Dilworth Park to Host Free Workouts This Spring

Photo via Facebook | Dilworth Park

Photo via Facebook | Dilworth Park

Good news for all the 9-to-5 folks working in Center City: You can consider a big chunk of your springtime post-work workouts covered. Dilworth Park will be hosting a slew of free fitness classes — from boot camps to runs to Zumba and more — this spring. And most of the classes on the March roster begin right after work, at around 6 or 6:30 p.m. Perfect timing, eh?
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The Healthy Cooking Oils You Should Have in Your Pantry



The other day, I made my way to the Whole Foods oil aisle to restock on olive oil and, on my way out, I found myself in a grocery-cart traffic jam (damn you, Whole Foods). Waiting for the traffic to get moving again, I noticed just how many cooking oil options the the shelves surrounding me had to offer. I began to wonder: Should I be buying avocado oil instead? Or maybe coconut oil? Or hazelnut oil? I wonder if that tastes anything like Nutella …

I decided to stick with my trusty old cooking buddy, olive oil — mostly because I just wasn’t sure what the heck to expect from all the other options. And because I hate not knowing things, I decided to give Zach Breeding, registered dietician, chef, and owner of Philly-based personal-chef and nutrition-consulting company The Sage, a call to get to the bottom of my cooking-oil-aisle confusion.

As Breeding told me, his first rule when it comes to cooking oils is this: Moderation is everything. All cooking oils are high in calories — around 120 calories per tablespoon, for many — so no oil, no matter the health benefits, is a healthy oil when you’re downing a gallon of it every day, ya dig? That said, the health-minded chef does have some top picks when it comes to cooking oils. The three healthy cooking oils Breeding tells his clients to use — and when to use them — below.  Read more »

Save the Date for Be Well Philly Boot Camp 2015!

Photograph by Nell Hoving Photography

Photograph by Nell Hoving Photography

Be Well Philly Boot Camp is back for a fourth year! We couldn’t be more psyched.

Our marquee fitness and wellness event for women will return to the Drexel Recreation Center on Saturday, June 6th, with a whole new lineup of fitness classes, inspirational speakers, chef-led cooking demos, marketplace vendors and more. In other words, ya’ll: This is going to be HUGE. Read more »

Broad Street Run 101: Training Tips for Beginners at Philadelphia Runner Tonight

From Be Well Philly: Attention Philly 10K runners, and anyone who’s up for a fun group run next Thursday! As per your Official Philly 10K Training Plan, Be Well Philly is teaming up with our friends at Philadelphia Runner to host a free group training run for the big race this fall. More here.

Philadelphia Runner Center City

Congrats! You got into the Broad Street Run! If you’ve never run the race before, you’re in for a real treat.

By now, you should be getting started on your training plan, but I’m betting you also have a boatload of questions about what to expect on race day, how to prepare, what you can do to avoid injuries and more. Read more »

Do You Have an Inspiring Weight-Loss Story?

Reader Katey Dyck's before-and-after photos.

Reader Katey Dyck’s before-and-after photos.

We love hearing from our readers; you guys just inspire us to pieces.

That’s why we relaunched our Inspiration series last month with a slew of new, real-life weight-loss stories aimed at motivating and, well, inspiring other readers to get off the couch and make meaningful changes for their health.

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