The Checkup: How to Stock Your Pantry for Easy, Healthy Lunches Everyday


• I’ve learned at the ripe old age of 29 that a little planning goes a long way when it comes to healthy eating. After all, if you don’t have good-for-you foods on hand, your odds of actually consuming good-for-you foods go down to, like, zero. (That’s some serious logic for you there, folks.) Check out this simple five-step plan for stocking your pantry with versatile basics for healthy grab-and-go lunches every day of the week. [Whole Story]

• What are your favorite fall foods? Here are 18 terrific ones, and ideas for what to do with them. [Women’s Health]

• Why French people don’t understand the whole kale-obsession thing. [New York Times]

• I spy with my little eye Chestnut Hill’s own Schuyler Nunn, the owner of Indigo Schuy fitnesswear boutique who was profiled as part of an all-moms Ragnar Relay team. Fun! [Another Mother Runner]

• Do your health a solid and read this: 8 ways to stay cold-free this winter. [Refinery 29]

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