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Best Bread

2016 BEST Bread Service


Best thing about Neuf: sitting at the bar and snacking on the kitchen’s house-baked bread. It’s crumbly, crisp-crusted and perfect, served with only parsley pesto and a few olives, because nothing else could improve it.

943 South 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-309-5847 | Website

2014 BEST Bread Basket

High Street on Market

308 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA

Even if squid-ink bialys are a bridge too far for you, the buckwheat cherry loaf will recalibrate your expectations for what bread baskets should taste like. Read more »

2009 BEST Bread

Parc Restaurant

227 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Man cannot live by bread alone unless we’re talking about Parc’s house-baked baguettes. Copious slices are provided for every table, filling the restaurant with their deliciously yeasty aroma. Like genuine French loaves, these have a richly browned, crackling exterior and a flavorful, chewy interior that’s substantial without being dense. Slathered with butter, pt or brandade,… Read more »