Best Burger

Morgan’s Pier

Yeah, our choice for Best Backyard Burger requires liquid nitrogen and a thermal circulator. What of it? One taste of this thing and you’ll understand exactly what we mean.

221 North Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA | 215-279-7134 | Website

2013 WINNER, Bar Burger

South Philadelphia Tap Room

1509 Mifflin Street, Philadelphia, PA

The best classic bacon cheeseburger you’re going to find anywhere-mostly because it’s made by a kitchen that cares deeply about making a great burger Read more »

2013 WINNER, Gastropub Burger

The Dandelion

124 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA

We’re not sure what’s the best part-the aged beef blend, Vermont cheddar, smoked bacon, pickles from Brooklyn Brine, or mysterious Churchill Sauce with its dozen-odd ingredients Read more »

2011 WINNER, Alternative Burger


741 North 23rd Street, Philadelphia, PA

This is not your wussified, virtuous and sad substitute-for-a-real-burger burger. This is your plump, juicy patty-on-a-buttered-bun-so-loaded-with-curried-aioli-and-brie-and-avocado-that-you-won’t-even-miss-the-cholesterol burger. Read more »

2010 WINNER, Burger Splurge

Barclay Prime

237 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA

They come in a cheeky pair, wrapped in paper and served simply with cheddar, mustard, onions and pickles, but that’s where -Barclay’s walk on the low-rent side ends: The two so-worth-it $20 patties are made of dry-aged strip, rib eye, filet and of course Kobe. Read more »

2010 WINNER, Burger Bargain

Charlie’s Old Original Hamburgers

336 Kedron Avenue, Folsom, PA

Craving a burger the way burgers used to be just a slim, juicy patty tucked into a squishy white roll? The tasty one at this no-frills roadside shack will take you back. Prices will take you back, too: The Charlie’s Special (cheddar, tomato, fried onions and pickles) is just $2.50. You can spend the savings… Read more »

2009 WINNER, Gourmet Burger

Butcher and Singer

1500 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

We tried, with every bite, to determine exactly what it was that made this burger so superior. The mix of full-flavored meats? The careful dab of secret sauce? The crispy applewood-smoked bacon? The melt-y English cheddar? The house-baked brioche bun? Oh, who cares? Order. Chew slowly. Enjoy. Read more »