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2016 BEST Burger


The burger should be the last thing anyone orders at a Korean-inspired gastropub. But not here: The bulgogi burger, with its marinated beef, spicy ssamjang mayo and homemade pickles, is the surprising star of this menu.

1801 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-560-8443 | Website

2015 BEST Burger

Pork Roll Burger at the Blue Duck

2859 Holme Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Eggs on burgers have been a thing for a while now. But a whole breakfast? That’s what Kris Serviss has done with this concoction: pork roll ground into a burger topped with a sunny-side-up egg and sriracha mayo. And in lieu of hash browns? A big fat potato roll. Read more »

2014 BEST Not-a-Burger Burger

Xi’an Sizzling Woks

902 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA

The “Chinese hamburger” is subtly spiced pulled pork, tucked into crisp-edged pita bread with a still-steaming center, for $3.50: Now, that’s Chinese er, American um, Shaanxi food! Read more »

2014 BEST Gourmet Burger

Pub & Kitchen

1946 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA

When P&K first opened, its Churchill burger introduced us to custom-blended meats and burgers with titles. Six years later, the restaurant has gone back to (high-quality) basics: two thin patties, lettuce, onions, excellent cheese and vibrant pickles. With all the foie and bone marrow and pork on beef out there today, a bite into this… Read more »

2014 BEST Bargain Burger

Fountain Porter

1601 South 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Salt, pepper, a juicy beef patty for $5. It’s a fast-food price for a legit burger. Wash it down with a beer from one of the smartest lists in the city. Read more »

2013 BEST Backyard Burger

Morgan’s Pier

221 North Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA

Yeah, our choice for Best Backyard Burger requires liquid nitrogen and a thermal circulator. What of it? One taste of this thing and you’ll understand exactly what we mean. Read more »

2013 BEST Bar Burger

South Philadelphia Tap Room

1509 Mifflin Street, Philadelphia, PA

The best classic bacon cheeseburger you’re going to find anywhere-mostly because it’s made by a kitchen that cares deeply about making a great burger Read more »

2013 BEST Gastropub Burger

The Dandelion

124 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA

We’re not sure what’s the best part-the aged beef blend, Vermont cheddar, smoked bacon, pickles from Brooklyn Brine, or mysterious Churchill Sauce with its dozen-odd ingredients Read more »

2011 BEST Alternative Burger


741 North 23rd Street, Philadelphia, PA

This is not your wussified, virtuous and sad substitute-for-a-real-burger burger. This is your plump, juicy patty-on-a-buttered-bun-so-loaded-with-curried-aioli-and-brie-and-avocado-that-you-won’t-even-miss-the-cholesterol burger. Read more »

2010 BEST Burger Bargain

Charlie’s Old Original Hamburgers

336 Kedron Avenue, Folsom, PA

Craving a burger the way burgers used to be just a slim, juicy patty tucked into a squishy white roll? The tasty one at this no-frills roadside shack will take you back. Prices will take you back, too: The Charlie’s Special (cheddar, tomato, fried onions and pickles) is just $2.50. You can spend the savings… Read more »

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