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2013 BEST Old-School Pizza

Gennaro’s Tomato Pies

Go old-school with crispy New York-style pizzas to make your heart sing, probably in Italian.

1429 Jackson Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-463-5070 | Website

2013 BEST Pizza Destination

Pizza Brain

2313 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Pizza Brainis a destination. Go for the Worlds First Pizza Museum, stay for the incredible (and strange) pies. Read more »

2013 BEST Roman Pizza


1240 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA

For Roman pizza, do Bufad any pizza you have to cut with scissors is cool from the start. Read more »

2013 BEST Simple Blue-Collar Pie


501 Dekalb Street, Bridgeport, PA

Franzones does the best simple blue-collar pie: Nothing fancy just an addictive sweet sauce on one of the best non-gourmet pizzas youll find. Read more »

2013 BEST Take Out Pizza

Pizzeria Beddia

115 East Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

If youre taking out, you cant beat Pizzeria Beddia: no phone, no chairs, no slices, weird hours, and pies from pizza savant Joe Beddia, who uses nothing but the best ingredients. Read more »

2013 BEST Pizza Delivery


901 South 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA

With Santuccis delivery from Bella Vista, the pie is still steaming and the crust is still crispy upon arrival. At least one of those facts is a miracle. Read more »

2012 BEST Pizza

The Parma at Osteria

640 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA

In a city that is absolutely full of great pizzas, picking the best one shouldn’t be so easy. Except that it is when it’s this pizza-a perfectly balanced mix of sweet sauce, salty prosciutto, beautifully peppery arugula, and fontina and fresh mozzarella. Not just the best, but a best among bests. Read more »

2011 BEST Pizza

Charlie’s Pizzeria

107 West Germantown Pike, Norristown, PA

Though all the love these days goes to gourmet pies with imported toppings, Charlie’s is an archetype for the kind of place we hope never vanishes the classic American neighborhood shop serving crisp, sweet slices. Read more »

2010 BEST Pizza (Non-Gourmet)


903 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA

Some swear by the exotically topped brick-oven beauties at Frank Maimone’s Rustica, in NoLibs (cheesesteak pizza?), but the classic red adorned with Claudio’s mozzarella and a naturally sweet tomato sauce is hard to beat. Read more »

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