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Best Personal Stylist

2016 BEST Wardrobe Guidance

Kristel Closets

Sorry, Stitch Fix. This Conshy-based service is refreshingly old-school in that clients get a closet critique from a real-life style expert, followed by one-on-one shopping trips to fill holes. Stylists are also available via Skype for quick consults.

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2009 BEST Personal Stylist

Jimmy DeLaurentis

Prospect of unearthing an outfit from your stuffed-to-capacity closet make you collapse upon the duvet in a fit of fashion anguish? Enter DeLaurentis. The former Ralph Lauren-ite will help sort through the mess those 1980s palazzo pants havegot to go without making you feel bad, and leave you with numerous “new” outfits plucked from the… Read more »