Winter Skin Care: The Best Products for Every Skin Type

Pro tips for preparing your skin for the cold

With winter just around the corner (when did that happen?!), it’s officially time to break out your sweaters and prep your body to beat the chill—and that includes how you take care of your skin. Whether you’re facing the bitter winds of the outdoors or the blasting heat inside, it’s important to tweak your skincare routine to keep winter dryness and flakiness at bay.

“The skin is a lot drier this time of year, and with the cold weather you need to protect the barrier function of the skin’s outside layer,” say Betsy Rubenstone, director of skincare services at Deme, a plastic surgery, dental and skincare practice in Center City. “In other words, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.”

Roger that. But which products are best?

We talked to local experts to find out. But before we dive in, here are a few overarching rules for winter skin care:

  • Even though the sun seems weaker in the winter, it's important to continue to wear an SPF when going outside. Ultra-violet and free-radical damage is still a very real threat.
  • Do not over-exfoliate. Using cleansers with scrubbers strips the skin of oil and leaves it more vulnerable to harsh weather.

Read on for more rules, tailored to skin type, to keep your skin healthy and glowing for all those holiday photos.

If you're oily ...

"If you have oily skin, it's best to use a product that's a little lighter but will keep your skin moisturized in the winter, " says Michele Ziskind, a dermatologist at Paoli Hospital. She recommends CeraVe Cleanser (available at drug stores) and a light lotion: "CeraVe products contain ceramides, which act like little sponges, sucking moisture in and holding it there."

If you're dry...

Those of us with dry skin should note the difference between lotions and creams. "It's the percentage of water," says Ziskind. "Lotion has a higher percentage of water and lower oil." So, dry-skin gals (and guys, too!), you should stick to creams, which have more oil, for your winter skin care.

If you're shopping at CVS, try Cetaphil or Aveeno creams. For something a bit higher-end, Danuta Mieloch, the skin guru at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, recommends Valmont Prime Regenera II ($215), a highly concentrated cream that repairs and heals moisture-hungry skin.

If you're prone to breakouts ...

Just like in warmer-weather months, you still need products with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to cut oil, but look for ones that are less harsh to avoid over-drying. Ziskind likes Neutrogena's foaming acne cleansers, which she says are mild enough to use in the winter. Use an antioxidant-rich botanical mask once a week to keep pores clear.

If you're sensitive or prone to redness ...

Finding a cure for redness is the Holy Grail of the skincare world, says Ziskind: "Every cosmetic company is looking for something that controls redness." She likes Aveeno's Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer, which contains a redness-minimizing herb called feverfew. Another good one: Eucerin Redness Relief. "This is a licorice-based product that has a constrictive effect on blood vessels," says Ziskind. "Licochalcone is a licorice root extract with skin soothing properties."

A mask is also a good idea for people with redness. Mieloch likes Biologique Recherche's Masque Biosensible. Leave it on for 20 minutes for full soothing potential. Bonus: it helps soothe razor burn for guys.

If you're aging or wrinkled...

Fact: Aging or wrinkled skin needs a good moisturizer. "It's a common misconception that if you have oilier skin, you have fewer wrinkles, but that is absolutely not true," says Ziskind. "Wrinkled skin can be dry or oily." She advises going for products with retinol (a.k.a. pure vitamin A), such as RoC Retinol. It stimulates collagen production to help lessen the appearance of wrinkles. But word to the wise: Check with a doctor before beginning treatment with retinol products.

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  • Laura James

    Skin also needs regular moisture and protection, and if your skin dehydrates when it’s cold it can be a good idea to get into the habit of using specific day and night-time products. I have been using dead sea kit and it’s quite effective.

  • alex

    Really helpful skincare tips for the winter. If you want to learn more health and beauty tips feel free to visit our blog

  • Richard Colton

    What’s hot: smoothies & cheese wit
    What’s not: pickle juice & KC BBQ

  • Markus214

    I dont mean to even compare the two and my fear is that some will take this the wrong way but how cool would it be if chip Kelly comes in and begins the turnaround process and we can win a superbowl under coach Kelly years down the line there is a movie made of how it all happened and we witnessed it

  • Myke Lowery

    Lol the thing about heart monitors is that you can’t fake being tired. Seems like a lot if crossfit concepts being used. The music beats probably matches the workout speeds and tempo

    • cliff henny

      kelly’s basing it on research that has shown that certain beats and rhythms help give energy and improve workouts.

