Be Well Family: My Tried-and-True Game Plan for Traveling with Young Kids

mother and two kids walking in the airport, family travel

My husband and I have been flying with our kids since they were infants. Nothing too crazy, mostly lots (and lots) of trips to Florida, and a couple of flights out west. Now, flying with infants is basically all about a strong drink and then counting down until the wheels hit the ground. But flying with the bigger kids — aged two and up — can actually be dare, I say, pleasant. At least that’s what I discovered once I honed my flight game plan. First the rules I live by, then the plan.

Rule #1. It’s all about time management. I am very calculated in the order in which I do things, and I divide up the flight the way I would schedule a morning at home: breakfast, some play, an errand, snack, TV time, lunch and nap. That sort of thing. But more on that later.

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Your New Favorite Gym-Free 30-Minute Workout

Get ready to give it your all, folks! You’ll be sweating it out for 30 minutes straight this week. For this workout, I want you to venture outside — find a local track, a big field or an open space somewhere — and get ready to sweat (Read: Toting a towel and water with you is a MUST).

Here’s the deal: You’re going to do a set of five exercises, then run a lap around the track (or pick a certain distance in whatever space you have), and then complete the exercises again. The end-game? Do the circuit followed by the sprint as many times as you can in 30 minutes. Get those stopwatches ready! Read more »

10 Summer Gym-Bag Essentials Philly Fitness Pros Can’t Live Without

All of a sudden, summer just kind of … happened. And perhaps — juuust perhaps — you’ve found yourself slightly unprepared: deodorant-less when it is MUCH needed, rocking a sweaty bun all-too frequently or  just generally at a loss for what you need in your gym bag to make it through your post-workout day — in one fully functioning piece.

In an effort to tackle this issue, we chatted with 10 Philly fitness pros and asked them to dish on the one gym bag essential they simply can’t live without in the summertime. From hair and skin products to on-the-go workout equipment, below you will be able to take a peek into how Philly’s top trainers stay on top of their game during summer. If you’re anything like us, you’ll copy them. Read more »

Meet Bowser, This Week’s Adoptable Running Puppy

Oh, Fridays. They are the best for a multitude of reasons (HEYYYYY, weekend), one of which is our adoptable running dog of the week. And man, is this week’s a gem. His name is Bowser, he’s eight months old, and the Monster Milers say he loves everyone he meets. Learn more about him below!

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7 Philly Stores With Community Fitness Calendars Worth Bookmarking

Here in Philly, we’re pretty lucky — there’s almost always a great fitness event going on somewhere. And turns out, some of our very favorite stores and eateries host A LOT of ’em. Below, seven Philly stores that have sweet community fitness calendars filled with everything from runs to pop-up yoga to boot camps and more.

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The Checkup: The Secret to Getting Up the First Time Your Alarm Goes Off


• If you’re one of those people who hits snooze at least twice before actually getting out of bed (who isn’t?), researchers might’ve found the cure for your morning-averse ways. A new study conducted at the University of California Berkeley’s Neuroeconomics Laboratory shows that a mindfulness practice called sequence framing could be the key to getting out of bed the first time your alarm goes off. [Real Simple]

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Calling All Restaurant Workers! This Free SRT Workout and Family Meal Is for You

The folks behind Rittenhouse’s Pure Fare and Agno Grill are looking to give folks in the restaurant and bar industry an expanded industry night experience. What does that look like, you ask? A free Schuylkill River Trail workout and family meal, like servers eat at restaurants before a shift, at Agno Grill — that’s what Nice, right?

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The Weird Science-Backed Trick to Kill It During Hot Summer Workouts

Last Sunday, I ventured out for a run. Now, bear in mind that this was one of the first super-hot days we had, so I was all high on summer and excited to delve into a workout while enjoying the warm weather. (Another important note: I am, by no means, a running savant.) I got moving and the thoughts started to flow: Okay, this isn’t so bad — it’s nice, even; And then I kept going, Wow, sure is a hot one, eh?; Finally, OMG. My mouth is sooo dry. I’m not properly hydrated. I can’t do another hill! Naturally, I headed home to hydrate, completely drenched and oh-so hot. A similar experience ensued on my efforts the next day.

This made curious about how I will be able to make this work for three more months. Welp, good ol’ science and the New York Times have come along with a tactic that might help us all tolerate hot, hot, hot workouts a bit more easily this summer. Read more »

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