Charges Against Dion Lewis Dropped

The charges against Eagles running back Dion Lewis have been dropped by the prosecution, according to his agent.

Lewis was charged with a felony count of falsely reporting a fire after allegedly  pulling a fire alarm in an Albany hotel.

The Pitt product is penciled in as the No.2 back behind LeSean McCoy, but could very well be erased if either of the rookies, Chris Polk or Bryce Brown, realize their potential. A couple offensive coaches weighed in on Brown today.

  • Good Lookin ouT

    I just watched the tape of the incident in Albany and listened to the 911 call, I don’t think this incident is over by a long shot. It’s not justice to put Dion on probation.

    This nonsense looks like trumped up charges to justify the use of force against guest locked out of the hotel lobby