  • xlGmanlx

    Devils in the details, love it.

  • Todd Orange

    This is awesome. So stoked about the changes going on.

  • cliff henny

    how many eagles were texted/tweeted to by friend…”juice boxes and orange wedges for everyone!”

  • Geagle

    After digesting all the new info these past two days, I think the Eagles 1st round pick will come down to Dion,Lane,Star, and Sheldon…Floyd and Ziggy are off our Radar(ATleast in my mind)

    • Markus214

      I’m really thinking we go Eric Fisher Lane Johnson or Luke joeckel in the first than go EJ Manuel second round. I have been lobbying for EJ as our 2nd round pick long time now. He is exactly what is needed 6 5 big body has great attitude team guy and will constantly work his ass off for a opportunity. Chip had tried to get him to come to Oregon before. I believe he will be a Eagle. Love this site. Everyone has such great points and this is always first site I check in morning last one I check at night. Glad to be here!!!

      • Mostel

        NO NO NO NO NO NO> NO MORE RUNNING BUMS! EJ MANUEL IS HORRIBLE AND A LOSER! HE’LL BE HURT NON-STOP LIKE VICK AND RGKNEE. Really, the read-option, run all the time guys, are a dead end. I want no parts of a running QB system.

      • theycallmerob

        glad to have you.

      • Richard Colton

        Markus – if the Eagles decided that EJ would cost their 2nd and 4th round picks, would you do it?

        • Dutch

          What other options does the Eagles have to snag a potential Franchise Quarterback, Wawa?

          Is it difficult to believe an Offensive Minded Coach, want’s to kick off his career in the NFL with a Quarterback of his choosing to run the offense he desires?

          • Richard Colton

            It’s a hypothetical; because I don’t believe EJ will be there at #35. Do you think he’s worth only the 35th pick? Or would you do 35 and 101? What about #35 and next year’s #2?

            I wouldn’t, but only because I don’t think he’s a franchise QB. If you truly believe he is – wouldn’t you consider taking him at #4?

          • Geagle

            Tats how I see it Colt. if Im drafting a QB in round2, then he has to be someone I would take in round 1…..Not sure how anyone can even think about trading a 4th round pick to move up, and take a QB that will have to sit on the bench for At the very least two years bene we can think of playing him….The same exact people who are all pounding the table for us to draft Geno, or EJ, will be clamping for us to draft one of the QBs again next year, because No shot in hell that Geno or EJ can show you that they are a franchise guy as rookie’s….they need too much work!!!

            I would much rather have Kiko Alonso, Barrett Jones, Quessenberry, Brandon Williams,Brennan Williams, Jon Jenkins, Jelanie Jenkins, Brandon McGee…one of these dudes will be available when we pick at 101….Yet we are supposed to give that up, and our 2nd, to get EJ Manuel? NO thanks…and I don’t see how anyone could be ok with that

          • Richard Colton

            could you imagine? Drafting a QB in the top three rounds 3 straight drafts? I have a hard time seeing them drafting EJ. Not saying he won’t be a good QB, just don’t see it happening. I’d love to see Kiko drop to 101. He or Barrett Jones would be insane value in round four.

  • Absecon

    Awesome stuff!

  • Joseph Kaye

    I love all this stuff – I’ll love it even more if it actually works.

    • Dutch

      I don’t doubt that many NFL players already have their own nutritionist and personal trainers who have trained in the same or similar disciplines to prepare their bodies for the season.
      Look at the bodies as they come into mini camp. It’s pretty evident they’ve not been laying round eating donuts.

  • Mostel

    I enjoy seeing the up-tempo attitude being reinforced at all times, but it won’t matter if we have the WRONG system in place for QB. The tempo is going to be awesome, but it needs talent and planning to work. If Kelly goes with Vick, Dixon, Manuel, or any other run-first QB and/or system; we’re done for. Read-option is a JV / gimmick / flavor of the month fad that no real coach and / or team will use long term.

