Eagles Wake-Up Call: 53-Man Roster Projection

Photo by Jeff Fusco.

Photo by Jeff Fusco.

Not sure how we let the rookie win last year. Josh not only bested me but every other beat out there in his Eagles 53-man projection for 2015. As Mr. Miyagi once said, beginner luck. Guess I have to start taking this thing a bit more seriously, so let’s get the training going a little early this season. Here’s my first stab at it. If you’re so inclined, Paunil put his projection out last week. Read more »

Eagles And the RFID Movement

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports.

A conversation about Howie Roseman’s power took a left turn. Speaking to reporters at the owners meetings back in March, Jeffrey Lurie used a question about Roseman’s rank to touch on a subject that must have been top of mind — RFID and the surge of Next Gen stats that are altering the NFL landscape.

“When you’re talking about the NFL today and football operations, it’s really a very fast moving field if you understand where we’re at,” said Lurie in one of the grand hallways of the Boca Raton Resort. “We’re not where we were when I bought the team 20 years ago or where the league was 10 years ago. I would say if there’s two positions that have to process information and data quickly and completely, it’s quarterback and it’s head of football operations.

“Just as an example, in May, we’re going to be bombarded finally with the data from RFID. That’s going to revolutionize the sport in the long run.” Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Carson Wentz’s Weapons

Carson Wentz. (Jeff Fusco)

Carson Wentz. (Jeff Fusco)

Greg Cosell wasn’t talking about the Eagles, but he made an important point yesterday when discussing team-building and a path to success.

“When you have a young quarterback,” he said on 104-5 The Zone, “it’s very smart to keep giving him weapons. I think one mistake teams often make is they have a young quarterback and they don’t provide weapons and it’s just difficult.”

That’s not far off of what Carson Wentz is walking into. While Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman are banking on Doug Pederson’s ability to develop quarterbacks, whether the new head coach actually can remains to be seen. Wentz does have two good targets to throw to in Zach Ertz and Jordan Matthews, but he may not have much help elsewhere. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Time For A Return To the Old School

Jim Schwartz. (USA Today)

Jim Schwartz. (USA Today)

Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan didn’t always see eye-to-eye during their time together in Chicago, but on the day of Ryan’s passing, Ditka let it be known just how vital his old defensive coordinator was to that ’85 championship team.

“There’s no way the Bears win a  world championship without Buddy Ryan,” he told 97.5 the Fanatic. “I’d like to say, ‘Wow, I had a lot to [do with it].’ Listen, we had the best defense in football. And if you’re a head coach and you can’t figure out how to make your offense work if you’ve got the best defense in football, then you’re nuts. I finally figured that out.”

There’s a lesson to be pulled from that statement, about identifying your greatest strength and tailoring your approach to cater to it. Read more »

What They’re Saying About Buddy Ryan

Ryan on the sidlelines against the Chicago Bears during the 1988 NFC Divisional Playoff game at Solider Field. The Bears defeated the Eagles 20-12 in what was deemed to be the Fog Bowl. (USA Today Sports)

Ryan on the sidlelines against the Chicago Bears during the 1988 NFC Divisional Playoff game at Solider Field. (USA Today Sports)

After former Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan passed away at the age of 85, a slew of articles remembered the impact he had on the game of football and the lives he touched. Read more »

Remembering Eagles Coach Buddy Ryan

Randall Cunningham, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles talks with head coach Buddy Ryan during a light training session, Aug. 5, 1989, at London's Wembley Stadium where they will take on the Cleveland Browns for the 1989 American Bowl. (AP Photo/Gillian Allen)

Randall Cunningham, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles talks with head coach Buddy Ryan during a light training session, Aug. 5th, 1989. | Photo by Gillian Allen/AP

Buddy Ryan, the Eagles coach who built one of the greatest defenses in NFL history, has died. He was 82.

Ryan coached the Eagles for five seasons, winning one division title and making the playoffs three times. He never won a playoff game, but he is beloved in Philadelphia.

Take the Dallas Cowboys, perhaps the most hated team of Eagles fans. In 1987, with the Eagles about to win the game, Ryan faked a kneeldown and had Randall Cunningham throw a long pass downfield. On the next play, the last one of the game, the Eagles scored a meaningless touchdown to run up the score. It was in retaliation for Cowboys coach Tom Landry using players who crossed the picket line against the Eagles’ replacements earlier in the season. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Howie Roseman’s Plan

Howie Roseman. (Jeff Fusco)

Howie Roseman. (Jeff Fusco)

Since returning to his throne earlier this year, Howie Roseman has reshaped the Eagles in his vision. His desire to build around a core group of players has been well documented, and he clearly believes the team’s current path is the one that will lead them to the organization’s first Lombardi Trophy.

But the Eagles spending a lot of money in the offseason isn’t an entirely new concept. Five years after “The Dream Team” fiasco, fans still shudder at the mere mention of Vince Young’s words. More recently, the Byron Maxwell and DeMarco Murray deals serve as cautionary tales. According to Roseman, however, there’s a key difference in the Eagles’ approach, even if they have doled out hundreds of millions of dollars in guaranteed money. Read more »

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