The Checkup: Why You’re Terrible At Your Job the Day After the Eagles Lose a Game 

• If you feel like you kind of suck at your job on days after the Eagles lose a game, you’re not wrong: A new study published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology found that mood, work engagement and job performance all drop the day after a fan’s team loses a game. (Finally, a perk to not caring about football.) [Men’s Health]

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Why You Should Be Eating Kiwis Like Apples — Skin and All (Really!)

When anyone in the office does anything remotely related to a fruit or vegetable, the information usually gets relayed to me. Who else does one tell stories about tomatoes and pineapples to other than the Be Well Philly girl? So naturally, when one of my coworkers witnessed another coworker wash a kiwi and then proceed to bite into it like an apple — yep, furry skin and all — she immediately ushered the kiwi-skin-eater into my office to explain.

Turns out, this entire-kiwi-eating coworker, Claire, saw someone working at a smoothie place throw an entire kiwi into a blender one day about a year ago. She went home and promptly googled whether or not it was okay to eat kiwi skin only to discover that, despite the stares from strangers that would suggest otherwise, it’s totally fine to do. In fact, eating the skin makes the fruit significantly more nutritious. As is noted over on Livestrong, “The skin is loaded with even more fiber and vitamin C than the fruit inside. Some studies show that the skin has triple the fiber as compared to the meat of the fruit.” And as all you regular Be Well Philly readers know, fiber is touted as a bloat-banishing and weight-loss superhero. Convinced yet?

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Christmas Tree Farms in Pennsylvania and New Jersey: Where to Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Is it really Christmas without the holly-jolly aroma of a freshly chopped Christmas tree filling your home (or tiny apartment)? We think not. So, our Christmas gift to you: 20 cut-your-own Christmas tree farms in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. These farms offer a wide variety of trees in any size you may need (even mini-apartment-sized). Most will provide you with hot cocoa, a saw and wheelbarrow — and if you’re lucky, you may even see Santa! Now, all you’ve got to do is choose a farm and go get your chop on. Read more »

YESSS: HipCityVeg Is Adding Breakfast to Its Menu — Plus More Details on the New Midtown Village Location

Rendering of the HipCityVeg location on Broad Street | Image courtesy HipCityVeg

Rendering of the HipCityVeg location on Broad Street | Image courtesy HipCityVeg

Breaking news, people: We just got word that HipCityVeg’s new Midtown Village location, slated to open at 121 South Broad Street in December (so soon! Eeeee!), will have — wait for it — breakfast on the menu. We’re talking vegan breakfast sandwiches, wraps, bagels, coffee and more. Insert all the praise-hands emojis here.

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What’s the Deal With Organic Tampons? (And Should You Be Using Them?)

organic tampons

Image via LOLA.

Fact: Talking about tampons can be awkward. But lately, organic tampon brands like LOLA and Cora (which started in Philly) — along with alternative forms of feminine care products, like THINX period panties, menstrual cups, etc. — have been generating a lot of buzz in the health-conscious world. After all, we care about the food that goes into our bodies, as well as the beauty and skincare products we use on it. Why would your feminine care products be any different?

We were curious to learn more about WTF is up with organic tampons (and we’re sure you are, too) so we turned to two experts who know what they’re talkin’ about: Dr. Jerrold Snyder, a gynecologist with Women’s Specialists of Bucks County, and Alex Friedman, a Wharton grad who has some skin in the organic tampon game after co-founding LOLA organic. See what we learned below.

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The Checkup: The Common Fitness Gear Mistakes Sabotaging Your Workouts

• Trainers aren’t just looking at your form when you hit the gym — they’re also taking note of your fitness gear, including the mistakes you’re making that could be sabotaging your workouts. Think: wearing the wrong underwear, not paying attention to your shoes and going for a cutesy sports bra instead of a sports bra that actually works. Guilty? Same. [Well + Good]

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The (Free!) Rocky 50K Run Is This Weekend — Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The Rocky 50K Run 2015 | Photo via Facebook

The Rocky 50K Run | Photo via Facebook

You’ve probably seen ‘em before: Runners decked out like Rocky Balboa in grey sweatsuits and red headbands, running through Philly’s streets in the (often freezing) December weather. Despite appearances, these people are not insane. (Well, probably not at least.) They’re just runners participating in the Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run, a free organized run put on by local runner Rebecca Barber each year, that takes ambitious pavement pounders along the route Rocky ran in Rocky II — yep, all 31-ish miles of it! — mapped out by Philly Mag’s own Dan McQuade.

This year’s Rocky 50K is going down this Saturday, so go ahead and order a grey sweatsuit on Amazon. And before you head to the run come Saturday morning, make sure to read Barber’s answers to the most frequently asked questions about the run (like, “Do I have to run the WHOLE 31 miles?” Answer: no) below. Good luck, Rocky runners!

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Yoga Gift Guide: 13 Gifts Philly Yoga Teachers Have on Their Holiday Wish Lists

Yesterday, we gave you guys an inside look at the holiday wish lists of Philly healthy foodies. Now, it’s time to take a cue from the wish lists of Philly yogis.

To make it easier for you to holiday shop for the yogis in your life, we asked a bunch of Philly yoga studio owners and teachers to tell us what gifts they’re asking for this holiday season. Two things to note: A bunch of them are dying to get a float therapy session come Christmas (more than we’ve included on this list) and a good chunk of them mentioned the Queen Village boutique Moon and Arrow as one of their favorite shopping spots. So you already know where to start your shopping hunt.

Now below, 13 gifts Philly yogis are hoping to get this holiday season. Read up, then steal an idea or two to for the yogi in your life.

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Stress Relief: People Are Paying Money to Smash Stuff to Pieces — Would You?

I had a friend growing up who would smash stuff whenever they got stressed or angry: windows, sculptures, electronics — you name it. Their parents were well off, so the items would always be replaced within 48 hours, with the same amount of fuss that goes into replacing an ink cartridge in a printer. When witnessing these outbursts, my first thought was always, Um, have you guys thought about therapy? And my second was, What a luxury it is to be able to smash stuff without having to wonder how you’ll live without it. And now, thanks to the latest trend in stress relief, folks can do just that.

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10 Awesome Mommy-and-Me Yoga Classes in Philadelphia and the Suburbs



Be Well Family is a collaboration with Wee Wander, a site dedicated to helping Philadelphia parents navigate their city. See more in this series here, or keep up with all of  Wee Wander’s tips, guides and Philly related parenting help on Facebook

The thing about mommy-and-me yoga is that there’s often a little more to it than just squeezing in a workout. Sometimes you just want to get out of the house with that baby. Sometimes you have a toddler who needs to work out some wiggles. Sometimes exercising with your kid attached to you is the only way you’ll get any exercise at all. Here, we’ve rounded up 10 excellent options for mom-friendly yoga of all sorts, whether you’re looking for a serious sweat session or just a little postnatal support. There’s truly something for everyone (including the moms who want to drop that kid off for an hour).

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