Where to Find Running Groups for #RuntoWorkPHL on Friday

group run

Tomorrow, tomorrow! We’re running tomorrow! That’s right, friends—Philly’s inaugural Run to Work Day is just about here, and we are beyond amped.

Just a quick heads up that there will be a few running groups gathering tomorrow morning that are open to anyone who wants to hoof it to work en masse. The Run to Work Day team (oh, how official we sound!), along with some pals, will be leading four groups from various starting points around the city. We’ll be leaving from each of these spots at 7:45 tomorrow morning, to give everyone enough time to clean up and change before heading to the office at 9.

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The Ultimate #RuntoWorkPHL FAQ

run commute

Guys, we are less than 48 hours away from Philly’s inaugural Run to Work Day. Can you feel the excitement in the air?!

All signs point to the fact that we’re going to have an EPIC showing for this first-ever region-wide event, and I couldn’t be happier. Hundreds of readers have signed on to our Facebook invite in solidarity, and I’ve heard from several businesses throughout the region who are encouraging their employees to run to the office on Friday. How cool is that?

Several of you have asked questions about some of the logistics for the day, so I thought a post tackling all of them at once would be useful. If there are any queries I missed, feel free to add them in the comments and I’ll get right back to you. Capisce?

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Tell Philly Where You Want Bike Share Stations

Bike Share Map
It seems like just about every other big city around—D.C., New York, Chicago, Boston—has launched a bike share program in the past few years. So, where the heck is ours? Well, it’s coming guys: The Philly bike share program is expected to launch in the spring of 2015 (yay!), but before then, the city wants you to chime in on where you think bike share stations should go with a handy interactive map.

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4 Ways to #RuntoWorkPHL If You Live Really Far from the Office



Eeee! The inaugural Run to Work Day Philly is this Friday, friends! Based on your Twitter and Facebook chatter, it seems you’re all as excited to hit the road as we are.

What’s been really cool over the past week is hearing from some of you about the creative ways you’re planning to tackle your longer commutes—because, obviously, it wouldn’t be reasonable to assume you’ll be able to haul it 20, 30 or 40 miles on foot to the office. If you’re scratching your head over your own double-digit commute, here are four ways other readers are making their Run to Work Day participation more manageable.

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Why Meat-Loving Philly Chef Scott Schroeder Is a Six-Days-a-Week Vegan

scott schroeder
Not too long ago, chef Scott Schroeder of South Philly Tap Room and American Sardine Bar hosted a Spam night at one of his restaurants. Yep, you read that right: a night full of culinary creations made with the infamous canned meat product, Spam. Spam nachos, Spam tacos, Spam sliders—Spam everything. So it might be a tiny bit hard to believe that this Spam-enthusiast (to his credit, he doesn’t actually love Spam—he just appreciates it’s versatility) recently went vegan. Well, six days a week, at least.

We chatted with the Philly chef to get the lowdown on why he ditched meat (Spoiler alert: he doesn’t actually disagree with eating animals at all) and to soak up some vegan cooking inspiration. Check out what Schroeder had to say about his vegan diet below.

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