Who Picked The Eagles: Week 12

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

The Eagles play the Lions in Detroit at 12:30, just in time to ruin your appetite for Thanksgiving dinner.

Here’s how a sampling of local and national media think the game will play out.

Birds 24/7 Picks

Both Tim and Josh are picking the Lions this week in an effort to right their season records. Check out the latest episode of Press Coverage for their full thoughts on the Thursday throw down, as well as Chip Kelly’s sinking ship.

National Writer Predictions

FOX Sports’ Pete Schrager isn’t buying Chip Kelly’s tactics any longer. He picks the Lions, 31-23, over the Birds on Thanksgiving. Read more »

Eagles Could Face Rams In London In 2016

Photo By Jeff Fusco

Photo By Jeff Fusco

The NFL announced its slate for the 2016 iteration of the International Series in London on Wednesday, and it appears the Eagles might be ticketed for a matchup across the pond next season.

Early rumblings projected the Eagles to face off against the Bengals, but instead Washington will be facing Cincinnati in London in Week 4. The other concrete matchup pits the Colts against the Jaguars in an AFC South in Week 8.

For the third game, the St. Louis Rams have been established as half of the matchup in Week 7, on October 23.

As for the other half of the game, the NFL’s official release simply says “NFC East opponent” rather than specifying which team — the Eagles, Cowboys, or Giants — will be playing because it’s still up for grabs.

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All-22: Sanchez’s Interceptions, Receiver Rotation

Mark Sanchez. (Jeff Fusco)

Mark Sanchez. (Jeff Fusco)

It felt like the aftermath of the Dallas game all over again. Lavonte David, who had just intercepted Mark Sanchez twice on Sunday, explained that his pick-six was a result of the Eagles predictability problem.

“It was just play recognition,” David told NJ Advance Media in the Buccaneers locker room. “I knew exactly what they wanted to do. It’s the same thing they were doing all game. I knew that on the drive before they were hitting us a lot with screen passes. So, knowing that, all I needed to do was read and react.

“When I saw the alignment coming out … [Darren] Sproles came out earlier and the alignment came out after. I was able to get a beat on the ball and was able to jump the route.” Read more »

Eagles All-22 Wake-Up Call: Declining Defense

Billy Davis. (Jeff Fusco)

Billy Davis. (Jeff Fusco)

Surrounded by a horde of reporters in the Eagles locker room, Billy Davis took full responsibility. Just minutes prior, his defense allowed 45 points and 521 total yards to a previously below-.500 Buccaneers team.

Tampa Bay broke several records at The Linc, including the franchise mark for number of players (five) to catch a touchdown pass. They also became the first road team in NFL history to have a quarterback throw five touchdown passes and a running back to rush for at least 200 yards.

“I didn’t see this one coming,” Davis said. “We didn’t do anything well today starting with coaching. We didn’t stop the run and we gave up five touchdown passes. There are no excuses for anybody. It was an awful day.” Read more »

‘As Far As I Know, It’s Mark’

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Straight answers were a little hard to come by in respect to the quarterback situation Tuesday.

Pat Shurmur said that he really didn’t know who would start against the Lions —  stating that it came down to health — and that he was sure Chip Kelly would provide reporters with an update when available. That drew laughs from some members of the assembled media, who won’t meet with Kelly again this week and probably wouldn’t be given the answer even if they did.

Lane Johnson,  a de facto team spokesman of sorts, offered a bit more. Read more »

Johnson: Eagles Don’t Have Home Field Advantage

Lane Johnson. (Jeff Fusco)

Lane Johnson. (Jeff Fusco)

During the Eagles’ 45-17 loss against the Buccaneers on Sunday, Lane Johnson heard the boos and criticisms from fans at The Linc. When asked about it today after practice, he said fans don’t give the Eagles much of a home field advantage.

“If we get down by any significant amount of points or we don’t make any first downs, we’re going to get booed,” Johnson told Birds 24/7. “That’s just kind of how it is. It’s not really home field advantage playing here anymore. Really, that’s the truth. Cats here, they really don’t care.” Read more »

Press Coverage, Ep. 11: Where Does Chip Stand?

In the latest episode of Press Coverage, Tim and Josh hone in on Chip Kelly’s status after two and a half years, and, more recently, a pair of disheartening home defeats.

They also offer up their Thanksgiving day predictions for an Eagles team limping into Detroit.

What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly. (Jeff Fusco)

With a 45-17 loss to an average opponent comes a certain degree of scrutiny, and that much has been felt at the NovaCare Complex in the wake of the Eagles’ biggest loss of the season.

Here’s what’s being said about the Birds, locally and nationally, including players questioning their teammates’ effort, and the fast-heating seat upon which Chip Kelly sits.

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