Balancing Act: The Case for Adding Stability Training to Your Workouts

Great balance may seem like something you shouldn’t worry about until you’re scoring early-bird dinner deals, but it’s never too soon to start training. It’ll come in handy when you trip over the dog while carrying two handfuls of grocery bags, but that’s not all. Slowly losing your balance and coordination is normal as you get older, and perfecting your balance as you move through life means that, by the time your muscle mass begins to decrease and your bones begin to weaken, you’ll have a solid base you only need to maintain.

You’d think that staying upright would be a simple act to pull off, but, in reality, it takes teamwork from three major systems: the visual, the auditory (inner ear), and proprioception, our inner sense of limb position and movement in space, which is reliant on specialized neurons found in muscles and joints. Take one away (by closing your eyes or standing on an unstable surface) and balancing becomes harder — but that’s how you get better at it.

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How to Salvage Wilted Salad Greens Instead of Throwing Them Away

Two weekends ago, I went to yoga at Rebel in Chestnut Hill, and I couldn’t resist hitting up the weekend farmers’ market down the street afterward. As always, I got a bit overzealous, and found myself walking away a few minutes later with basically a grocery market-worthy produce section stuffed into my tote bag. I had many plans for what I was going to do with this just-purchased produce section — but then Monday came, and life got in the way of my plans to become Ina Garten. And come week’s end, I was left with a bunch of wilted greens which I’d bought way too many of. (Who can resist a beautiful bunch of rainbow chard? If you can, teach me your ways, please.)

So, if you’ve been finding yourself in the same boat week after week — that boat being “SO many farmers’ market greens, not a clue how to use them all!” — we feel you. And if you’re like me, you will continue buying WAY too many greens until the markets dry up in the hopes that this week will be the week you truly (finally!) embrace your Ina Garten-like ambitions. So below, four smart and easy ways to use wilted greens instead of throwing them away.

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The Most Common (and Annoying) Running Injuries, According to a Philly Trainer

If you love running, you know it can be a great way to burn calories, release feel-good endorphins, and get rid of some stress. There are few modes of exercise that truly allow you to zone out and let your mind wander like running does. Unfortunately, running can also come with nagging injuries that can keep you sidelined and unable to perform your normal workouts and activities. There are several measures runners can take to prevent injury, however, no one is immune to injury when it comes to running. Let’s look at the most common (and annoying) running injuries and how to prevent or remedy them.

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MAKE: Crispy Garlic and Parmesan Zucchini Boats

Zucchini Boats | Photo by Becca Boyd

This 20-minute side dish has quickly become my favorite way to cook zucchini, which comes in mighty useful this time of year when, if possible, there are too many zucchini to deal with. The flavor combo of garlic, fresh herbs and parmesan cheese fills your kitchen with a smell that literally makes your mouth water, and when paired with the beautifully crunchy bite, it’s summertime eating at its finest.

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The Epic Reason Philly Runners Will Be Gathering at City Hall This Saturday

It’s a big weekend for Philly runners, folks! There’s the Philly Mayor’s Cup going down throughout the day on Saturday, and then on Saturday afternoon, 15 ladies from Run 4 All Women’s Pennsylvania chapter will be embarking on their epic 115-mile run from Philly’s City Hall all the way to freakin’ Harrisburg. Yep: Harrisburg. Below, how you can join them. (Don’t worry: You don’t have to run the entire thing — the first leg is only four miles.)

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I Eliminated This From My Weekend (And I’m Never Going Back) 

You’re about to judge me, and that’s okay. Here’s why: Last weekend, I drove to Asbury Park to have a nice Sunday at the beach with some friends. I have a car phone charger, and — being the phone addict I am — I plugged my phone in before we even made it out of Fishtown. The problem: For whatever reason, my phone, despite being plugged in, wasn’t charging at all for the entire trip.

This messed with my head.

When we got to Asbury Park, I wasn’t thinking about running into delightfully splashy waves. No … I was thinking about how my phone battery was in the teens and, WTF am I going to do without Instagram at the beach all day? Is the beach even worth going to if you can’t post a basic AF story featuring some waves and a Turkish towel?! Honestly?! How will I know what my friends are doing during these five hours if my phone dies?! No, really, these were real thoughts running through my head.

Then, instead of heading straight for the beach, I dragged my fiancé to the Asbury Hotel (a truly lovely place, by the way), and made him and our friends who met us there sit inside with me as I charged my battery to the level I deemed sufficient. Which took kind of a long time because my phone is embarrassingly old and (see above) has trouble charging.

Cue the head shaking. But I’m willing to bet that, because it’s the 21st century, many of you out there are guilty of exhibiting similarly cringe-worthy behavior in the not-too-distant past. Am I right?

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Be Well Family: The Best Secondhand Shopping for Kids in Philly


For many new parents, there’s an initial sense of delight at the idea of buying showroom-fresh gear and sparkling new clothes for that little peanut. It’s an understandable instinct, really — new, untouched baby gets new, untouched stuff. But in our experience? That thrill wears off very, very quickly (like, basically the time your kid destroys his first outfit, or barfs in that showroom-fresh swing), and it’s replaced by thrill of the hunt. Where can you get the cutest, most useful, high-quality stuff for the least amount of cash?

Here, we have some answers. Between a handful of amazing annual sales, a few helpful online resources and some excellent brick-and-mortar consignment shops in this city, there are dozens of ways to find solid, squee-worthy secondhand goods for kids and babies in Philly. You’ll never want to pay retail at a big box store again.
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The Best Philly-Area Hospitals, According to U.S. News & World Report

This morning, U.S. News & World Reports released their annual Best Hospitals rankings, and we think our Philly hospital workers deserve a round of applause. Two Philly medical centers — Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian and Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals — nabbed spots on the 2017 U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals Honor Roll, which highlights the top 20 hospitals in the U.S. that deliver exceptional care across multiple areas of care.

We’ll pause for applause.

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