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2017 BEST Red-Gravy Italian


Tiny Fey loves the pizza—for good reason—but that’s just the start of this stalwart’s appeal. The pastas are all made in-house, the escarole soup cures illness, and the meatballs are as good as any made in South Philly. It’s the plate of roasted peppers the waitress plunks down at the start of every meal, though, that entices you back again and again and again.

Multiple locations | 610-789-7770 | Website

2017 BEST New Italian Restaurant

Res Ipsa

2218 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

Three Fishtown operators—Mark Corpus and Mark Capriotti from ReAnimator Coffee and Tyler Akin of Stock—decided to open an all-day cafe in Center City, because that’s what you do in 2017. And while its daytime thing is all well and good, what really matters is what happens after dark, when it morphs into one of the… Read more »

2016 BEST New Italian Restaurant

A Mano

2244 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Townsend Wentz and his chef, Michael Millon, want people to think that A Mano is just some little neighborhood Italian restaurant. But don’t be fooled. A Mano is really a poor man’s Vetri — a place where remarkable precision and care are brought to classic Italian pastas and entrées, resulting in something uniquely modern and… Read more »

2016 BEST Reason to Venture Into Trenton

Chick & Nello’s Homestead Inn

800 Kuser Road, Trenton, Trenton, NJ

For decades, you had to rely on the waiters to recite what’s available. Now they’ve finally gotten menus, but don’t bother: We’ll just tell you that you want linguine with the "primo" sauce (a combination of pork ragu and oil-and-garlic sauces), some baked clams, an antipasti salad, and a veal chop cooked on a real… Read more »

2016 BEST Red-Gravy Italian

Bona Cucina

66 Sherbrook Boulevard, Upper Darby, PA

At this 31-year-old cash-only BYOB, charming Frankie will take your order while her husband Pat cooks in the tiny kitchen — and never emerges. Come for ravioli, shrimp scampi, red-gravy dishes, and a homemade cannoli that we’ll gladly put up against anything in the Italian Market. Read more »

2015 BEST Red-Gravy Italian Restaurant


760 South 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA

One hundred and 15 years after it moved into its current digs, Ralph’s is part restaurant, part museum, and 100 percent genuine Philly — from the red sauce to the garlic-crazy sauteed escarole. Read more »

2015 BEST New Italian Restaurant


1520 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Roasted long hots, wood-grilled artichokes, octopus salad and Portuguese sardines rise up in mounds on a bar that sets a new standard for antipasti. And that’s before you get a craft beer and a Dr. Seuss-Goes-to-Naples pizza pie this one shaped like a star, that one like a tennis racket, and all of them at… Read more »

2015 BEST Italian Restaurant

From the Boot

Locations in Lafayette Hill, Ambler, and Blue Bell

Winner of our Crowdsourced Champion online poll. Read more »

2014 BEST Meatballs

Forno Antico

417 East Main Street, Collegeville, PA

Sure, this place does great Neapolitan pizza, but these days, who doesn’t? The real draw is the amazing, juicy, saucy beef meatballs. Order them as the side dish to whatever it is you’re having. Read more »

2014 BEST Italian Restaurant


1312 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA

What’ll it take to knock Marc Vetri’s flagship out of this top spot? We don’t know maybe some sort of apocalyptic continental drift that rams Italy’s boot halfway up the Schuylkill? His new second-floor dining space only makes an experience here that much more personal. Read more »

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