    I really want to see Kelly and the Eagles do great things, but it won’t happen if we have another running QB. I’m done with that garbage. We need to model our fast paced play on New England. Call a lot of runs, run a lot of no huddle, run almost never with the QB. The QB needs to take less hits, not more.

    • atlvickfan

      Seems to be working fine for the two best teams in the conference.

      • Mostel

        Are you 8 years old? Randall Cunningham and Mike Vick were injured over and over and over again. Running = dead QB sooner or later.

        • BrickSquadMonopoly

          Your way out of line the mans expressing an opinion. Not only that you’re outdated, athletic QBs (not “running”) are the way of the future because athletes take fitness serious more. Im not even gonna start naming successful “running QBs” nice examples though

          • Mostel

            Tom Brady, Brad Johnson, Tom Brady, Tom Brady, Big Ben, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Big Ben, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Joe Flacco. QBs 2001-2012 season Superbowl winners. Big Ben moves around behind the line of scrimmage to make throws and Aaron Rodgers runs if the D has 100% turned their backs to him. Rodgers’ high attempts for a season is 64! 4 A GAME!

            A QB who is athletic is a great thing, but a QB who runs by design or frequent choice is being put in harm’s way. Your “future” is a dead end of injury. Ask Mike Tomlin, Aaron Rodgers, Bruce Arians, Pat Kirwan,
            Kaepernick, RG3, Scam Newton, Wilson, etc. will all need to cut down on the running or they’ll be increasing the time injured.

        • Joshua Browns

          Cunningham had two significant injuries in his Eagles career, both of which occurred in the pocket. Vick’s most significant injuries have also occurred in the pocket. Tell me again about how a “running QB” always equals injuries.

          • Dutch

            The Yougins, aren’t going to or, are unwilling to remember the details

        • Dutch

          So was Kevin Kolb and Nick Foles in Phila and both are very far from being a running QB however, didn’t Vick’s injuries come in the pocket often from blind side hits.

    • Dutch

      Protecting Tom Brady begins in the trenches. The Eagles, unfortunately haven’t done well at protecting their pocket since Runyan and Thomas left in 2008. Every QB who has stood in the Eagles pocket since where wheeled of at one point or another for extensive medical care.

  • dislikedisqus

    Guys, we’re talking about practice. Practice! And smoothies! You’re posting about smoothies! And music? You’re commenting on smoothies and music!

    • Dutch

      The thought of grown men who anchors a NFL Defensive and Offensive line going ga ga over Smoothies is kind of troublesome. Look at the players as they come in for Mini Camp. It’s pretty obvious these players pride and dignity motivated them to do something significant to avoid the outcome of another season like the 2012 Eagles disaster.

      That’s initiative and commitment.

      • southy

        I think it’s less that they think some smoothies are going to be a game changer and more that a) they are a novelty and b) they are representative of the myriad changes to the training routine.

  • Josh_PSU

    Sheil and Tim: Any way you could potentially get the music playlist for practice? I’d be interested to hear Chip’s taste in music.

  • xlGmanlx

    At the end of the day, it’s leadership. It shows in different forms, but leadership from your leaders is still what determines success in any organization whether sports (head coach) or business, combat, whatever. Regardless of X’s and O’s, which someone will always be technically better or more sound, the difference has always been leadership and Kelly has it in spades.

  • PaoliBulldog

    Andy Reid did things his way whether they worked or not. Kelly does things his way until he concludes they don’t work, and then he does his research and changes his ways. What a breath of fresh air.

    • Dutch

      I’m betting that soon he will have to alter that sleep monitor thingy. I don’t see 20 and 30 something year old men changing their social interactions to keep pace with a sleep monitor. But it’s a slick way to implement a team curfew.

      • PaoliBulldog

        Actually I’m not sure what a sleep monitor is. I can understand screening players for sleep related disorders such as apnea (R.I.P. Reggie White), but requiring players to wear a device continually seems a bit much.

        I’m trying to envision Bobby Layne, Paul Hornung, Max McGee, etc., being asked to wear a sleep monitor.

