The Weird Science-Backed Trick to Kill It During Hot Summer Workouts

Last Sunday, I ventured out for a run. Now, bear in mind that this was one of the first super-hot days we had, so I was all high on summer and excited to delve into a workout while enjoying the warm weather. (Another important note: I am, by no means, a running savant.) I got moving and the thoughts started to flow: Okay, this isn’t so bad — it’s nice, even; And then I kept going, Wow, sure is a hot one, eh?; Finally, OMG. My mouth is sooo dry. I’m not properly hydrated. I can’t do another hill! Naturally, I headed home to hydrate, completely drenched and oh-so hot. A similar experience ensued on my efforts the next day.

This made curious about how I will be able to make this work for three more months. Welp, good ol’ science and the New York Times have come along with a tactic that might help us all tolerate hot, hot, hot workouts a bit more easily this summer. Read more »

The Checkup: A Full Year’s Worth of Totally Doable Weight-Loss Tips

• BuzzFeed is an unlikely treasure trove of weight-loss tips. And being the kind people they are, they’ve compiled a bunch of their useful weight-loss posts full of totally doable tips — think: ban mindless couch eating (done!) — into a GIANT master list featuring 333 doable weight-loss tips. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, maybe read a tip a day as food for thought. Skipping weekends (because you gotta give yourself a break), that’s a full year’s worth of tips to take in! [BuzzFeed]

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Taste Test: La Colombe’s New Chai Draft Latte

If you’ve stumbled onto a YouTube spoof making fun of people who prefer yoga pants over real pants and yoga happy hours over, well, real happy hours, you’ll note that they rarely fail to leave out a chai latte reference. What can we say? We leggings-clad folk love our chai lattes. Which is why I was so excited when Alexis Siemons, a local tea consultant who works with La Colombe, emailed asking if I wanted to be one of the first to taste La Colombe’s brand-new addition to its canned draft latte lineup: the Chai Draft Latte.

My email response? “CHAI DRAFT LATTE SAY WHAAAAT.” I know: I’m super professional.

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Why Healthy Eaters Will Soon Be Flocking to King of Prussia Mall

A True Food Kitchen location | Photo via Facebook

When I think of the food at King of Prussia Mall, it’s the three-hour waits at Cheesecake Factory and Shake Shack milkshakes (Mmmmmm) that come to mind. Delicious? Yes. Healthy? Erm … not exactly. But that’s changing. First Sweetgreen and Bluestone Lane (heyyyy, avocado toast) set up shop. And next month, what sounds like a healthy eater’s paradise will be opening its doors at 239 Mall Boulevard in King of Prussia, right down the road from Shake Shack actually. And they’ve got burgers, too … quinoa burgers, that is.

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Study: Why Your Bedtime Matters Just As Much As the Number of Hours You Sleep

Sure, setting a bedtime alarm might sound like an eye-roll-worthy suggestion. But a new study performed by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital shows that doing so could have some eye-roll-tempering impacts on your life. Think: better work performance and the ability to actually stick to your morning workout schedule — for once!

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Be Well Philly’s Summer Yoga Flow: Our Free Weekly Yoga Series (With a DJ!) Is Coming Back!

Be Well Philly’s Summer Yoga Flow 2015 | Photo by Susan Nam

I am reaaaaally bad at keeping secrets. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you: I’m the worst. So, me holding this information in for the past few months and resisting the urge to scream it from the rooftops required Olympic-level mental strength, if I do say so myself. (Why yes, I am patting myself on the back right now.) But now I FINALLY get to share it with you guys. Here goes: Starting Tuesday, July 11th, we are teaming up with the wonderful folks from Queen Village’s Three Queens Yoga to put on a free weekly outdoor yoga series — Be Well Philly’s Summer Yoga Flow — at Dilworth Park.

Say it with me: YESSSSSSS.

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The Checkup: Whoa! CHOP Docs Separate Twin Babies Joined at Head 

• Let’s give the doctors over at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia a round of applause: Twin infants who were born conjoined at the head were just separated by doctors at the hospital in a procedure called craniopagus surgery, which has only been performed 59 times since 1952. The twins, who are almost a year old, are now recovering from the surgery at CHOP. []

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Photo Recap: Last Night’s VERY Sweaty Rooftop #BWPUnderground Event

Photo by Theresa Regan

Yesterday was two things that can make for a pretty miserable time: It was Monday (insert eye roll here) AND the temperatures were in the 90s (hi, frizzy hair and pit stains). BUT it was still a great day for us and we have Be Well Philly Underground to thank for that. Yesterday evening, we held our last Be Well Philly Underground event of the season (don’t worry — we’ll be back in September!) on the rooftop at Stratus Lounge. And despite the heat and any case of the Mondays we might’ve had, it was a really good time.

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The Guilt-Free Guide to Cooling Down in Philly: 10 Healthier Ice-Cold Treats to Eat

Summer weather has arrived, people. Which means the season of frozen treats filling freezers has arrived, too. But while a tub of Ben and Jerry’s is a tried-and-true standby, Philly is stocked with all sorts of other — healthier — cool-down treats, too. We’ve scouted out the frozen and iced-snack scene and gathered up a few of our favorites. Here, 10 guilt-free ways to stay cool in Philly this summer.

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