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Best Food Truck

2015 Best New Food Truck

The Tot Cart

Winner of our Crowdsourced Champion online poll.

| 215-713-4724 | Website

2014 Best Chez Yasmine

Chez Yasmine

37th and Spruce Streets, Philadelphia, PA Website

The tofu-stuffed vegetarian bánh mi here is as packed as a 10-inch Wawa hoagie but light-years better. But the best part—besides Tunisan-born owner Jihed Chehimi, […] Read more »

2014 Best Poi Dog Snack Shop

Poi Dog Snack Shop


Even if you close your eyes and try really hard, a Philly street corner will never be a Hawaiian beach, not even for a second. […] Read more »

2012 Best Pitruco



Pizza with a perfectly blistered crust, melty cheese and fantastic toppings, all somehow produced from a wood-fired oven in a truck? Simply amazing. Read more »

2011 Best Honest Tom’s

Honest Tom’s

See website for schedule Website

Fish, plantain or chicken-and-pork tacos it’s whatever you ate last that you’ll tell everyone you love best. On Twitter @HonestToms Read more »

2010 Best The Dapper Dog

The Dapper Dog

See website for schedule Website

If you’re wondering what all those people are doing standing outside across from Standard Tap at two in the morning, they’re waiting for grilled all-beef […] Read more »

2013 Best The Cow and the Curd

The Cow and the Curd

See website for schedule Website

Readers’ Choice: So (crunchy, luscious) fried cheese curds beat out burgers, barbeque and pizza in what may be a whole new Philly culinary tradition. Read more »