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Best Farm-to-Table Restaurant

2013 Best Farm-to-Table

The Farm and Fisherman

Okay, we know the phrase farm-to-table has been boring you to death for five years now. But check out F&F, one of the restaurants that defined the style in Philly, and see how exciting Josh Lawlers tiny temple of head-to-tail, hedgerow-to-hedgerow, you-know-its-fresh-because-the-place-barely-has-a-refrigerator cuisine can be. Start with the bloody beet steak, but dont use that as an excuse to skip a grass-fed real one because when they have it, its the best in town.

1120 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-687-1555 | Website

2012 Best The Farm and Fisherman

The Farm and Fisherman

1120 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

Plenty of chefs do head-to-tail, root-to-leaf cooking. But none do it quite like Josh and Colleen Lawler, who work it without a walk-in refrigerator. From […] Read more »