The Dairy Dilemma

When my son was first born, I used to marvel at how soft and smooth his skin was. I carefully moisturized him post bath to keep it silky, and I found myself sniffing his little head every now and then for a whiff of that indescribable scent that only babies have (kind of like that “new car smell,” only it’s a “new kid smell”).

But around three or four months all of that faded. Jack developed dry, flaky patches all over his face and chin, and he perpetually sported a red, slapped-cheek look. At first I thought it was dry skin—the rashes started as soon as the temperatures began to drop—but no amount of Aquafor could return his skin to its former glory. (I’m ashamed to admit this, but like a Vogue photo editor, I even air brushed our Christmas card so his complexion would appear a little clearer.) Read more »

Total Recall

Perhaps it’s just on my radar now that I’m a new mom, but doesn’t it seem like every day another product is recalled because it threatens to maim, sicken, or kill our children? Tylenol, baby slings, strollers—I mean, what’s next? Cribs. Yup, them too. At this point, I’m considering padding my 10-month-old son in bubble wrap and tucking him away in a hygienically sealed room until he’s 18.

It’s the crib controversy that has me most concerned— public enemy No. 1, in particular: the drop-side crib. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recalled more than 7 million drop-side cribs from 11 brands in the past five years—the most recent culprits Golden Baby, Sorelle and C&T International, Graco and Simplicity. And now the government group is saying it plans to ban them altogether by the end of the year. (If you want a list of the latest product recalls, check out the CPSC website .) Read more »