Seven Hunger-Staving, Metabolism-Revving Snacks

Illustration by Justin Renninger

I’m running back and forth to my Lithe studios almost all day every day, which means I have to snack smart to keep my energy up.  I avoid morning and midday crashes by reaching for my seven protien and healthy carb mainstays. Some I make at home, some I grab from my favorite Philly spots when I’m on the run.

PB Ricotta Roll-Up: Peanuts are full of protein and resveratrol, which lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and fights hunger.  To make at home: 1 small whole wheat wrap, 1 tablespoon of almond or peanut butter, 3/4 cup low-fat ricotta cheese + 1 tsp of honey or agave.  Mix the ricotta, honey, and peanut butter, then spread on the wrap.  Roll it up and enjoy … I make a batch of these on Sundays so I can grab and go during the week.  If you’re on the run and in Northern Liberties, check out the Elvis Special or Honey Nut sweet toast at the Soy Cafe (630 North 2nd Street, 215-922-1003)! Read more »

7 Ways to Bust a Workout Rut

Lauren Boggi

Mix it up: If you’re like most people, you like routines (manicures on Mondays, shopping on Sundays). Unfortunately, strict routines shouldn’t apply to fitness. Doing the same exercises day in and day out can bore both your muscles and your mind. In my experience, when many people get bored with workouts, they stop. Try varying your exercise routine on a regular basis. Aim for a combo of cardio exercises, strength training, and classes to stay interested.

Have fun: No matter how many strategies you use, it’ll be super-hard to stick with a program and become fit and healthy if you aren’t having any fun doing it. If you don’t enjoy “working out,” playing sports is a great way to bring back the good ‘ole days of gym class and practice. Besides, combining sports and socializing is fun! Try your skills at hip-hop dancing, Flamenco, kickboxing, and self-defense. Read more »

Seven (Non-Diet!) Ways to Love Your Body in a Bikini

Summer is chasing us at the heels, and now is the time that many women go into what Lithe Instructor Carrie Gero recently coined “Summer Bikini Panic.” But suddenly going all out at the last minute is a surefire way to a sports injury and fad dieting or restricting calories can cause destructive yo-yo-ing (weight cycling) which is unhealthy on so many levels. No matter how tempting it might be to try and do lots of last-minute rehab, remember that slow and steady weight loss is best for keeping it off long term and for losing fat, not all of that calorie-burning muscle you want to keep around.

So if you’re looking to get in shape for summer, know that your goal really should be to arrive at this time next year and not be panicking. Start a safe, smart—and feasibly sustainable—program now, and then check out my tips for buying a bikini below that’ll make you look like you just lost five pounds—without hurting your health. Read more »

Why Negative “Fat Talk” Isn’t Allowed at Lithe

A few weeks ago, the women at Lithe were up in arms (in a good way) after I called a few people out on my blog regarding a bulky comment that was being made at various Lithe Method studios. Shocking you say? Bad PR? Well, I wrote about this controversial topic to nip it in the bud and make women aware that we won’t stand for unhealthy “fat talk.” I also did it to teach people that muscle isn’t bulk and that genetics plays a huge part in way your body will develop.

I work hard to make sure that every woman that is featured on my blog and teaching my method is a relevant, healthy role model-I want every woman who walks through our studio doors to identify with one of us. Body diversity is beautiful. The results were wonderful and eye-opening. Read more »

The Pleasures of Cooking In

I was recently in Jamaica for ten days and was lucky enough to live and eat off the land the entire time. I had Fifty-five meals and not one food item came from a package or a typical “restaurant.” It really brought me a sense of joyful calm and satisfaction that I really can’t quite describe in words.

This week I’d love to talk about the pleasure of preparing your own food and … eating in! I love to cook and I’m passionate about Slow Food, sustainable living and eating. I always prefer natural, whole-foods and ingredients. I’m also just as passionate about visiting the latest celebrated restaurant, but I try and prepare all my meals at home Monday through Thursday. Read more »

Get to Know Lauren, One of Our New Expert Bloggers!

A life-long fitness-enthusiast, dancer, and college cheerleader, Lauren Boggi says that movement is like language to her. She can’t remember her life without it. Lauren is a on a mission to make a difference in the world, empowering one woman at a time. She’ll be blogging on Be Well Philly weekly on everything from body image and fitness to the pleasures of eating local. Read more »