Eagles Notes: Eric Rowe On Chip Kelly

Photo By Jeff Fusco

Photo By Jeff Fusco

Yesterday, Eagles second-round pick Eric Rowe joined the 97.5 morning show to talk about his first impressions of the city, the fans and, most importantly Chip Kelly. During his introductory press conference, Rowe explained how he was intimidated by Kelly when they first met at the Senior Bowl, but after being drafted by the team, Kelly was much more friendly to the rookie defensive back.

Rowe elaborated on what it was like in that meeting room.

“[Kelly] wasn’t doing anything, he just had his arms crossed,” Rowe said. “He didn’t ask any of the questions. Everything I would say, he was jotting it down. It was just really intimidating.

“When I left the room, I was just like, ‘man, that was tough.’ They were asking me questions left and right.”

But what kind kind of questions were the Eagles asking Rowe? Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: On Matt Barkley’s Future

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Today’s question comes from Mike in the Northeast:


What have you heard about Matt Barkley?

What does he not do well that makes him a complete afterthought and constant cut rumor?

The only time Chip has said anything publicly, he gave him the highest praise after his rookie season, saying he did everything they asked him to do. Have you seen or heard anything concrete?

I would think with his pedigree and former top-10 pick status before his senior year injury that he would at the least be a viable candidate to compete vs. Sanchez for the #2 job.


This is one of those “actions speak louder than words” situations, Mike. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Reduced Role For Cooper?

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Let’s get to this morning’s question:

Financially, it doesn’t make any  sense to move on from Riley Cooper this year. His $4 million salary is now fully guaranteed — $3 million of that was already locked in, and the rest became guaranteed on the fifth day of the league year — so the Eagles might as well try to get some kind of bang for their buck.

What we could see is a reduced role for the five-year vet depending in part on how the young core develops. Read more »

Wake-Up Call: The Eagles And SPARQ

Brendan Maloney / USA TODAY Sports

Brendan Maloney / USA TODAY Sports

Today’s question comes from reader Jeremy:

For those unfamiliar, SPARQ is a metric used to measure speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness. In other words, a prospect’s athleticism. Zach Whitman has more background on his Web site.

Long story short, SPARQ was created by Nike, and the Seahawks were involved in its development. The details of the formula are no longer public, but Whitman used existing data and information to approximate it. It’s not exact, but he calls his version pSPARQ. Read more »

Depth Chart Projection: Eagles Offense

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

The Eagles begin OTAs a week from today at the NovaCare Complex, so now seems like a good time to take a look at their depth chart.

We’ll do the offense today and the defense tomorrow. Before the big unveil, a few notes:

  • This is a beginning depth chart, not necessarily what I expect it to look like in early September.
  • Having said that, for the purpose of this exercise, we’ll assume that every player is healthy and in attendance.
  • Below the actual depth chart are position-by-position breakdowns. More than anything, this is meant to provide an overall look at where the roster stands, but there’s no harm in guessing where things might be headed in the coming months.

Without further ado… Read more »

What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Photo By Jeff Fusco

Photo By Jeff Fusco

Here is what the national media have to say about the Eagles this week.

Dan Hanzus of NFL.com named Nelson Agholor as a prime candidate to be the top rookie receiver in 2015:

This is all about location, location, location. Guys like Amari Cooper and Kevin White might end up having better careers, but USC wideout Nelson Agholor has the best chance to make an immediate splash. A polished route-runner with serious YAC ability, Agholor is a perfect fit for a Chip Kelly offense that’s thin at wide receiver after Jeremy Maclin defected for Kansas City in free agency. Agholor’s pro-ready tools should allow him to see the field quickly, and Kelly’s high-volume approach will put Agholor in a great position to dwarf the production of some of his first-round contemporaries. Jordan Matthews dropped a 67/872/8 as a rookie in Philly’s scheme last year. Agholor can be even better.

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Eagles Wake Up Call: Is A Bradford Extension Realistic?

Rick Osentoski / USA TODAY Sports

Rick Osentoski / USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get to today’s question:

Shortly after the Eagles acquired Sam Bradford,  a report surfaced that they were attempting to rework/extend the quarterback’s deal. Chip Kelly recently acknowledged that the two sides have had contract talks. Safe to say there is interest on the team’s side to get something done.

And Bradford wants to be here by all accounts. His camp did its part to try and prevent a draft-day trade by getting the message out that he would only sign a contract extension in Philly. He has landed in a quarterback-friendly system that has some similarities to the 0ne he excelled in at Oklahoma, and believes he has a real chance to resurrect his career under Kelly and his former coach, Pat Shurmur.

There is mutual interest, so an extension can’t be ruled out. The challenge is finding a contract that makes sense for both sides.
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