  • Minderbender

    It’s like they each get their own custom Kool-Aid to drink lol

  • morgan c

    Chip sounds like a dad.

  • Stoones

    I enjoy the dialogue occurring in reaction to Chip’s implementation of dietary tactics—turns out, people are buying into player-specific smoothies to rebuild athletes’ bodies instead of tossing them a bottle of Gatorade after practice.

    The most entertaining part is watching this from afar—from Portland, Oregon —about a two hour drive from Autzen Stadium and Oregon Duck football. Something you’ll notice about people from this Pacific Northwest region – we are carefully considerate of our actions, purchases, food, and habits—perhaps much more so than any other part of this country I’ve witnessed. IFC’s Portlandia makes good fun of the ‘buy local’ mentality—did Collin the chicken have a happy life? But considering the nutritional difference between a chicken fed corn to plump it during a short lifespan vs. the beneficial proteins that can be found in free range chicken—yeah… that’s a real argument here… and there IS a difference.

    And so I think it’s great that Chip is not only making use of this for my beloved Eagles team —but unintentionally educating the Philadelphia area about the arduous details of nutrition. Buying a product with a label that claims it ‘low-fat’ doesn’t make it healthy. Understanding your body’s specific needs and how you can successfully get those?—that is where healthy eating and (potentially) fitness comes from.

    After watching the University of Oregon wear down teams in the second half with their exceptional speed and levels of fitness—I’m looking forward to watching this become a strength of this Philly team now too.

    And if I’m being honest—I wouldn’t mind Phil Knight outfitting us with some chromed-out Eagles helmets for a game too.

    • southy

      No feathery shoulder “armor” on the midnight green, please.

      • Stoones

        Agreed… the jerseys stay the same. Actually, some more Kelly green games would be great. Favorite ducks uni’s from last year were the brighter green with yellow.

  • southy

    “It’s like sitting in a nice restaurant, and you have background music when you’re not talking to the person sitting next to you.”

    I count myself as a Celek fan, but he is kind of an idiot.

  • AlwaysAPhilly

    This is a great article on skin care for both oil and dry skin. Personally, I have found great results with products from Swedish Skin Care for my typically dry skin. Every morning I use their anti-wrinkle cream called Rejuven-A, it leaves my skin moisturized and glowing. I can then just apply my makeup right over it, I am a very happy customer!

  • devCal

    gives you time to go buy a proper laptop or smartphone! :)

  • Tom W

    Curry is already up to 275 and looks freak in jacked ….. My Friends were involved early in cross fit and did well … They always talked that there was definitely a space or crack or opportunity in pro football for a team to gain serious advantage if they could play long or w endurance at a high level because most football players are built/trained to be great for short stints — one play at a time. Everything i keep hearing about workouts and practice w the science stuff is leaning that direction …. Basically it’s getting football players in rugby player shape to be able to run all game and maintain one’s power and physicality. Football players are obviously bigger but if u can get their recovery down pat, keep the protein levels up, and keep them rested….it may be able to work at least through the final cuts at camp. Will be tougher during the season w injuries but still do able. So freakin pumped

  • Todd Orange

    I feel you bro. Can’t wait. Hope you got Friday off.

  • cliff henny

    true about the injuries, but if on sept 13th you start out at 125% of your normal base, just be better able to cover. guy is using anything and everything.

  • nicksaenz1

    You saying that just made me realize that I do have Friday off. I’m so pumped now.

  • Geagle

    you bet your ass I got off that Friday. Surprisingly not every man in my office requested off for that day lol

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    Haha, took it off weeks ago. Check the draft Thursday night, round of golf Friday afternoon, then more draft Friday night. The wife has no idea how good I really have it. I hope to keep it that way lol.

  • Kushan Patel

    Regarding the injuries, I would like to state right now that there will be a decrease in injuries sustained throughout the entire season which can be directly attributed to their NFL diet and exercise regiment. In a broad scope, “cross-fit” and plyometric type workouts will strengthen the players’ joints by strengthening the surrounding tendons and ligaments making it harder for them to tear.

  • nicksaenz1

    nicely done sir. i happen to have off every other friday and this just happened to work in favor.

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