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2013 BEST Dance-Inspired Workout

Red Hot Dance Fitness

READERS’ PICK: They don’t call it “red hot” for nothing. This Philly-born-and-raised workout is building up a cult following among the local dance-fitness set. Zumba? Please.

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2013 BEST Fun Fitness Class

Philly Dance Fitness

Multiple locations

Chuck the boring gym routine for a stint as a would-be contestant on So You Think You Can Dance. A rotation of styles (Zumba, hip-hop, jazz), taught at studios in Fairmount, Center City and South Philly, will leave your blood pumping and your body drenched. It’s also a great deal: just $10 for a drop-in… Read more »

2012 BEST Shore Workout

The Zen Den

Yoga instructor Arianne Green makes it simple to fit workouts around your sunbathing schedule: The midmorning classes are late enough that you can still sleep in, and the evening ones are early enough that you can pop in on your way to dinner. Just take a shower before hitting the town afterward—an hour in Green’s… Read more »

2012 BEST Dance Workout

Philly Dance Fitness

Multiple locations

In the middle of a Will Smith song, mid snap-and-roll, you’ll realize you haven’t sweated like this (or giggled this much) in a long, long time. Classes at Philly Dance Fitness—which cover everything from ballet to jazz to Zumba to striptease—are real workouts, but they’re also real fun. Trust us: Impact jazz will rock your… Read more »

2012 BEST Free Workouts

Classes at Athleta

1722 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

You could almost cancel your gym membership with all the free fitness options here. The schedule, which changes month to month, includes Zumba, Pilates and power yoga. Staffers push the clothing displays out of the way to turn the shop into an insta-studio. If you’re lucky, you’ll walk out with free Athleta swag, too. Read more »

2012 BEST New Workout


Getting motivated is the easiest part of this cardio/barre/Pilates combo program: All you have to do is watch gazelle-like instructor Jillian Dreusike prance around the studio and follow her lead. Perfecting the cardio sequences and mastering pliés? That’s another story. Read more »

2012 BEST Workout

Ploome’s Champagne Sundays

1040 North American Street, Suite 1001, Philadelphia, PA

A $25 pass gets you into all the classes at Christina Stoltz’s NoLibs studio that day, and it includes snacks and drinks. While her strength-focused routines are no walk in the park, the bottle of chilled bubbly she pops afterward provides its own motivation. Read more »

2011 BEST New Workout

Pure Barre

1701 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

Your thighs will tremble, your belly will scream, and your butt will burn—but those skinny jeans? They’ll fit. Read more »

2010 BEST New-Mom Fitness

Lithe Cinch

Lithe Method; see website for locations

Hoping to erase or at least shrink that post-baby bump? Head to Lithe’s Cinch class, during which haramakis (belly bands) worn around the waist help new moms focus on their core while keeping the entire midsection compressed during an hour of transformative bar and mat work. You’ll tighten, tone and slim the entire area between… Read more »

2010 BEST Workout

MasterJays Roller-Skating Dance Class

1807 Chestnut Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA

Doesn’t matter if the last time you strapped on skates you had a comb in the back pocket of your -Sergios this rollicking, glutes-firming $12 class helps you recapture the time when you actually wanted to draw attention to your butt. Read more »

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