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Best Haircut

2017 BEST Curly Cut

Teresa Badolato at Curl Hair and Wellness

Nobody in this region knows more about coaxing the best behavior out of unruly curls than Badolato. A cut here isn’t just a cut; it’s a master class in getting frizz-free, shampoo-commercial bounce. Just plan ahead: The first chop can take a couple of hours.

1029 West Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA | 610-520-1180 | Website

2017 BEST Walk-In Bang Trim

Richard Nicholas Hair Studio

1716 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA

For the sweet price of tipping your stylist (read: free), you can continue on with your errands without your stupid hair in your eyes. Your mother will be so pleased. Read more »

2016 BEST Stylist for a New Look

Christopher Hill, Headhouse Salon

141 League Street, Philadelphia, PA

Bring him your pictures (be sure to check out his Insta for inspiration), tell him about your lifestyle (read: your hair maintenance routine, or lack thereof), then sit back, let him do his thing, and enjoy strutting out with a change you love so much, you’ll keep it until it’s time for your next new… Read more »

2014 BEST Women's Quickie Cut

Talking Headz

4922 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

The stylists at this edgy Cedar Park salon cut hair while it’s dry, which allows them to follow your mane’s natural shape, lets you check out the new ‘do in real time, and gets you in and out in 30 minutes. These knockout styles also come at a remarkably affordable price: about $25 per cut. Read more »

2013 BEST Haircut

The Parlour

1339 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

When your stylist exclaims, You look just like Heidi Klum! and you can’t stop yourself from bellowing, I know, right?!, you just got a good haircut. Top: Sign up to be a hair model on Tuesday or Wednesday evening and get a free cut by a salon apprentice, under the very watchful eye of owner… Read more »

2013 BEST Home Service Haircut

Beth Bilinski

Call for service area

You wet your own hair and sweep up afterward, but Beth (who trained at VOG in Rittenhouse) does the rest. She’ll cut your whole family in one fell swoop. Read more »

2012 BEST Women's Haircut

Salon Vanity

1701 Walnut Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA

Owner Edmondo Blando asks you a lot of hair questions before wielding the scissors. His friendly interrogation pays off: Clients leave with cuts that are exactly what they always wanted. Read more »

2011 BEST Haircut

Artur Kirsch at the Studio CL

128 South 19th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Don’t be confused when the blowout comes before Artur has so much as touched his (electronic, hair-end-sealing) scissors: You wear your hair dry, and so he shall cut your hair dry. And when you exit and instinctively strut down 19th like Beyonc’s wind machine is blowing on you, you’ll find it’s a very hard technique… Read more »