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Best Festival

2012 BEST Festival

The Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby

We’re suckers for this gala procession of “art and human-powered transit,” a two-mile-long obstacle course full of drag queens, sofa kings, oversized skulls, beer tanks, balloons, sharks and superheroes, all battling to make it to-what else?-a mud pit. And how can you not love a fest that invites notorious two-wheeler-hater Stu Bykofsky to judge what is, underneath all the papier-mach and twisted metal, a bike parade?


2011 BEST Festival

The Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe

Our thriving arts scene wouldn’t exist today if Fringe founder Nick Stuccio didn’t have his light-bulb moment way back in 1997. The jam-packed 2011 fest kicks off on September 2nd. Read more »

2010 BEST Festival

Fishtown Shadfest

Penn Treaty Park, Delaware Avenue and Columbia Street, Philadelphia, PA

It turns out that shad used to be hugely important to the Delaware River economy, a fact our quirky friends in Fishtown (where else?) exploit with their annual Alosa sapidissima-feteing festival at Penn Treaty Park. It’s true that Lambertville has been doing a shad festival for decades, but the city’s is cooler: We’ve got shad… Read more »