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2014 BEST Local Fitness App


Download this Philly-made app and you can map your bike routes, plus anything else bike-related: a huge pothole on your ride to work? Map it. How about a lack of bike parking at your destination? Map it. Other bikers can use this intel to improve their own commutes, and the city can use it to make Philly a more bike-able place. Neat, huh?


2013 BEST App

The Empty Air: A Rittenhouse Square Sound Walk

Download this ingenious 99-cent app by local musician and sound designer Michael Kiley, and stroll around Rittenhouse Square while listening on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Your location (as determined by your phones handy GPS) triggers the original compositions and soundscapes that Kiley wrote for the different areas of the park. A whole new 21st-century… Read more »