Best Food Truck

The Cow and the Curd

Readers’ Choice: So (crunchy, luscious) fried cheese curds beat out burgers, barbeque and pizza in what may be a whole new Philly culinary tradition.

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2012 WINNER, Food Truck


Pizza with a perfectly blistered crust, melty cheese and fantastic toppings, all somehow produced from a wood-fired oven in a truck? Simply amazing. Read more »

2011 WINNER, Food Truck

Honest Tom’s

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Fish, plantain or chicken-and-pork tacos it’s whatever you ate last that you’ll tell everyone you love best. On Twitter @HonestToms Read more »

2010 WINNER, New Food Truck

The Dapper Dog

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If you’re wondering what all those people are doing standing outside across from Standard Tap at two in the morning, they’re waiting for grilled all-beef dogs on Sarcone’s rolls, topped with mac-and-cheese, or a fried egg and hash browns, or asparagus with sharp provolone. Wouldn’t you? Read more »