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Best Banh Mi

2015 Best Banh Mi

Nam Son Bakery

There are a lot of banh mi joints in Philly. But not many offer everything from tofu to barbecued beef to sardines on bread they bake in-house.

1601 Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-545-4067 Website

2014 Best Nam Son Bakery

Nam Son Bakery

1601 Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

It was an unconventional move: The owners of Nam Son chopped off part of their dining room to create a bakery. Now the new venture […] Read more »

2014 Best Foolish Waffles Food Truck

Foolish Waffles Food Truck

3544 Cresson Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

The black-pepper pork belly (or tofu), pickled cabbage, fresh jalape_os and dash of chili sauce are good enough. Roll that all up in a fresh […] Read more »