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2013 BEST Frozen Yogurt Spot

Whirled Peace

Cheesy pun notwithstanding, this fro-yo joint not only serves up a yummy low-cal dessert (all flavors are 150 calories or less); it also practices what it preaches. A portion of the shops proceeds go to a good cause.

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2012 BEST Frozen Yogurt


1617 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA

Because ice cream wont help you a bit in the bikini department, the Good Lord invented fro-yo. We love the stuff at this Suburban Station cafe for two reasons: 1) There are several flavors to choose from, all with calories posted; and 2) The buffet line of toppings includes fresh fruit, if youre feeling angelic,… Read more »

2010 BEST Frozen Yogurt


233 South 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Unlike its competition, Yogorino offers just one -flavor tart, plain, Greek-style but it’s the smoothest yogurt out there, and the richest. Plus: Mmm that pistachio topping. Read more »

2009 BEST Frozen Yogurt


416 South Street, Philadelphia, PA

For years, New York and L.A. had Pinkberry and Red Mango and Yolato, while we had, well, Rita’s custard. Then last summer came Phileo, the shiny green-and-pink fro-yo mecca on South Street, ith 16 creamy and often tangy pay-by-the-ounce flavors, and a do-it-yourself toppings bar that houses everything from Cap’n Crunch and Oreo pieces to… Read more »