Former Vegan Says She Got Death Threats When She Started Eating Meat

You read that right—death threats. Check out this interesting segment from a recent HuffPost Live interview in which former vegan Alexandra Jamieson, co-creator of “Super Size Me,” explains why she’s back on meat and how diet labels of any kind can be a tad, well, stupid. (Side note: Thanks for the heads up on this, Green Philly Blog!)

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  • *F.A.A.R.M.

    Alexandra should have got professional help from a vegan nutritionist.

    Plain and simple: eating animal flesh is not only unethical, it is also unhealthy. She can do whatever she likes, but sorry wrong is wrong.

    People living in areas where there is no food for humans should have moved ages ago! Animals do it all the time when they roam and find no place to eat, they move on to a place where they can find food. Why didn’t humans do that hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of years ago?? Just because people foolishly decided to stay in a place where there was no food for them, but instead start eating animal flesh and their secretions and populating in that area to practically now a fait accompli, does NOT make it morally, ethically, or nutritionally right.

    Being vegan is NOT a personal thing; it’s a matter of whether one wants to be a part of causing excruciating pain and death to millions of animals unnecessarily, or being a part of helping to save animals’ lives and making themselves healthier too–having the best of both worlds.

    Vegan is a SOCIAL JUSTICE CAUSE. Not a fad, diet, trend, or “personal thing”. Like human rights is not a fad, trend or just a personal thing, neither is veganism.

    But I will say good of Alexandra to say not all vegans are bad and there are extremists in any type of group, community, cause….which is so true, so props to her for saying that.

    • Tony

      Not all vegans are bad, but you are.

    • S Rebecca

      “Social Justice” is a liberal idea and concept with which I do not agree with at all. It is not your business what I eat or why I choose to eat it. My ancestors did not fight, kick, and claw their way to the top of the food chain for me to eat broccoli. Eating meat may be wrong for you, and that is fine; by all means, YOU do not eat that which you despise. But as I like meat and actually do need it in my diet, I will eat all the flesh I wish. I am healthier BECAUSE I eat meat. I do not believe anyone wants to cause unnecessary pain to animals; factory farming however, and all it entails, is much needed to feed people.

  • Mayor McCheese.

    Hmmm…so it is not OK to kill and eat animals, but its cool to want to kill another human ?

    Fucking vegans.

    • steph. h.

      There are crazies in every walk of life, it just seems like the media exacerbates and focuses on the crazies in any small but growing trend that is different than the norm. Thanks!!

      I personally have a veg fb page and i get omni haters coming on all the time leaving horribly hateful and even sadistic comments (all because i don’t eat animals! so strange). But I know there are nice people out there, too, who just don’t get why people are veg. Most of the time people don’t really even understand why they object to vegans, the hate is just like a reflex because they feel threatened or something, and because of stories like this…

      There are many important reasons why people go veg, it’s not all “hippy” BS. Issues like Economics, Efficiency, Health, Compassion, and Environment all play a part.

  • steph. h.

    When will this lady stop promoting herself and her ridiculous anti-vegan attitude? It seems like every time another celebrity or whatever decides to go plant-based, this lady starts popping up all over talking crap about how she couldn’t handle it. Get a life lady! Nobody cares that you’re doing what everyone else is doing! You’re not unique. How vain!

  • Vee

    The headline for this story is utterly sensationalist. This woman says she is mostly plant-based, if not totally vegan anymore. If everyone were mostly plant-based, we’d reduce the problems caused by a meat-centered diet by 90%. At the very end she said a very few people sent her death threats. Big deal. There are kooks in every community.

    • Thanks for pointing out Vee. I think her discussion overall makes sense. If people believe in Veganism, do it. If they want to go plant-based, it’s better overall. And yes, as a fellow blogger I do understand the sensationalized headlines – you probably wouldn’t have clicked through otherwise. ;-)

    • Anonymous

      “At the very end she said a very few people sent her death threats. Big deal. There are kooks in every community.”

      They could have been provocateurs hired by the meat industry to portray vegans as violent extremists.

  • Jim Corcoran

    Which “experts” did she consult? I’ve never heard of a condition that couldn’t be over come with sound vegan nutrition advice. Sounds like BS to me!

  • Thanks for sharing and mentioning us, Emily! :-)

  • Athonwy Doherty

    She was never Vegan in the first place. She was a plant-based eater for a while, and when it stopped working for her because of her unwillingness to be intelligent about it, she jumped to the next bandwagon. Veganism is not a diet, it is a way of life that happens to inform a certain diet, but the diet is entirely secondary. A plant-based diet can be completely healthy or mortally unhealthy, depending entirely on the food you choose. The reason this woman and others of her ilk, like Lierre Keith, receive such backlash is because they are selfish liars, plain and simple.