The Checkup: What You Eat Determines How Well You Sleep, Study Says

A new study out of Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine found some interesting links between our eating habits and sleeping patterns.

• Feeling exhausted this morning? I’m with ya. If you had a bad night of sleep, you could have your eating habits to blame. A new study from Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine found some interesting connections between diet and sleep patterns. In the study, people who ate the most calories got only five to six hours of sleep a night, while those who ate the least amount of calories tended to oversleep, getting nine or more hours a night. (Long-sleepers also drank more alcohol.) Normal sleepers—defined as those who got seven to eight hours of shut-eye—had the most variety in their diets, and as TIME Healthland points out, “a varied diet tends to be a marker for good health since it includes multiple sources of nutrients.” Interesting, right? The researchers say the study is a first in the field, finding that what you eat influences how well you sleep. With more research, perhaps they could unlock ways to treat sleep disorders with diet.

• What do the people want? More lower-calorie options at restaurants! That’s according to a study released last week, which found that restaurants that offered more low-cal options saw a 5.5 percent increase in sales between 2006 and 2011, while ones that offered few healthy items saw 5.5 percent sales decrease in the same period. The Wall Street Journal has more.

• Things that are awesome: that beer—yes, beer—could hold the secret to treatments for cancer, diabetes, inflammation and even weight loss, according to a new study. I’ll drink to that.

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  • MDEaglesFan33

    I really like Carry Willams attitude when it comes to playing the game. At the end of the day, Chip Kelly and this team has to realize that they are a family. Whether it’s offense or defense, you have to play like one and really help each other in the trenches. Peyton Manning teaches his guys this fact day in and day out. Eagles, realize it’s business out there when you guys play. Don’t let these other teams punk you around, whether its on our turf or theres! No dynasty talk, no superbowl talk, no playoff talk until you guys are there!!! For now, lets get the job done and focus on the Broncos!! #Go Eagles #Eaglesfanforlife!!

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      You should go make a tweet then.

  • Media Mike

    Is it a scumb@g move if I take Denver in my suicide pool?

    • Broadcasting Wisdom

      Not a scumbag move, just not the smartest play. Jacksonville is going 0-16 this year, so just pick the Colts this week and save the Broncos for when they play Jacksonville at home in a couple weeks.

    • Media Mike

      Actually, I’m probably a scumb@g either way.

  • G_WallyHunter

    Maybe since Cary played him TWO TIMES last year he will get TWO picks because he will know exactly what Peyton is doing, he will read Peyton better than Peyton reads him, Sconces save us all!

  • Kuney

    This is obviously a tough game and everyone will be picking the broncos. But the offense can definitely keep up with Peyton now that they won’t be playing on thursday.
    It strikes me as who has the ball last kind of game. Hopefully Chip learned a little something from that San Diego game about watching the clock at the end of the game.

    Defensively same old story. Just try to make it as difficult as possible. There is no magic formula but pressure has always been a part of disrupting QBs playing at peytons level and their line is a little suspect. And really sell out on the pressure…..I’d gladly give up a big play or two if we get an interception or two or hits on him.

    • anon

      If we can play without mistakes then we can win (I wish we could play without mistakes). Hopefully there’s a double dose of McCoy/Brown and they play paper, rock, scissors for carries.

      • Kuney

        I just don’t like how its an automatic loss in everyones eyes. If anyone can keep up with them offensively we can. Plus they’re on a short week on were on 10 days rest. The table is set.

    • usmcnole

      Play vinny curry alot. Their run game is weak

    • MDEaglesFan33

      Ha! Let them pick the broncos! You see what happened when everyone on the Monday night game picked the redskins against us! It was pretty nice having the last laugh of the night!

  • dislikedisqus

    Not that I have any credentials but my strategy would be: (1) nickel the whole game; (2) rush 3, drop 8 on most plays, but frequently make the rush unbalanced – all from the left, all from the right etc. Peyton is not mobile so if anyone gets through, he’s at risk. Plus it lets part of your defense rest a bit on some plays. But I don’t expect success. This guy is in another galaxy.

  • knighn

    Peyton is an old horse who needs to be put out to pasture with Wrangler Brett.

  • Scott J

    Manning will throw in Nate Allen’s direction all night.

  • #7

    We have to disguise our coverages all the way until he gets the snap. If we don’t disguise, he’s going to slice us up. And push the pocket on him up the middle and make him move. Offense had to score and score a lot. Prefer that we run the football and get the quick game going. And let’s see Ertz get in the game more.

  • anon

    Kelly made interesting comments about the blitz schemes: “You have to try to give him different looks. But you have to make
    sure your disguise isn’t a liability, that you’re so far away from your
    work that you can’t get to your work.”

    There was a really good article about this one and how Billy had blitzes coming from all over, but they lead to blown coverages / players that are blitzing from too far away to be effective. There was a play were the DB blitzed and Ced Thorton was left to cover a WR down the field (he did a pretty good job). That seems a little silly.

    I wonder if Kelly is going to get a little exhasperated looking at tape of the defense schemes billy puts out. Might need to call his guys in Oregon.

    • GoBirds1

      I was a little disgusted when billy sent Boykin on the Blitz like 8 times and never got within 10 yards of Smith. Maybe with the game on the line they could have used him to man Cover Avery on the cross instead of being burnt by Fat Andy for the sixth time. Their is reason this DC has a lousy reputation.

  • Andrew

    Watch for the Broncos to not huddle the entire game (or most of it) a la Rivers and company. Peyton is a magician when it comes to calling plays at the line of scrimmage. The Slow Huddle was basically invented by he and Tom Moore in Indy. The ONLY chance our D has against him is to a. Get a TON of pressure on him and b. disguise our coverages until the last second. He’ll torch us if not.

  • septa_rida

    Simple – cause the dudes other than Peyton to make mistakes.