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2016 BEST Junk Remover

Junk Be Gone

Demolition debris. Old furniture. Yard waste. Broken computers. Dead appliances. Trash, broken crap, whatever: Junk Be Gone will pick it up, get it out, donate what they can, recycle what’s left over — and they’ll do it on a weekend, in the evening, sometimes on the same day you call. They even sweep up after they’re done.

4452 Carwithan Street, Philadelphia, PA | 800-916-3458. | Website

2009 BEST Junk Removal

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When it’s time to give up your packrat ways, they’ll be happy to clean you out. You can pick full-service removal, or load your own junk into one of their “trash pods,” which they’ll come and pick up three days later. And in the spirit of going green, they’ll recycle or donate up to 75… Read more »