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Best Furniture Repair

2013 BEST Furniture Repair

Mike’s Furniture Refinishing

With more than 20 years in business, owner Mike McCarron looks at every piece of furniture he strips, shellacs, varnishes or lacquers as an opportunity to preserve a familys history. His craft can turn any ugly old chair into an heirloom worth putting in your will.

5101 Comly Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-289-0503 | Website

2011 BEST Outdoor Furniture Refinisher

The Southern Company

2330 Wyandotte Road, Willow Grove, PA

They’ll make your patio furniture look as cared-for as your living room furniture, even though you’ve left the former in the sun, snow, sleet and damp for a decade. Also: They pick up and deliver. Read more »

2009 BEST Furniture Repair

John Hobe Antique Restoration

8407 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

So you thought getting the kids a new puppy was a good idea. Of course you did. Then Fido chewed up the living room furniture. Of course he did. We understand. And so does John Hobe, who’s brought a myriad of chairs, tables and curios, as well as the desk of our nation’s first president,… Read more »