What to Eat This Week: 5 Ridiculously Easy Dinners

What to eat lead
If you’re anything like me, you’re saving all of your cooking energy for Thanksgiving, when you plan on whipping up the most-talked about pecan pie on planet Earth. Smart, very smart. But hey, you’ve still got to eat, right? So to make sure you’re well fed, while still exerting the least amount of energy possible, we’ve rounded up five delicious and filling recipes that take very little effort to prepare—and they’re healthy to boot! Who says you can’t have it all? Happy cooking, friends!

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Cecily Tynan’s Official Philadelphia Marathon 2014 Weather Forecast

tynan new

Cecily Tynan after last year’s Rothman 8K | Photo via Facebook

When you’ve got a weather question—especially when said question relates to running—there’s really only one person in Philly to turn to: 6ABC’s Cecily Tynan.

So yesterday, when I asked for her Official, Official Philadelphia Marathon Race Day Forecast, of course she obliged. She even did me one better: She gave me the outlook and clothing suggestions for the entire Marathon Weekend, including tomorrow’s Rothman 8K (which Cecily is running again) and Sunday’s full and half marathons. Here’s the breakdown:

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The Big Lesson I Learned from Getting Injured

Dan McQuade spiking the ball, kind of

Photo by Mark Stehle, Invision

I accelerated to keep up, and then I felt it pull.

Though I hadn’t done much in the game, I was feeling pretty good. I never played real, organized football, but I had a long “career” of touch football in the street, tackle football at the playground and flag football in intramural leagues. But I hadn’t played any type of football in 10 years. And here I was, playing in a charity flag football game at Lincoln Financial Field.

The game was set up by NRG Energy, the energy company headquartered in West Windsor, New Jersey. NRG was nice enough to invite me to play in the game and donate a thousand dollars to a charity of my choice (One Step Away, Philadelphia’s homeless newspaper). Dave Spadaro announced. Swoop cheered us on.

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What Not to Miss at the 2014 Philadelphia Marathon Expo

marathon again

Heading to the Expo this weekend to pick up your race gear? If you can, time your visit with one (or more!) of the events below. The Expo opens today from noon to 9 p.m. and tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Here, our picks for the don’t-miss events—plus the full list of exhibitors—at this year’s Philadelphia Marathon Expo.

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The Master Guide to the Philadelphia Marathon

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

If you’ve been following the blog this week, you’ve noticed that we devoted a lot of time to the Philadelphia Marathon. Why? Because this race is awesome, that’s why. And we know a lot of you will be running it this weekend, so we want you to be as prepared as possible.

To save you from having to scroll (and scroll and scroll) through the blog feed, I figured it’d be handy to compile all our coverage and tips in one easy place. Check out our posts below, and check back as we add more to this list today.

Good luck on Sunday! You’re going to crush it.

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Your Weekend Workout Playlist: Philadelphia Marathon Edition



This week’s workout playlist, like much of our content this week, is all about the Philadelphia Marathon. As we all know, race playlists are seriously important stuff. A bad playlist can be the difference between hitting the PR you’ve been working toward and, well, not. So, to give you guys the best marathon playlist possible, we recruited a Philly runner who really knows his stuff: Jon Lyons of Run215, who will be running alongside you come Sunday. And boy, did he deliver.

Jon, with the help of some of his Run215 pals, put together the ultimate Philadephia Marathon playlist with a whopping six hours worth of music (SIX! HOURS!) to keep you moving toward the finish line. Let’s all scream a collective, “Thank you, Jon!” Check out the playlist below.

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5 Philly Pinterest Boards That Are Making Us Hungry for the Holidays

Broccoli fennel soup from Philly's With Food + Love

Broccoli fennel soup from Philly’s With Food + Love // Recipe link below.

We’re just about to enter the season of eating, two back-to-back holidays that feature a big meal with all the trimmings (and then some). Plus, when you figure in all the holiday parties and cookie swaps you’ll inevitably be roped into over the next few weeks, you can safely assume you’ll be eating for, well, pretty much a month straight.

While I would never preach total eating abstinence (Please. Have you met me? This girl loves to eat.), I would encourage you to go the pot-luck route when you can. Why? Because bringing a dish or two to a holiday gathering gives you at least some control over what you shove down your gullet. Bring, say, a giant green salad, and you can load up on your contribution while simply sampling from everyone else’s.

To give you some fresh ideas for foods that are festive, delicious and good for you, we turned to our trusty Philly friends over on Pinterest. These are locals who fill our feed with eats we’d be proud to bring to a pot-luck meal. The whole oh-hey-this-food-is-good-for-you thing can be our little secret.

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Free Fitness Classes for Philadelphia Marathoners

body cycle marathon

Photo by Christopher Gabello

I know at least half of you who are running the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday will read this post and shake your head. I mean, for the love, you’re running 26.2 miles in one fell swoop, and here we are telling you where to work out just days after the fact. Next week, I imagine, you’re planning on kicking back and relaxing as much as humanly possible.

So this post is for the other half of you, the half who will run the marathon and, one day later, be itching to move again. I know you exist, because I am related to one of you. (That would be my older brother, Jon, who can’t seem to sit still for more than a couple of hours at a time. For the record, Jon and I are opposites in this regard; I fall squarely into the first camp.)

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