and winner.