To Do: Yoga and Hiking at Wenonah Lake

The words “relaxation” and “workout” don’t usually go hand in hand, but with Brittany Rae Yoga’s Yoga + Hiking event, you can expect to get a healthy dose of both.

On October 12th, yoga instructors Brittany Wallrath, Allegra Tiver and Shelly Frampton will lead a hike around the scenic trails of the Wenonah Lake in Wenonah, New Jersey. In addition to exploring the trails, participants will meditate near a flowing stream (I. So. Need. That.) and, of course, end the hike with a 30-minute yoga class amongst the falling leaves.

The icing on the cake? All proceeds will go towards Brittany’s fundraiser to help build a school in Nicaragua. You can find out more about the event here.

$25, October 12th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Wenonah Lake, New Jersey.

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To Do: Namas Day Yoga Festival in Wayne

A full day of yoga, food education and mind-cleansing?  If you thought you could only get that kind of treatment at a spiritual retreat, think again. On October 6th, Philly Area Yoga is hosting the second annual Namas Day at the Wayne Art Center.  This jam-packed event offers 19 different workshops on topics ranging from meditation to Reiki healing to food as medicine and more.

To stock up on your yoga knowledge, and maybe even learn how to master that impossible headstand pose, register here. And, if you can’t commit to spending an entire day in yoga paradise (because, ugh, errands), no worries—you can also register for workshops individually.

$110 full day pass or $30 to 35 for an individual workshop; October 6th from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Wayne Art Center, 413 Maplewood Ave, Wayne.

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DIY: How to Make an Adjustable Yoga Mat Strap for Less Than $10

My husband’s birthday was two weeks ago, and since he and I have been getting into yoga lately, I thought a good-quality yoga mat—one that keeps you from slipping and sliding on sweaty palms—would make for great present. So after collecting some recommendations from a few yoga teachers and trying out a few mats myself, I opted to get him The Mat from Lululemon. And, well, to avoid being totally jealous every time we went to class together, I decided to splurge and get one for myself, too. Happy birthday to me.

Anyway, after shelling out all that cash for not one but two Lulu mats, I simply couldn’t justify spending another $20 each for a mat strap. Besides, I thought to myself, how annoying could carrying a yoga mat under your arm actually be?

Conclusion after two weeks of doing it: It’s very annoying. And since we ride our bikes to class most of the time, cramming them into our bags wasn’t working out all that well either.

But still. Another $40 on yoga gear? Really? And then I realized something: Why don’t I just make the straps myself?

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To Do: Yoga + Brew at Laughing Buddha Hot Yoga

Down some beers after perfecting your downward dog, all for a good cause!  On October 11th, Laughing Buddha Hot Yoga over in Jersey is hosting Yoga + Brew, where an hourlong Vinyasa class will be followed by an autumn beer tasting. Yum!

All of the proceeds from the workshop will go towards funding a trip with Beyond Asana and buildOn to help build a school in Nicaragua. I mean, how often is it that you can describe your love of pumpkin ale as “charitable”?  (Note: Dropping some change in the local pizza joint’s tip jar after a few too many does not count.)

To take advantage of this rare opportunity to do yoga, drink beer and make a difference, reserve your spot here.

$30 until October 10th, $35 after; October 11th from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., Laughing Buddha Hot Yoga, Sherwood Square Shopping Center, 934 Kings Highway, West Deptford.

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Photos: Wanderlust Festival’s Yoga Block Party Philly

On Saturday afternoon, hundreds of yogis clad in a rainbow of Luon descended on the Piazza at Schmidt’s in Northern Liberties for the much anticipated Yoga Block Party, an all-day yoga event hosted by the Wanderlust Festival featuring a lineup of some of the region’s top instructors. The fun kicked off at noon with massive outdoor yoga classes running all day long helmed by teachers from DIG Yoga, the Yoga Garden, Grace & Glory Yoga and Maha Yoga and Healing Arts, just to name a few. There were also booths featuring local food vendors, DJ-spun music, AcroYoga demos and lots more.

Check out the slideshow below to get a feel for the action. And if you were there, tell us what you thought of the Yoga Block Party in the comments!

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Reminder: Wanderlust Philly Yoga Block Party Is Tomorrow!

And just like that, folks, it’s September 6th—and that means tomorrow is the Wanderlust Festival’s Yoga Block Party in Northern Liberties! Even though we first told you about back in July, I can’t help but feeling like time has seriously flown by.

For the uninitiated, Wanderlust is bringing a taste-test version of its full-blown yoga-and-music fest to the Piazza tomorrow for a day of free yoga, good music, yummy food and more. You need to register—don’t worry, it’s totally free—but other than that, just show up at the Piazza with your mat and some water, and get ready for a day of free yoga classes with some of the region’s best instructors.

The event runs from noon to 8 p.m., but here’s everything that’s going on in between:

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Yoga Classes at Race Street Pier Extended Through November

I love when happy news comes by way of Twitter. To wit:

That’d be Malik Wilson from Dhyana Yoga, who’ll be instructing the weekly donation classes. Join him starting tonight.

To Do: BrewMaha at Maha Yoga

After a long day at work, sometimes the choice between a grueling workout and a tipsy happy hour is all too easy. I mean, who can say no to a $2 Tecate? Like, really??

Well, on September 18th you can have your cake and eat it too. Just head over to Maha Yoga’s Center City studio where  instructor Jake Panasevich—yes, the same Jake who’s teaching the Yoga for Dudes class we told you about—will be teaming up with Left Hand Brewing Company to bring you a few truly happy hours. An hourlong yoga class will be followed by a refreshing beer tasting. Yes, you read that right—a yoga class that encourages beer-sipping over chugging aloe water.  I’m not making it up, I swear. Get more info on the event here.

$25 by September 4th or $35 after; Event is on September 18th from 5 to 7:30 p.m., Maha Yoga and Healing Arts, 1700 Sansom Street, 6th floor, Philadelphia.

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What Your Yoga Teacher Wants to Say to You (But Won’t)

Guys, I am cracking UP over this post over on Elephant Journal. It’s written by one ballsy yoga teacher named Alice Williams, who’s finally getting off her chest all the things she (and yoga teachers everywhere, really) want to say to students, but won’t. Examples:

You in the back, who keeps checking your mobile phone, see the way you’re jamming your arms straight, crunching your lower back and throwing your head back? You know how your mouth was moving before? We’re saying ‘don’t do that.’

Can’t do yoga because you’re ‘not flexible’? We admire you more than you realise just for turning up. Having said that, if you insist on contorting your body into the most advanced version of every pose ‘cause that’s real yoga,’ then send my love to your chiropractor.

We don’t like it when you leave before Savasana, for the same reason that Jamie doesn’t like you taking your lemon chicken out of the oven ten minutes early: you’re undercooked. And also, it’s really rude.

No one cares what you wear. Having said that, those leggings are more see-through than you think. [Editor’s note: I’ve already called Be Wellers out on this, and offered tips for how to avoid a see-through debacle.]

We will never tell you what we really think of Bikram unless we are drunk.

Read the full post here. And yoga teachers, tell us what YOU are dying to say to your students, but haven’t, in the comments below. (We won’t tell.)

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