10 Super-Sweaty Fitness Classes to Help You Burn Off Your Thanksgiving Meal

Photo via Facebook | Body Cycle Studio

Photo via Facebook | Body Cycle Studio

Whoa, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, people! Cue the mouthwatering visions of baked mac and cheese, turkey, and all kinds of pie. Yum. Okay, so it’s not exactly the healthiest holiday but, while we are a health blog, we support you eating an extra slice of pie and enjoying yourself — after all Gobble Day does only come once a year. And as far as keeping your bod in tip-top shape post-pig out? We’ve got you covered. Here, 10 very sweaty fitness classes happening Friday, November 27th after 10 a.m. — you know, so you can sleep off your food coma. Read more »

You Definitely Need to Go to Philadelphia Runner on Black Friday

Philadelphia Runner Manayunk

Philadelphia Runner Manayunk

Black Friday sales are fine and all, if you’re into camping out in the freezing cold in front of a Target and elbowing your way to the electronics section for a larger-than-life TV for half off. But what if your Black Friday spending could do more for someone else? What if you found a way to score yourself a few deals while helping out someone who really needs it at the same time?  Read more »

Hey, Runners: Help Name the Philly Hill That Kills You Every Time You Run It

The dreaded hill | Photo via Facebook

The dreaded hill | Photo via Facebook

If you ran the Philadelphia Marathon this past weekend, then you are familiar with the dreaded hill that takes you from Martin Luther King Drive to the Please Touch Museum in Fairmount Park. As Carl Ewald, the executive director of the ODDyssey Half Marathon, tells us, “Every Philly runner knows it.” And, as he points out, they mostly describe it using curse words that can’t be printed here. But as he says, “We want the running community to take ownership and pride in it instead of swearing at it.” So the ODDyssey Half Marathon, in which runners also work their way up the hill, is putting on a contest to name it. And there are perfect-for-running prizes involved! Read more »

Jaw Dropper: Here’s How Many Pounds of Discarded Clothing Were Collected at the Philadelphia Marathon

Photo courtesy Michael Resnic/Clothes-pin

Photo courtesy Michael Resnic/Clothes-pin

Local charity Clothes-pin was out in full force on Sunday morning, picking up the discarded clothing of some 30,000 Philadelphia Marathon runners. As we’ve written about in detail before, the group’s volunteers sweep the streets after participants leave the starting area, collect the discarded outerwear and donate it to charity.

I checked in with Clothes-pin director Michael Resnic to find out what the haul was this year. One word: impressive. Here’s the breakdown:  Read more »

How I Loved/Hated Floating in a Dark Pod Filled With Salt Water

Float pod at Flotation Philly

Float pod at Flotation Philly

I am not the kind of person who likes to get wet. I’ve said it before: Water sports are not my thing; I hate showering (but don’t worry, I still do it); and I am not the most advanced swimmer. So, what urged me to call Russ Stewart, owner of Fishtown’s Flotation Philly, and tell him that I really, really wanted to try floating — where you float in a pod or tank filled with salt water for anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes in order to relax or recover from a brutal workout (Hey, marathoners!) — is honestly beyond me. But this past Thursday, that’s exactly where I found myself — and surprisingly, I kind of loved it. But I also kind of hated it, too. Read more »

Weatherproof Your Run: How to Maintain Your Running Through the Cold Winter

The greatest thing about polishing off a tough race, like this week’s Philadelphia Marathon, is taking a much-needed break from running afterward. But how many times does a week of no running turn into two, and then three months later you realize your trusty running shoes haven’t seen the light of day since the finish-line photo op?

As temperatures nosedive, the slippery slope of a cold-weather running hiatus gets even steeper. “Don’t take more than a two-week break,” says Grad Hospital-based running coach and Be Well Philly contributor Cory Smith. “More than that, and you’ll regress back to where you started.”

It’s time to take preventative measures. Smith shares his tricks for sticking with your running routine and actually (gasp!) enjoying cold-weather training.  Read more »

The Healthy Eater’s Thanksgiving Survival Guide

You know that point in the day when you’re standing in the bathroom, and you casually turn to the side and notice your belly bloat, patting it as if you were four-months pregnant? The pat — that is what Thanksgiving feels like at 4 p.m. Only, if you wait patiently for 15 minutes, you find yourself thanking your stomach for making a little room for another sliver of pumpkin pie.

Sound familiar? The good news is, if you’re a healthy eater, you can afford to indulge every now and then. But if you’re looking for ways this holiday season to save yourself some of dieting strife, check out my tips for navigating the feast like a nutrition pro.
Read more »

The Checkup: Why Certain Diets Work for Some People But Not Others

• Ever wonder why your friend’s crazy diet helped her lose 20 pounds, but you can’t seem to budge the scale following the exact same regimen? Researchers just discovered a key insight into dieting: that people’s bodies react differently to the exact same food — wildly differently, in some cases. Now, they think they’ve stumbled onto a way to optimize your diet for your own body. [The AtlanticRead more »

Tweak Your Thinking Over the Holidays to Avoid Feeling Terrible About Your Diet

Holiday season is quickly approaching, which also means the beginning of getting sucked into the cycle that is holiday weight gain then panic mode then remorse then detox is just around the corner, too.

Around the holidays, we put so much thought and energy into sticking to our diets that we often forget what the holiday season is all about. (A reminder: friends, family, all that jazz.) We automatically think whatever party we attend will have the world’s worst possible food for us and, although that may be true, it’s nothing new: Throughout the year we attend birthday parties, work events, and functions that are filled with calorie-laden foods, too. But for whatever reason, come Thanksgiving all the way through the beginning of the New Year, many of us get stuck in a diet-induced panic.

And yes, we will all probably overindulge at some point. You’ll have one too many spiked ciders or slices of pie and wake up the following morning regretting it all. But the holidays aren’t about attempting to change Grandma’s mashed potatoes into mashed cauliflower or trying to convince your entire family that on the day of thanks, they should attempt to become Paleo by leaving the stuffing, mac and cheese, buttered rolls, and carrot cake for a later time. Read more »

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