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2013 BEST Karaoke

Dr. Thunder

At some point in the evening at Dr. Thunder’s karaoke events, the following three things will probably happen: Dr. Thunder will strip down to a cape and shiny shorti-shorts with DR. THUNDER emblazoned across the butt in bright green letters; someone will sing Journey; and you will put on some ridiculous outfit and wig from his huge crate of costumes. Just know that those photos Dr. Thunder is taking of you while you’re singing (read: making a fool of yourself) will wind up on Facebook the next morning. Mercifully, he rarely takes video. Find his busy schedule at

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2010 BEST Karaoke

DJ Sara Sherr

Escape frat-boy “Freebird” karaoke hell with this friendly, tattooed, pixie-haired gal of 40, who does actually have “Freebird” in her vast songbook, but also lots of B-sides, rare cuts and other music-nerd tracks. Venues include Tabu, P.O.P.E. and 12 Steps Down; connect with Sara Sherr via Read more »

2009 BEST Karaoke

Yakitori Boy

211 North 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA

True story: A certain Philly Mag writer sported a nasty bruise for a week after diving off a swank couch in one of Yakitori Boys soundproof private rooms while singing the Gorillazs Clint Eastwood. Its that kind of party here. Read more »