Farm Fresh: Fall and Winter CSA Programs in Philly

Sometimes winter, what with its wind, gray skies and poofy coats, can feel like the season of sacrifice: no more picnics in Rittenhouse Square, Capogiro doesn’t taste nearly as delicious in mittens, and, unless you want to do so in a hoodie, forget about going down the Shore. But, thanks to a bounty of fall CSAs available this year, you don’t have to give up beautiful, fresh veggies, even when the weather turns.

For the uninitiated, a CSA, short for community supported agriculture, allows you to keep your fridge stocked with fresh, seasonal veggies without ever stepping foot in a grocery store. Eating farm-to-table all winter long is as simple as buying a “share” in the farm of your choosing and picking up your produce each week. Pretty neat, right?

To help get you started, we’ve rounded up some great CSA options running as early as September to as late as May. So, if eating fresh local foods floats your boat, then read on, sign-up and enjoy!

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This Week’s Market Watch: Asparagus

Spring is in the air … which means asparagus is on our plate!

Arriving early April to late May, the vibrant and succulent asparagus spear is only in season for a month or two each year. This beautiful, purplish-green veggie has been a delicacy since ancient times. A member of the lily family, the spears we consume are actually shoots from the plants underground crown that takes up to 3 years to develop enough to produce the asparagus we eat. Read more »