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2017 BEST Noodle Soup

The Good Deal at Stock

Everything about this soup-focused restaurant—from the size to the decor to the menu—is intentionally pared down. It’s that way because chef-
owner Tyler Akin wants to keep it focused. Kempt. And while most of the offerings rival those of more authentic noodle shops, it’s his fiery, zingy, aromatic pho (with a surprise Thai twist) that makes Stock a must-hit destination on any noodle tour

308 East Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PAWebsite

2016 BEST Soup to Go

Bottled Gazpacho at Beefsteak

3417 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA

Gazpacho is almost always terrible. The cold soup can be made from pretty much anything (plus tomatoes) and is often the unfortunate outcome of ill-conceived experiments with leftovers and aging produce. Not the case with the incredibly light, smooth, balanced gazpacho made by famed Spanish chef José Andrés, now available in Philly (in bottles!) at… Read more »

2014 BEST Soup

Cafe Lutecia

2301 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA

Soup isn’t a last-minute dump-in-the-scraps-type deal at this charming little cafe, which is owned by a French couple. The choices are constantly rotating but always superlative, whether you get the just-a-little-spicy tomato bisque, hearty lentil or African peanut. Read more »

2010 BEST Soup

10 Arts

Broad and Chesnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA

Never has one bowl of soup so perplexed and delighted the palate as chef Jennifer Carroll’s corn chowder. It’s bursting with the sweetness of Lancaster corn but has a slightly spicy finish. (That’s from the addition of jalapeos.) It’s vegetarian but has the depth of chowder made with bacon. (That’s from the smoked sea salt.)… Read more »