Best Hoagie


Readers’ Choice: We Philadelphians should know that a good Italian hoagie should be appreciated like a fine work of art. Out tasters seriously contemplated the nuances that make a sandwich superior: capicola or presciutto? Plain or seeded bun? Oregano or vinegar? In the end, Pastificio, with tissue thin slices of four Italian meats, tangy provolone and a sprinkle of seasoning, won over the crowd.

1528 Packer Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-467-1111 | Website

2010 WINNER, Hoagie (Suburbs)

DiCostanzas Italian Sandwiches

1930 Market Street, Boothwyn, PA

It’s probably not on your beaten path, this sandwich shop with a Boothwyn address (GPS tip: actually not in Boothwyn more like Upper Chichester), but you won’t regret the detour. Salty prosciutto, capicola, ham and salami add up to an Italian hoagie so gratifying that the owners have made a business actually shipping them to… Read more »